Living Digitally

Millennials can’t live without their gadgets, especially their smartphones. I present three looks to match three recommended smartphones to optimize gadget usage and, somehow, life efficiency.

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I admit, we of the digital age are becoming helpless. We are perennially glued to our gadgets, rendered incapable without our apps, internet or battery life. We minimize the amount of physical labor we exert and are slowly losing grip on life skills. I could go so far as to say that without Google, we know nothing – no recipes, no workout routines and no self-taught lessons on how to reboot laptops. It’s not surprising then that the generational divide is growing even wider. Millennials (be honest where you lie in the generational spectrum) are often frowned upon for our perceived ineptitude. I mean, how can you quantify the limitless potential of having the internet as your personal assistant, tutor and life guide? Being glued to gadgets in whatever form is one of those tell-tale signs of a millennial. But, aside from the fact that maybe we need to learn actual skills privy to our seniors, I don’t think being dependent on gadgets is all that bad. In particular, I don’t think phone-dependence is necessarily evil.

Aside from the occasional silence over dinner (that I despise) thanks to everyone ‘gramming what they ordered instead of actually conversing, I don’t find much fault in phone-hogging. After all, these nifty little communicational devices have been lifelines and lifesavers on more than one occasion – saving us from traffic jams, moments of navigational failure, worried parents, saving our lives sometimes via 911 (in the US) and, the daily beast, boredom.

It is not my place to debunk myths about how much we use our phones nor is it my place to defend millennials and the corresponding benefits of knowing one’s way around the interwebz. I myself am a social media lurker who checks her phone every 10 minutes (mostly ‘coz it’s always on silent and I have a constant fear that work is calling), who plugs YouTube songs into my car when I’m especially lazy (Spinnr when I’m not), writes articles and saves important details on my Notes, edits and does work on the go and bugs friends and boyfriend (singular, obviously) on Whatsapp and Viber and all the other messaging apps. I also talk to Siri when I’m bored. She can get pretty entertaining. So I’m not here to judge. I am here to remind you that though it is sometimes condemned, (although I personally don’t get why- I’ve witnessed too many seniors addicted to Facebook, games and forwarding chain emails), we can still rock phone addiction in style.

Smartphones have transcended the realm of gadgets and have morphed into accessories on their own. We often buy phones based on preference in terms of jewelry or personal style. Think about it. I bet your choice of metal – silver or gold – has affected your color choice more than you care to admit. And many smartphones wow in terms of design. I mean the rose gold iPhone is gorgeous. It is, after all, pink! I may not know a lot about phone technicalities and processing specs but I do know fashion and value for money. So here are three looks to go with three of my preferred smartphones and the corresponding deals that you can use to get the best products and offers.


First is a rose gold iPhone. Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus is gorgeous and it makes all my Mean Girls x Legally Blonde dreams come true. It’s a little huge for my tiny hands but the trend now is actually to have your phone in your hand outside of your bag for easy snapping. I got my pink iPhone from Smart and you can also get a 16GB iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus for free under the P2499 plan. I also just found out (literally, I just checked) that there are also a bunch of benefits like Uber, Airbnb and Zalora discounts- discounts that every person who might want a pink iPhone would need. I should really ask about these benefits. Let’s research together. For now, just seeing this phone – sans the case – is a visual treat. Camera’s cool too. I felt like I had to say that. (Read more about iPhone plans and benefits here)


If you are more interested in budgeting your monthly expenses and are not a fan of either Samsung or Apple but still want an effective smartphone, you can get an Android MyPhone my28S with 100MB monthly data for just P888. The reason for this shockingly low price is that Smart wants to offer smartphone capabilities to more people and, in result, making even more people act like the dreaded millennials. Just kidding, this is a great thing. Its design also includes the Philippine map so it’s a pretty cool, patriotic choice. Make your phone standout by pairing it with loud, bright colors. A black phone needs a colorful canvas. (To know more about this program click here)

DSC_0145 EDIT RSDSC_0154 EDIT RSalyssa-lapid-smart-big-bytes2

Finally, if you’re the type who wants a phone with the best features, there are a bunch of Samsung phones to choose from. I am personally obsessed with the sleek look of the S7 Edge but the Note series is pretty amazing too. Nothing is more elegant than a gold phone which serves as the ultimate accessory. It can mean business during meetings and can go from day to party in 0 to 60. It’s such a stand out phone on its own that you can either play it up or play it down. In my case, I played it up and wore a dark blue slip dress to bring out the gold tones and play up the elegance of the phone.

