Lean Like A Chola

Leaning like a chola, sartorially.

chola-go-buy-ph chola-go-buy-ph2 chola-go-buy-ph3 chola-go-buy-ph4

In the spirit of my chola reference (which is derivative of Down’s Lean Like a Cholo), I want to begin this post in Spanish and say, ┬íhola! Mi chicas! Of course, with the limited phrases I actually can say, let’s keep the Spanish to the pleasantries and just stick to English.

Sob story: my friends have all but left me in Manila. College friends have flown to different continents since 8 years ago and post-college friends have gone to New York to pursue their passions leaving me high and dry. Interestingly – and I do not say this as a brag – whenever my college friends would show photos of us friends, their worldly colleagues (i.e., international) would assume I’m Latina. Not sure if the case remains the same but maybe my long curly locks of old made a huge impact on my perceived ethnicity. Never mind that they were off-base, those comments would always get me excited. Latinas are gorgeous. They’ve dominated Ms. Universe for most of the pageant’s lifetime (except for this year, everybody knows Ms. Philippines killed it.) They have the fieriest personalities- at least from their portrayals. And they have such a beautiful sense of style with the boldest of colors, the frilliest of ruffles all the while keeping the sexiest of silhouettes without having to wear latex bodycon. And while I don’t consider myself even remotely in their league, I could, from time to time, reference them sartorially.

If this off-shoulder top from gobuy.com.ph (which, by the way, is a great site for affordable thrills) isn’t giving you the Latina vibe, then maybe the red bandana turned topknot headband would do the trick. At least that’s what I’d like to think.

Let’s hope I did it justice somehow.

Top, GOBUY.com.ph | Skirt, PENSHOPPE | Bag, GUCCI

Smart Shopping & Going Sale Crazy

Let’s talk about great deals that translate to better wardrobes and better surf-time.

pacsun-la-hearts-michigan1 pacsun-la-hearts-michigan2 pacsun-la-hearts-michigan3 pacsun-la-hearts-michigan4 pacsun-la-hearts-michigan5 pacsun-la-hearts-michigan6

When you pass by a store that has an insane Buy 1 Get 3 free promo, you check it out at the very least. If you pass by Pacsun, one of your favorite stores, with that kind of promo, you develop a quick strategy (collect then select – genius, I know) and scour the place for every last item. I won’t disclose just how many pieces I ended up getting (keep in mind I went to the store thrice in a span of a couple weeks).

The store is basically an LA girl’s haven meshed with pieces for everyone’s inner boho. Racks upon racks of bell-bottom pants, frills, and an amazing collab with boho queen Erin Wasson herself (and a couple with the Jenners too which turned out really well that I got a bunch). Both the top and bottom in this outfit are from LA Hearts, one of the brands that Pacsun carries alongside House of Harlow, Me To We, Brandy Melville and more.

Been a little too street for a while now with too many monochromes in my closet that it was a freeing change to be able to grab bohemian pieces and re-introduce them to my wardrobe. I shopped at Free People too for even more bohemian dresses that I’m excited to abuse. These pants are a bit long for my 5’2″ frame but they’re the comfiest suede-like pair. Alterations are not a problem and a good shopping secret is if you find something you really like that can be easily altered, just go for it. Especially when it comes with a close to nothing price tag (literally, remember the promo?)

Speaking of promos, here’s one I wanted to share with you guys. My network, Smart, has done it again with a new Big Bytes 50 offer for just Php50 for 3 days with 350MB open access data and 600MB for iFlix, Spinnr and Fox for my best surfing experience so far. Streaming your favorite shows and movies (e.g., House of Cards and Mean Girls), songs (whether your #TeamTaylor or #TeamKaty) and more is now easier and more affordable and is definitely not to be missed – just Dial *121# and text BIG50 to 9999 to avail of the promo.

I’m a pretty practical person. I choose where I spend and make sure to only invest in the ones that give amazing value for money. This is it. The permutations of what you could do are endless like surfing + Snapchat or shopping online and then Insta-sharing your purchased OOTD. So happy streaming AND happy shopping.