Boyfriend Everything

There is wisdom in borrowing from the boys. Who’d have thought? (Just kidding, male population.)

boyfriend-everything boyfriend-everything2

boyfriend-everything4 boyfriend-everything3boyfriend-everything5Let me be a little sexist by saying: men kind of have it easy; Biologically (no birth pains, no periods), financially (men still get higher pay than their women counterparts) and on a rather superficial level, aesthetically. Men don’t spend hours plucking, shaving or painting their faces with 10 (or more) different make up products. They don’t walk in 5-inch heels (although I’m also wondering why we subject ourselves to this). And they don’t have to figure out whether to wear the tank/halter/off-shoulder/crop/long-sleeved top with their micro-mini/mini/midi/maxi skirts. (There are a lot more outfit permutations but they would eat up my entire blog post.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not belittling men. Actually, I think we better start learning from them.  Weeks without painstakingly rendered heel-height prompted a paradigm shift on comfort. Comfort over style, ease over aesthetics and function over form, men logic is exactly that: logical.

Boyfriend jeans are a gift to any girl who’s ever rode the skinny jean trend with us usually ending up on the floor writhing and twisting our legs into the tiny fabrics. #TheStruggleIsReal. Boyfriend shirts are also a blessing to any woman who’s had a hard time figuring out lingerie to match the silky button downs expected of us. Menswear-inspired trends and silhouettes do reap certain added benefits: ample limb movement and an insurance policy for wardrobe malfunctions.

See, there is wisdom in borrowing from the boys. But if you go trading your frilly pieces for their sandos or board shorts that’s totally up to you. I wouldn’t go that far.

Button-down, THE 1019 CLOTHING | Jeans, UNIQLO | Bag, ALEXANDER WANG | Sandals, BIRKENSTOCK | Sunglasses, RAYBAN

Egg Yolks and Things

Top, PENSHOPPE | Shorts, SABRINA | Heels,  SM Parisian | Vest, LEVI’S | Beanie & ring, FOREVER21 

Props to my outfit’s inspiration – B-Side-going dudes who don Coldplay-like beanies plus rock n’ roll denim vests. Uh-huh. I’m in a beanie funk. I discovered in today’s shoot – after multiple q’s and even more takes – that my fashion philosophy is to “dress the way you want.” So who cares if my head is reminiscent of an egg yolk? Then again, trust no judgment of mine when food is (sorta) involved. Egg yolk or not, this outfit is actually part of the 7 menswear tips I’m giving at this month. Not to coerce you or anything but you should probably check it out. Just saying.


Beatles shirt and boots, FOREVER21 MEN | skirt, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE | Earrings, CHARLOTTE RUSSE | Ponytail, GOODY 

Photo by Hannah Reyes

I really do find comfort in menswear. Actually, of all things loose and flowy. There’s something about a loose piece that decreases self-consciousness – 1) it lets you breathe normally without need for constant belly-sucking and ab-flexing; 2) it lets you salivate over the fattiest of foods and actually give you enough guts to eat whatever cholesterol-induced meal you wanted; and 3) it makes you feel extra skinny for the sole reason that it seems big.

So there you go. Truth is, I made all those up just now. The real reason I like them? They remind me of blankets and, consequently, beds. HAHA kidding! those were legit reasons.

I find comfort in all things loose. This is a (very short) testament to that.

Guess Who’s a “College Fashionista”?

Lookie! My gorgeous friend, Nicole Ramos (who has awesome abs, by the way), featured me on College Fashionista in the Style Advice of the Week! 🙂 Remember when I got inspired by the Ateneo High uniform here? Well, apparently, Nic liked that and wrote an article on it. 🙂

Here’s the whole article! (you can also click this) 🙂

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Borrowed from the Boys

Sep 12, 2011

Who would have known that one could exude a laid back like-a-dude vibe while radiating appeal? It’s the unanticipated glamour of say, a plain white polo, a tailored blazer or perhaps a cropped pair of trousers. It’s when women take on menswear.

From the embellished tuxedo-inspired pieces of Dolce & Gabbana to the sleek suit separates of Ruffian in fall 2011, it is clear that this recurring runway favorite is well on its way to becoming a classic rather than just a trend.

What’s great about the borrowed from the boys look or as this Fashionista would like to call it, “Boyspiration”, is that instead of rushing over to a clothing store for pieces for the look, you can go straight to your boyfriend’s closet!

Long boy trousers could easily be folded or cropped so that they show off the ankles (an instant plus point for appeal, something Tyra Banks swears by). Pair them with sky high heels (like the Fashionsta’s from Soule Phenomenon) and the look is complete! Pairing a boyfriend blazer with a low-cut, body con dress is another quick trick. Anything goes as far as garments go, really. The key to pulling off the look is the editing. With the loose polo from H&M, the Fashionista opted for fitted slacks from Forever 21. Always think, designed for men but made to fit women’s bodies. Also, do not be afraid to accessorize. It’s the easiest way to girl-up your look without taking away from your “Boyspiration”.

This Fashionista got it right. What amusingly was an ode to a local boy school’s high school uniform turned out to be a relaxed yet sexy, comfy yet stylish casual day outfit. 

Style On,

Nicole Ramos
School of Fashion and the Arts (Philippines)

If you wanna read more articles from Nicole, check out! My other favorite girls Patricia Prieto and Tippi Sy also contribute to that site. 😉 So please do check it out!

and see see, told you I love menswear! 😉

Do It Like A Dude

This week’s’s Blogger Challenge is out! The trend? Menswear as Womenswear.

If y’all didn’t know, I am such a sucker for menswear. I buy men’s pieces for myself or if I’m feeling a bit thrifty, I ransack the closets of my guy friends and borrow their stuff instead (no joke, this happened again 3 days ago. haha)

Anyway, here’s my look in the blogger challenge. 🙂

Everything, Mango

Photographed by Tippi Sy

And here are a couple others. 😉

Look #2

Look #3

All clothes by Mango 🙂

Okay, here are the reasons why I love menswear: 1) they are just too comfy. 2) you can wear them loose and hide those bulges you get from pigging out (which I totes do often) 3) I personally think it’s best kept clean and simple. So accessories are something you wouldn’t have to think about. 😉

The menswear pieces in my outfits are the polos and the cardigan. And can I just say, I LOVE the pieces! The white polo has got to be my favorite polo though. I also really like those heels! They could totally replace the nude pumps. haha

here’s the article! 🙂

 Read the rest of the stuff HERE. 🙂

Hope you guys liked how I wore the trend! 😉

Hang with the boys, Dress like the boys.

Yes, I literally dressed like a boy and threw on a men’s shirt. If you can’t beat em, join em, right?

For a chill night out at Bugsy’s and midnight Burger King with my friends, I opted for a rather comfortable outfit – a men’s shirt, boyfriend jeans and flip-flops.

I have this thing with menswear. I love it. Im actually thinking of doing a series of menswear posts. But ill just check if I have enough clothes. Teehee. I noticed that over the past few months I’ve been buying a lot of men’s stuff – men’s shirts, polos (some borrowed) and sweatshirts.

here are some pictures of the boys trying to be as fierce, in other words, pics of them mocking me. Hahaha

Top to bottom/L to R: Yambs and Kippy; Paul and Kev; Me and Yambs

Paparazzi shot!

lame shot of my outfit. haha

Clothes: Shirt, Cotton On; Jeans, People are People; belt, Calvin Klein; Flip-flops, Havaianas

Who said you had to have a boyfriend to rock the boyfriend look?