No matter the packaging (and pricing) though, what smartphones should come down to is how you use it. We have different needs, and its up to you to make sure the phone you choose matches your lifestyle. I know exactly what I need in terms of apps – VSCO, Waze and, yes, Candy Crush. I also know what I need in terms of data. I don’t download a bunch of movies (I have iFlix for that) but I do spend a lot of time online. So if you’re like me and you find yourself online more often that not, you can subscribe to the new Smart Big Bytes 50. It’s a promo that’s been introduced before so it might sound familiar but the crazy new perk is that data is now doubled from 300+MB to 700MB. Imagine the digital mileage that it could mean for you. P50 is worth the digital investment. Text BIG50 to 9999 to avail of the limited offer. (Read here to know more about Big Bytes 50)

Smartphones are powerful tools – for business or leisure, for millennials or those against us. Don’t let anyone stop you from making the most out of your phones. Just don’t forget to do it in style. It’s nice to match your trusted gadget once in a while.

Photography by TIPPI SY
Look with iPhone: Halter top and fringe skirt from NAVA
Look with Myphone: Romper from (buy style here); Sunglasses from FLY SHADES
Look with Samsung: Blue midi slip dress from SUNE; Shoes from JIL SANDER
Special Thanks to Danika Navarro

Backyards and Bikinis

Chillin’ like a villain.

neon-island-backyards-and-bikinis-9neon-island-backyards-and-bikinis-7 neon-island-backyards-and-bikinis-8neon-island-backyards-and-bikinis-6neon-island-backyards-and-bikinis-4 neon-island-backyards-and-bikinis-5neon-island-backyards-and-bikinis-3 neon-island-backyards-and-bikinis-2

It feels great to be back home. I haven’t been back to Michigan in almost two years and I missed everybody and the laid-back Michigan way. Currently writing this post with a view of the lake and all is well. Thanks to Snapchat (among other things; add me @alyssalapid), I can finally give glimpses of how life is like here. Everybody seems to be familiar with New York’s fast paced lifestyle or Cali’s endless Summers but unless you’re in Detroit, it’s much, much slower here.

So happy to be able to take a break from all things Manila. I guess a breather is exactly what I needed to get better headspace. The hustle and bustle of the city – with all its problems and all its stressors – bogs you down. Whenever I’m here, my days aren’t always full and I don’t always go out but that’s just the way I like it. There’s never any pressure to see or do. You can just be. I feel like I’m becoming nicer too! (Then again, maybe that’s just me.) There is something about people who are intrinsically kind to strangers and, more importantly, don’t operate by social strata that makes one more at peace and pleasant. Kindness is contagious, contrary to popular belief.

Since home entails an amazing view of the lake (fun fact number 1: Michigan is riddled with bodies of water,) chilling means staying in our backyard as a form of relaxation. Took my Neon Island bikini out just to match the view. Excited to post more photos but I’m being awfully sluggish here. Must. be. better.

If you’re reading this from the Pines, please know that I do miss sisig, bulalo and all things fatty and deadly. I’m honestly already thinking about my first meal back. It might also be helpful to mention that Smart Communications is offering FREE Instagram for all its postpaid and prepaid subscribers as part of other prepaid promos such as All Text 20, Unli Call & Text 30, All in 99 and Mega 250, among many others. Feel free to check this out for more information:

You guys are spoiled with good food and free social media to post it with. Enjoy. I’ll be enjoying here too, bikini or no bikini.


Living All Out in Iloilo: Hala Bira!

By now Living All Out has been thoroughly ingrained in my consciousness. Iloilo’s Dinagyang was no different.


Festival friends: David Guison, Ynnah Bonina and Miko Carreon posing with some of the dancers dinagyang-live-all-out5dinagyang-live-all-out3David Guison, myself, Michele Gumabao, Ynnah Lacsamana, Miko Carreon

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few years attending festivals and going around the Philippines, it’s that Living All Out with Smart Cares is always a good idea.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit Iloilo for the very first time for another festival with Smart. With no expectations whatsoever, I was pleasantly surprised. The city is pretty cosmopolitan with a strip of bars, fancy restaurants and its fair share of traffic but also very traditional with a picturesque landscape of churches and buildings that date centuries back. Even schools are seemingly lined with cobblestones and offer a piece of history with each nook and cranny.

But I wasn’t just there to see the sites. I was there to participate in a festivity that’s been getting a lot of attention year after year: Dinagyang. Famous for Ati-Atihan with a lengthy parade of street dancers complete with face and body paint and intricate costumes, Dinagyang is supposedly one of the most crowd-pumping, adrenaline-inducing festivals and just watching the participants is enough to get you in a festive spirit.

I think by now I’ve memorized (if you haven’t yet), that Smart trips always come in a three part formula – good food, amazing parties and exciting parades. So here’s a rundown of what we did exactly and how we celebrated Dinagyang, the Smart Cares way, which is, honestly, at this point, the only way to.

I. Good Food


Iloilo is known for seafood, specifically oysters. Oysters are abound to the point that oysters per kilo are sold on side streets. No kidding. They’re very fresh though and I forayed into uncharted territory trying both fresh and baked oyster delicacies to which I’m greatly averse. I tried it as a kid and shucking oysters wasn’t so appetizing to a child below 10 who only really enjoyed fried chicken and french fries. To be fair, the food was really good – not just the seafood. I suggest trying Buto’t-Balat, Tatoy’s and Breakthrough for seafood meals.

Apparently, Iloilo has two other specialties- Molo, clear soup with noodles and dumplings, and La Paz Batchoy, a pork broth soup with noodles. We didn’t get to try their native Molo but we did get to head to the best Batchoy place, Netong’s. They’re opening more branches in Iloilo and I can’t wait for them to open in Manila. It’s really filling and the ones I’ve tasted in Manila don’t come close. At all.

dinagyang-live-all-out31 dinagyang-live-all-out24 dinagyang-live-all-out16

II. Amazing Parties

dinagyang-live-all-out9dinagyang-live-all-outdinagyang-live-all-out2Ah, the parties. Smart has had a long-time partnership with Invasion by Spectrum which is a series of parties that bring some of the best DJs to different provinces around the Philippines. Dinagyang was no different. I was surprised to find out that a lot of people actually flew to Iloilo just for the party. But then again, given how fun and crazy each leg gets, it should’ve been a given that Invasion has gained legions of loyal fans.

The first night we spent in Iloilo was pretty chill with just a beer pong competition (which my team miraculously won). But the second night was a different story altogether. The Smart bloggers and I stayed in front and we had such an amazing time that I was basically dancing and jumping up and down for four hours straight. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever jumped so much in my life.


That’s the crowd. Spot me in red! dinagyang-live-all-out10

Shoutout to my favorite DJ, Nix Damn P! 

III. A Kick-Ass, Informative and Fully Entertaining Parade


There are, apparently, two parades to look forward to each Dinagyang. The first day is one of floats and brand sponsors each with their own performances and their own form of entertainment. We came across a float with a  bunch of singers belting out Jessie J and we were thoroughly entertained. Our own Smart Cares float was pretty kick-ass with our own DJ and two drummers. My right ear was basically deaf from standing right beside the drums but it was all worth it. I love how we always get to interact with those who are parade-watching and mingle with some readers. We didn’t perform anything but we were pretty consistent dancing all throughout.

The second day took us from spectacle to spectators with us being genuinely excited to see the street dancers. So much so that we counter-flowed just to make sure we were snapping and taking in everything we could. Some of the dancers we came across seemed really tired towards the end that they were left chilling on the floor. Or maybe resting for their big dance number at the end of it all. I wish I could’ve taken photos of them in action, but inaction would do. It was still pretty exciting for us seeing their costumes and their elaborate paint. There were participants of all ages and sizes from cute little girls to grown, muscular men. Everybody seemed to be on board and even the crowd was participating in chanting the famous “Hala Bira!” as the dancers walked past. The floats and themes were also pretty diverse from princess carriages to men in thongs. That, I deliberately didn’t take photos of.


Roommate Ynnah and I with these cute kids. dinagyang-live-all-out30 dinagyang-live-all-out26

To be fair, each festival brings new insights into how culturally rich we Filipinos are. It’s always informative and entertaining and getting to know more about my country by way of first-hand experience is always a blessing. But of course, it’s never just that with Smart and it’s always the fullest experience somehow.

Living All Out, by now, has been firmly rooted into my consciousness and its a mentality I try to live by trip after trip and day after day. I know I seem to say this after each trip but Dinagyang has been the best Smart festival I’ve attended by far. Though both Sinulog and Masskara were really hard to top, this short but sweet trip seemed to hit just the right places. (And it’s not just because we ate at 4 different restaurants straight one afternoon.)

By now I can officially say I’ve been living all out for years on end and you know what? It’s been awesome.


Thank you, Smart, for another amazing festival experience. You guys are the absolute best. Shoutout to Yeg, Kim and Tob for taking amazing care of us yet again. Looking forward to more trips with you! 

Photos taken via my Smart iPhone6 (except for two snaps from David. Thank you, DG!) 

Treat Yo Self

New phones and new promos just in time for Christmas. I’m telling you, treat yo’ self.

smart-iphone6-2 smart-iphone6-3 smart-iphone6-4 smart-iphone6

I’ve been really lucky and blessed to be able to get amazing gadgets immediately upon release. I’ve been an Apple user for as long as I can remember and am 100% partial to the brand so when I heard about the imminent launch of the new iPhones – 6 and 6 Plus – I was really excited. I didn’t think that I would be getting the product literally as soon as it was launched but magic happened and I did. There was a launch countdown at Salon de Ning a couple weeks back and after midnight we all got our new Smart phones. It’s my own Cinderella story except that she got a pumpkin by midnight and I got a new gadget. My fairy godmother totally trumps hers.

Anyway, I’ve been thoroughly abusing my new phone taking an unprecendented amount of photos and making my way up the social ladder in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Mostly those. Kidding! Seriously though, the colors are so vivid so games really pop. (Of course my review mentions games.) The camera quality is such a big step up from the iPhone5 too. Ever since I’ve gotten this phone I’ve been substituting it for my DSLR and snapping blog photos using my phone instead.

I am honestly so in love with it. Its look, its weight, its feel, its size. Everything about it is amazing. I got the Space Grey iPhone 6, if you were wondering, because the Plus might not fit my tiny hands.

Enough about the phone and more about what I use it for, aside from Instagram and Kim K. I’ve recently been using a new Smart promo, the Unli Call and Text 50 which is basically a 3-day unlimited promo of unlimited calls and texts to 3 networks (Smart, Sun and TNT) plus 50MB surfing. I’m such a sucker for promos and good deals and this is my favorite so far. I have a few friends that are using Sun so knowing I can call them without the extra charge is good. I’m increasingly social now. To register, you just have to dial *121# or text UCT50 to 4545. Try it out and let your presence be felt, even for just 3 days. I’m pretty certain you’d end up subscribing again. And again. Check out the TVC for this too because it’s honestly one of the cutest commercials I’ve seen. If you’re a fan of lovey-dovey short stories, you will love this (watch here.) It’s not annoyingly cheesy, I promise.

So if I’m extra active online, calling non-stop and replying real fast, I guess you can conclude that I’m probably on my 3-day #SmartUCT50. Let me be. New phone, new promo. I have 2 solid excuses.

I know I just got a new phone (and you should too) but I’ve also been eyeing the new iPads, the iPad Mini 3 and the iPad Air 2. Told you, #AppleFreak. You can register as early as now from Smart and I’ll be letting you know the release date once it’s announced.

It’s almost Christmas. Treat yo’ self.

The New Smart iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

‘Coz we’re so done being patient. See you in Smart!

We’ve waited for the big reveal, thought we could one-up Apple by believing supposed design leaks and the moment not one, but two new phones were sprung upon us, we patiently counted down the days ’til both would trickle down to our shores.

Yes, I’m talking about the new iPhones 6 AND 6 Plus and the fact that they’re finally available in the Philippines. In just a couple of days, November 14 to be exact, the biggest, coolest and I may be biased here but best network will finally have your much-awaited phones in stores nationwide.

I know some of you are not as patient and unwilling to wait a few more days. I mean, it is Christmas and hoarding and shopping are especially condoned this season. Some of you may want to surprise loved ones with the new phone/s right away to make them feel extra special. Some of you may also want to surprise yourself. Well, in any case (I’m not one to judge), you may pre-order your choice of an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. If that’s not a treat, I don’t know what is.

I’m probably not the most credible when it comes to all things techie (although, hey, I did work for an IT company prior to fashion), but I do know a good phone when I see one. What I am better at though is spotting good deals, and the Smart offerings for these new phones are amazing. Seriously, the iPhone 6 for as low as P1,799/month and the iPhone 6 Plus for P2,049/month? Sweet.

Here are some extra sweet treats for you:

1) A free ride to and from any Smart store from November 14-16 2014. If you plan on checking out the new phones in Smart, enter the promo code: SMARTIPHONE6 in your downloaded Uber app for your very own chauffeur.

2) Your choice of mobile number because we all know that numbers are getting harder and harder to remember and we secretly want our initials, nicknames (and/or pet names if you’re the type) to be immortalized in our mobile numbers. Been there, done that, loved it.

3) Wiping out your current contract. If you’re locked in your current contract, you Smart Postpaid subscribers can wipe out your current contracts and upgrade to an iPhone contract for a discount AND insurance. For more details visit:

4) Free movies on your iPhone. All iPhone 6 Smart subscribers get free movie vouchers through Blink because your new bigger screens are perfect for portable films.

We’re all VIPs in the new Smart iPhone 6 game and these bonuses make all the difference.

I’m pretty patient when it comes to these things so I don’t mind lining up on the 14th for my very own phone but because I couldn’t help my excitement, I painted a couple outfits I would like to wear with my new iPhone 6 as my ultimate accessory.


The black iPhone 6 is perfect with the new in-demand Alexander Wang for H&M pieces. Not that I lined up. In my head, my closet is way cooler and totally fetch.


Here’s another look sporting the new blanket trend because the new iPhones transcend styles, trends and seasons.

 Anyway, I’ll be seeing you on November 14 for us both to get our new iPhones. We deserve to treat ourselves – the Smart way.

Below are the plans available for both Postpaid and Smart Infinity subscribers and an infographic on how to pre-order your very own iPhone. Happy phone shopping! 

#SmartiPhone6-FB2 Smart iPhone6 Pre-Order Infographic Smart Postpaid Plans Smart Infinity Plans

#SmartMasskara and Living All Out

Went to Masskara with Smart and #LivedAllOut. Here’s what went down and what you can do in Bacolod.

photo 1 copy 4

The first and last time I was in Bacolod was 3 years ago for the famous Masskara festival. Masskara, named after the parade with people wearing all kinds of intricate and heavily designed masks, is a tourist event and destination that people look forward to year after year. As a Bacolod first-timer then, I made sure to make awesome use of my time. Naturally, with great company and many great first experiences, it was a hard Masskara trip to top. So when my blogger friends and I headed to Bacolod 2 weekends ago with Smart Communication to celebrate the famous City of Smiles festival, I was just a tiny bit skeptical.

But, as I’ve learned attending festivals and events with Smart, nothing beats the Smart way with the famous Live All Out philosophy and the even more famous hashtag: #SmartLiveAllOut. And as an expert LiveAllOut-er, I made sure to stay true to my most abused hashtag and #LAO-ed my way through #SmartMasskara.

From amazing food which we all happily ingested every chance we got even ordering full meals in the wee hours of the morning because, #YOLO, to the sites we visited and to partying literally every day and still dancing up until baggage claim, we had an absolute blast.

But if you don’t believe my words (although seriously, why not?), here’s a rundown of my Bacolod weekend. Feel free to #twin with our activities. Great experiences are meant to be shared.

#EatingAllOut. We pigged out in more ways than I would care to admit. So if you’re headed to Bacolod anytime soon or for the next Masskara. Here’s what you should put in your meal itinerary.

1. Calea Cakes. The Imported Chocolate Cake is supposedly their number one bestseller but the White Chocolate Cheesecake is something I’m still craving for more than a week after I had it. It was light with grated cheese on top and strawberry sauce on the side. So good. If anyone goes to Bacolod anytime soon I would seriously like to commission you to buy me a box. Thanks in advance.

2. Manokan Country. Though the city boasts of authentic inasal places corner after corner, Manokan Country is by far the biggest and with the most options. If you’re adventurous you can try the different chicken parts (blood, intestines, ass, etc). I’m not, so the thigh was more than enough and more than filling.

3. Imay’s for some Filipino dishes. Don’t forget to try the Cansi, a Bacolod soup specialty.

4. Pala-Pala for fresh seafood.

5. Pendy’s for some take home Napoleones. Two people (read: my mom and I) finished a box of 15 in two days so keep that in mind when you’re ordering.


Bloggers happy at the prospect of food. From left to right: myself, Angela Nepomuceno, Miko Carreon, David Guison, Christine Liwag, Paul Chuapoco Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Cansi, a Bacolod soup specialty

#PartyingAllOut. As I’ve said, we went to parties day after day. Not that I’m complaining, on the contrary, it was a welcome change to my boring routine and we all had such an amazing time dancing the night away. Here’s a list of the parties we went to for reminiscing’s sake. I doubt that the parties will have the same names next year (except for Invasion, that’s annual), but if you do party in Bacolod make sure it’s with Smart because that’s where the fun is.

1. Lovedance. An aftermath of disgusting, mud-ladden feet and legs (snapped in photos but kind of gross to remember) kind of shows just how much fun we had considering we girls hate mud. (It was on a field- for context.) When it comes to Smart Parties, fun always outweighs dirt. Even thick, wet dirt. Take it from the fashion blogger.

2. Masskara Invasion. The coolest DJs took care of the music in this 2-day event. Drinks were unlimited care of El Hombre. Let’s leave it at that.

3. Masskaraland was a party that lasted ’til 6AM along the streets of Lacson. On a Sunday night. Again, leave it at that.

photo 3 copy 4AdobePhotoshopExpress_2014_10_28_01:35:25

Bloggers taking a selfie at the Smart booth right before heading to the parties. L-R: myself, Patricia Prieto, Paul Chuapoco, Miko Carreon, David Guison, Kryz Uy, Camille Co, Angela Nepomuceno

#TouringAllOut. We were serial party-goers at night, but definitely tourists by day.

1. The Ruins. Gorgeous by day, even better by night, The Ruins are what’s left of the house of the Lacson family. There were hoards of tourists when we were there and I’m pretty certain it doesn’t really run out of tourists so if you find a decent, unoccupied spot for photos, take full advantage. Or you can glare at people ’til they get the message but someone is bound to replace them so just find a spot. And get snap-happy. I’m not the biggest fan of people in mascots and there were a bunch around the area. But take pictures with them if you want, they’re pretty adept at posing.

2. Balay Negrense. A museum that we didn’t get to enter because it was closed. But we heard it’s good. If it proves to be underwhelming, blame hearsay, not me.

3. Old Church. I think all churches are worth visiting for the fabled 3 wishes. (Am I the only one who still does that?)

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 presetphoto 1 copy 3Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

#CelebratingAllOut. If you can join the parade, you must, but if you can’t, watching it from the sidelines is still a wonderful experience. With dancers in the most festive masks, you’ll realize why Bacolod is known as the City of Smiles.

We had so much fun being on the Smart float/truck and being part of the parade and had even more fun taking photos with gorgeous masks that the dancers willingly (and some not-so-willingly) lent for the sole benefit of Instagram.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetphoto 2 copy 3

Some side activities included games, karaoke, make up tutorials (care of my favorite beauty blogger roommate Angela (@lush_angel)) and so much more.

I know I’ve gone on and on before about how much I love the philoshopy that Smart teaches and honestly I’ve been embodying the #LiveAllOut mentality for so long I can’t even imagine going on these events and festivals thinking otherwise.

Masskara three years ago was great, but this year was even better. I’m forever grateful to be able to experience festivals with Smart. It’s like trying on a different lens and realizing it’s the perfect fit and that other (non-LiveAllOut) lenses, just don’t make sense anymore.

So even though you don’t end up going to festivals with Smart quite literally, I urge you to face each festival, each trip, and, I dare say, each day, the #SmartLiveAllOut way.

Really, there’s no better way. Live all out, everyone.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

L-R (top row): Patricia Prieto, David Guison, Camille Co, (middle) Paul Chuapoco, myself, Angela Nepomuceno, Kryz Uy, Miko Carreon, (bottom) Yeg Umagat, Kim Monasterial and Christine Liwag 

Special thanks to the Smart ladies Yeg, Kim and Chrissie for taking such good care of us. You guys are amazing, we love you. And thank you so much to Smart for another beautiful trip. I can’t wait to go on more trips with you, they really are best spent with Smart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Inspiration: September Issue Editorials

On a current sartorial inspiration recharge from some of my favorite September issues. Plus news on a 50% discount on local titles.

I am a magazine hoarder. Leave me in a bookstore and I’ll probably ending up burning my cash on a couple books and a couple of magazines. I am a geek and therefore love digesting information and reading magazines cover to cover – yes even mastheads and editor’s notes.

Because September is THE month for fashion magazines I figured I’d share some of my favorite photos from September editorials from mags I’m subscribed to.

1.W Mag pulled a Vogue and put a bunch of the best models in an editorial but this has got to be my personal favorite. Here’s a schoolgirl ed I wish I saw circa 2000 so I could’ve looked at least half as cool in high school. Can’t do anything about that so I’ll just willingly regress and sport these now. No judgments.


2. British Vogue. In this Join The Club editorial, models pose in retro inspired pieces. The layout with the Louis Vuitton clad ladies is my absolute favorite and the one with yellow Balenciaga coat is a close second.

 PastedGraphic-11 PastedGraphic-12 PastedGraphic-13 PastedGraphic-14

3. With a cover that showcases the most in-demand models today, it’s safe to safe a powerhouse editorial is to be expected from US Vogue. Here are three layouts I enjoyed – all with Joan Smalls. I think I do pick favorites.


I still get so inspired by stories and editorials carefully crafted and meticulously produced and these titles are my constant international magazine subscriptions (plus Nylon and Teen Vogue. #youngatheart.)

Locally, my favorites usually run out of stock as they sell out quickly. Luckily, now I can also stash them in my handy iPad via Buqo that Smart has a parternship with. Buqo is essentially an online bookstore slash newsstand slash reader app where you can get a selection of magazine titles and books. Smart partnered with Summit Media so Smart subscibrers can easily grab their own virtual copies by way of just prepaid load or via one’s phone bill. It’s kind of a big deal that credit cards aren’t necessary because it has happened once or twice that I kept receiving new titles on other sites without knowing that my subscriptions have renewed and were automatically deducted from my card. (Luckily those were titles I would’ve renewed anyway otherwise I would’ve flipped.)

Should you decide to purchase books and titles soon (or, you know, now), you get 50% off on Summit books and mags until November 9, 2014. Perfect for catching up on all the September issues locally. Other Summit titles include some fashion faves such as Stylized by Liz Uy and Tricia Gosingtian’s 150 Style Essentials for Every Girl.


Everything you need to know should be on this page:

Then maybe you can share with me your favorite editorials too. I’m particularly interested in Preview’s September cover grazed by Dominique Cojuanco. What about you?


Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Covergirl had it right: easy breezy is the way to go.


IMG_0434IMG_0450IMG_0474 IMG_0488IMG_0502

If you remember the days of tiis ganda (a term coined to refer to suffering in the name of fashion), then you’re probably wincing along with me as memories resurface: blistered soles, coerced graceful movements for fear of flashing, and the overall feeling of discomfort brought about by un-walkable shoes, heavy accessories, suffocating corsets and spanx-like fabrics.

To be fair, I still wear the occasional heel and am still tempted once in a while to buy them for a good price (I’m not immune to the sirens of sales.) But 95% of the time now, I’m in flats. Not going against my downward (comfort) spiral, I’ve also come to fully embrace an everyday uniform – one that consists of these jeans and a loose, easy top. Okay, maybe not everyday ‘coz that’s just gross but I do wear these jeans about once a week. So functional, so easy. Add to that my new, no-fuss hairdo that entails a nondescript headband – an idea lifted from Marc Jacobs’ F/W 2014 collection. (Remember Kendall Jenner’s see-through MJ look? Yup, that headband look.)

I remember wearing so many rings on my fingers to work I had to remove them all after 5 minutes just to type. Or how I would cross the street tremendously slow for fear of falling and scratching my bare legs. Or feeling extra uncomfortable walking as construction workers along the way catcall (but that’s probably a different sexist issue altogether.) My point is, unless I’m otherwise required to glam up, wear heels and make sure my hair strands are perfectly in place, I won’t. Now, as long as I can manage, I’ll let easy outfits lead the way. My clothes shouldn’t be added stressors. They should be stress-relievers (holler if you agree!)

While I’m on the topic of making my life a little easier – at least sartorially – let me share something I’m really excited about in terms of service. I talk a lot about new Smart promos for my phone in the hopes of sharing with you promos I find most abusable – kidding – most budget-friendly with the best value for money I think you would like to take advantage of too (because in my head you and I think alike and it is, therefore, up to me to be the bearer of good news.) But I do know that it gets difficult to keep track of promo options or even balances and everything else you need to know about your phone (which we don’t think is a lot but actually is and Siri can only do so much). So here’s the new *121# menu that is the all-in-one menu for everything Smart Prepaid.

Memorize it, screen cap it, make Siri take note of it, write it on a sharpie on your forearm, whatever – just don’t forget it. This number will let you access your balance, browse and subscribe to the latest promos and offers, redeem loyalty points and so much more – all to help us simplify our phone experience. Admit it, as happy as we are with unlimited Facebook (and twitter (and instagram)), sometimes, the actual subscription gets pretty tough to manage. So you can now refresh your memory, delete all the promo keywords you previously memorized and just remember this.

Don’t forget the * and the #, okay?  For more information, check this out.

smart-121-tw-poster copy

photography by Happy Fingers

Fringe sweater, BILLABONG | Pants, UNIQLO | Sandals, BIRKENSTOCK 


Where Can Your 2 Pesos Take You?

The depths of Facebook aaaaand a shopping spree. Worth it!

coinLet’s be honest, our 2 pesos can’t take us that far. My mom would tell me tales of how they used to buy things in cents. With luck obviously not on our side, the value of the peso has significantly dropped and inflation has jacked all prices up.

But we’re not here to dwell on bad currencies or how expensive everything is. I’m here to tell you that there still are few things our 2 pesos can do. With 2 coins we can get 2 pieces of candy. Okay, maybe that’s about it when it comes to products. But there is something else we can buy for 2 pesos a day – unlimited Facebook. I’m not always on Facebook but when I am, it’s unlimited and I really make sure I maximize data usage. With the new #SmartFB2 service from Smart, I can just add 2 pesos to any existing prepaid promo I’m subscribed to on days I feel like being a hermit and interact via the confines of Facebook. But you know that already, right? (If not, here’s a recap.)

What’s new and worth an update is the newest promo of FB2 where your 2 pesos can turn into a shopping worth a whopping P50,000++. Not to mention VIP treatment for a day (which is awesome) AND a chance to meet and bond with two of the Philippines’ biggest stars, endorsers of Smart Anne and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. They’re style icons in their own right so meeting them would be pretty cool.

Here’s a rundown of how to Join:

  1. To join, subscriber must first complete a one-time registration at
  2. Subscriber must complete the following details online: Name, Mailing Address, Smart Mobile Number and email address.
  3. Subscriber must be registered to any Smart Prepaid Promo.
  4. Once registered, subscriber can now add Smart Prepaid FB2 on top of their current promo by texting FB2 to 6406.
  5. For every successful registration of Smart Prepaid FB2, subscriber earns 1 raffle entry and is eligible to win an experience package with the following inclusions on Aug. 17.
    • P50,000 worth of shopping spree
    • P10,000 worth of pampering package (salon or spa)
    • P5,000 worth of dinner package
    • P20,000 worth of night out package

Important: You can register to Smart Prepaid FB2 more than once for more chances of winning. Deadline of entries is on August 1, 2014, 11:59:59PM.

Announcement of winners:

  1. Three (3) raffle winners will be drawn on August 8, 2014 at 23/F Smart Tower, Ayala Avenue, Makati City with the presence of a DTI representative, Smart representative and the agency.
    • One (1) Metro Manila winner
    • Two (2) Provincial winners
  1. Announcement of winners will be done through the Smart Communications Facebook fan page, Campaign page promo website, electronic mail, and direct message.

Register now at

Good luck everybody! I forecast a possible friendship between you and Anne Curtis. For 2 pesos, that’s totally worth it.


Want To Win A Trip To LA? And Watch Katy Perry?

I know, me too.

Let’s talk US road trips. I was planning my dream road trip with a friend recently although the feasibility of this is honestly very low. Anyway, out of all the states I pegged in that road trip – New York, Illinois (for Chicago’s Italian Roast Beef sandwiches – Al’s being my favorite), D.C. (because, House of Cards), New Orleans, Michigan (because, home), Nevada for a few nights in Vegas, Arizona for the Grand Canyon, Texas if we have time, Florida (Miami for the sole reason of being able to sing “We’re in Miami, b*tch” and visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando) – I was looking forward to California the most. San Francisco (with a trip to Napa) to start then a final stop at LA.

See, I absolutely love everything about LA. The laid back vibe, the palm trees, the ability to wear shorts and skimpy things most months in a year, the shopping and the California ‘tude. I was talking to my mom about our LA experiences recently and she fondly recounted the time we were left behind by our bus in Disneyland when I was 2. Or how I thoroughly stuck to the Disney princesses when I was 9. I went back to LA for three days two years ago and I really did wish I could’ve stayed longer. I don’t know when I’ll be able to go back but it’s definitely a top priority when I head back to the US.

Thing is, if LA is in YOUR dream itinerary or your dream destination altogether, well, here’s a chance to fly to LA for you and a friend for free! But see, there’s still icing on your (cup)cake outfit: you will also be given the crazy, once in a lifetime chance to watch Katy Perry LIVE on her Prismatic World Tour!

My favorite brands, Smart and Spinnr, are giving away tickets for two (2) for an all-expense paid trip to California  to catch Katy Perry on her PRISMATIC World Tour with the Katy Perry Fly Out Promo; Smart and Spinnr subscribers can qualify by registering and accumulating points on the app.

Here are the mechanics for joining the giveaway:

  1. You have to be a Smart Postpaid Subscriber and Subscribed to Spinnr to join the promo (so subscribe right this instant!)
  2. Like the Spinnr PH Facebook page and register to the Katy Perry Fly Out App
  3. Once registered, make sure to earn as much points as you can by purchasing songs, gifting or subscribing to Super Charge Plan.
  4. Registered users with the highest points at the end of the promo will win.
  5. Consolation prizes will also be given away.

Promo duration is July 1, 2014 to August 31, 2014.

You know, I remember when Katy Perry was in Manila – it was in 2009 and I had a 6-9pm exam. I would’ve given anything to see Katy Perry perform and I would still give anything to see her perform. To see her in LA though is a whole other playing field and because the giveaway is actually not difficult it would be crazy not to join.

I was going through my LA Photo Diary post from two years back and found it interesting that in my meager 2 sentence entry, I managed to quote Katy Perry. I think it’s a sign. If not for me, then for you. I’m already a Smart subscriber and a Spinnr subscriber so… May the best Katy Perry fan win.

Because, come on, who doesn’t want to hear her Roar?

Click here for more information.

Katy Perry FB

…and to get you going: