Outdoor Products + A Backpack Giveaway

Making new memories with backpacks while proactively erasing all high school-related ones.


I think I’ve sworn off all things that remind me of high school. Including old friends. Kidding! Seriously though, it was a phase I gladly bid sayonara to with it’s big binders, uniforms, rule against having nails long (blame CAT), a block system, etc. Backpacks were one of them. I mean, they were extremely functional, and, in retrospect, kind of cool with that one strap dangling from your dominant/toned shoulder look, but backpacks felt so…young to me. And I guess the horrors of having to bring every single textbook on a daily basis left lasting scars.

Interestingly, I have grown past that fear of looking young. I just turned 26 a few days ago and now that I’m finally in my late twenties (HA), I welcome all age-misleading components of my look that could potentially shed years off me. So shiny lip gloss a la high school, check. High ponytails, check. Jumpers, check. Backpacks are just my latest addition to that roster of items alluding to the fountain of youth – my holy grail. Just kidding, my holy grail is actually a list of restaurants/dishes but you get the picture!

I’ve discovered that it’s not just any backpack that I like though. I came across Outdoor backpacks with a couple friends and I fell in love with both the designs and the functionality. Full disclosure: I recently trekked up a mountain with a little rafia sling purse with barely any closure. Never doing that again, thank you. After that, I realized that while backpacks initially gave me certain unwarranted throwbacks, they are suited to my current lifestyle as a travel magazine editor. It makes absolute sense for me to lug a backpack around instead of annoying (but pretty) bags to our cover shoots and out-of-town trips especially when they involve any ascent or descent (up a mountain, down a cave, etc.). Trust me on this one. I learned the hard way.


So let me introduce my new Outdoor bag which I love because it seems to demand being outdoorsy with its sandy hue (like a desert) but at the same time is extremely functional. It has a laptop sleeve inside which is Godsend, and a few more sleeves for little things like cords, phones or even gameboys (which is exactly what I fit in it in my trip to Michigan).

Yes, I’m currently home in MI and I can’t wait to spend time with my family. Don’t hate me yet for leaving Manila and having my stress levels reduced by half. I do have a surprise for you with probably the easiest giveaway I’ve thrown so far. I know you guys also love to travel and explore so here’s your chance to win your own Outdoor backpack by joining my contest. Outdoor is giving away one backpack EVERY week for the next 8 weeks so get posting!

  1. Take a photo with your group of friends. Any travel/lifestyle shot will do – at the beach, in a coffee shop, in a mall, or wherever you guys hang out! (note: no need to have a backpack, any group shot of your friends doing whatever is fine!)
  2. Post your photo on Instagram (make sure your account is public!) and don’t forget to follow and tag both @outdoorproductsPH and @alyssalapid.
  3. Use the hashtags #PackForLife and #alyssalapidXoutdoorproducts
  4. The photo contest will run for 8 weeks with one winner per week chosen by Outdoor.
  5. You can post as many photos as you like for more chances of winning! And each week is a clean slate so keep joining (it’s just like posting a groufie anyway!) to win!

Good luck, explorers! I hope you’re one of the 8 winners! There’s something about this brand that makes you pack up and go. And that’s definitely a good thing.


Holy Skull + A Bloggers United Giveaway Treat

See you at the next Bloggers United? Tickets and some shopping certificates on me.

holy-skull-ph2holy-skull-phholy-skull-ph8 holy-skull-ph7 holy-skull-ph6 holy-skull-ph5 holy-skull-ph3

For a brand called Holy Skull, my photos in collaboration with photographer Elisa Aquino turned out to be anything but edgy. Flowers, pinks, and a whole lot of saccharine made their way into our shots. One piece swimsuits usually run the risk of being too modest or outdated style-wise, but swimwear label Holy Skull’s prints always keep things interesting – whether via Ariel- the Little Mermaid- being eaten by a shark, paisley skulls or Star Wars. I really enjoyed the one-piece swimsuit break. The truth is it’s difficult to breathe normally in a two-piece bikini. It’s like you always have to suck in and inhale half the oxygen of the earth. And you’re bound to eat at some point so that makes things even trickier. As I’ve learned the hard way, abs don’t grow overnight. Nor do they show up in three months with a side of burgers and fries. It takes hard work and dedication and I have neither.

Anyway, let’s talk about something less depressing: actual clothes. Bloggers United 9, the bi-annual bazaar us bloggers do where we sell some pre-loved pieces, is around the corner and I’d like to invite you to drop by and shop our items for the cheapest of prices on June 6 at Whitespace Manila. Even I like buying from other bloggers’ booths and I’ve already shopped the closets of so many other blogger friends. Trust me, bloggers have the best wardrobes and you won’t leave empty-handed.

I am giving away 20 free passes – 2 passes each to 10 lucky people AND I’m throwing in GCs from Jennyfer (worth Php1000) and Debenhams (worth Php1000) to one lucky winner. You can join via Twitter or via Instagram. My mechanics get easier the longer we do this giveaway thing so I promise you this won’t take long.


1. Follow @alyssalapid on Instagram 

2. On my BU Individual poster to be posted on Instagram (sample below), let me know why you wanna go, what you wanna buy or what you want to ask me if there is any (answer any or all, up to you, really).

3. Tag your plus one in your comment and have your plus one follow my @alyssalapid account as well.

On Twitter:

1. Follow @alyssalapid.

2. Tweet this blog post’s link and use the hashtag #BU9XSmart and what you want to shop.

Note: No flooding, please. One tweet is enough.

See you there!

11219042_859455864124595_1715288850311583332_n 1610931_859355727467942_8604809375121412062_n

Underrated Flexibility And A Blogging Workshop Giveaway!

Having too much fun in a reversible coat. Flexibility is so underrated.

Also, I’m officially teaching!

coat-eunice-sason4coat-eunice-sason3coat-eunice-sason1 coat-eunice-sason2coat-eunice-sason5

After college (also: after resigning from my then corporate life), I took a certificate course at SoFA Design Institute. During my short time there I’ve come across a whole lot of talented people and have always been in awe of the limitless potential housed in that campus. The kids I’ve come across were always brimming with ideas, always executing amazing designs easily translating illustrations to actual garments. I’ve always felt that these were people that I should help somehow- in any capacity. My involvement in Platform Show Manila, an event that showcased different independent brands, was born out of that desire to lend a helping hand to young designers – people who needed business experience, a nudge in the right and introductions to the press and consequently a bigger audience.

Years later, it’s my blog (or more accurately, my body) that I use to showcase talent. One friend from SoFA is Eunice Sason who has since ventured into her own eponymous RTW line – one I have supported and wrote about prior. I recently came across her reversible coat and have gotten good mileage out of it. It’s grey on one side and gold on the other and it’s one of the easier pieces to throw on when your look is a little too revealing (like when you head to church) or when you just need to pack a punch. Reversible pieces should be the next wave in intelligent design. Flexibility is so underrated and really much appreciated, at least by me. If you are also a firm believer of value for money and cost per wear, this reversible coat is a steal. It’s also currently on sale at Php 700 along with her other designs that go from Php 350-750. Check out her sale items here and a fun .GIF showcasing its reversibility below. Next time I’ll do more of a crazy dance to keep things interesting.


Speaking of SoFA, I have amazing news. I’ll be TEACHING a blogging workshop that starts next Tuesday, March 10. It’s 4 sessions, 3 hours each. This isn’t your typical “do what you love” talk. It’s about branding, being different, micro-blogging and so much more. The course is an amazing deal at Php 2,500. Trust that I’ll do my best and impart whatever information I believe you’ll need to carve your own space in the blogosphere and turn your site into a brand. Especially since this is the first time I’ll be considered part of “faculty.” I really hope to see you there. Spread the word if you can too – it’ll be much appreciated.

For inquiries, enrollment and reservation, contact SoFA’s Admissions Office at 09175018136 or 4784611/22 local 115/117 or email [email protected] Reserve now!

SS Fashion - Blogging101

Edit: GOOD NEWS! I’m giving away 2 slots to this Blogging 101 workshop worth P2,500. Schedule is 6-9PM T/TH starting March 10-March 19. All you need to do is:

1. Regram this SoFA poster OR post your own photo that answers the question: Why should you be chosen to attend the blogging workshop for free? (Remember to include your answer in the caption.)

2. Hashtag #SoFABlogging101 and #WeLiveDesign 

3. Follow both @alyssalapid and @sofadesigninstitute on Instagram and TAG both accounts 

See you there!

School Girl + A Forever 21 Giveaway

So will you jump straight to the mechanics?

alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines4alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines8 alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines7alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines5alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines6alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines3 alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines2

Let’s get right down to it: Forever 21 is holding a giveaway where you can win GCs worth Php3,000.

But before we’re knee deep in mechanics, let me talk a little about Forever 21. I’ve been a fan of the brand since I was 14 when I saw my cousin wear this poncho (that Jasmine Trias was also wearing circa American Idol Season 3.) She brought me to the branch in Michigan and ever since, I have dubbed the gazillion-hectare store – an exaggeration, I know, but still- my new favorite. A decade later and not much has changed.

Now that Forever 21 has been open in Manila I still find myself grabbing pieces from them whenever I can. And when I’m feeling particularly vulnerable I head to any branch to eat my woes away. F21 shopping is the sweetest escape. First of all, it has about anything and everything any person would want or need in one’s closet. It’s the nail salon to my Elle woods, the Oz to my Dorothy and the Malibu to my Barbie. (Also, the rehab to my Lindsay? Kidding!) Second of all, the prices always make you feel like you’re outsmarting the laws of saving and spending. You’re always getting good deals and value for money. Third, I’m willing to bet you always look cute when you wear Forever21. And that you can’t put a price tag on.

In this schoolgirl outfit, I think what brought it all together was this Forever 21 skirt. I was bordering on being a 90s incarnate (in a bad way) had I worn overalls or something else with this but the skirt brought it back to the now. To be fair, my F21 pieces always make the outfit or, at the very least, if it’s a matching piece, always brings the look together. And that’s why we keep coming back for more. Don’t lie to me, I know you probably have as big an addiction to the brand as I do. We are, after all, connected on some sartorial level.

I recently got a Forever 21 gift bag and while the contents were awesome, I’d still love to shop for more. So, here are the mechanics for a lucky reader to win Php 3,000 worth of Gift Certificates!

Forever 21 Giveaway mechanics:
1. Like Forever 21 Philippines on Facebook (http://facebook.com/Forever21ph). 
2. Follow Forever 21 Philippines (http://instagram.com/f21philippines) and Alyssa Lapid (http://instagram.com/alyssalapid) on Instagram.
3. Create your own collage* of your Forever 21 outfit using Paint, Photoshop, or any other photo editing software.
4. Upload your photo on Instagram with a creative caption and tag three of your friends. 
5. Don’t forget to tag us on instagram (@f21philippines) and include the hashtags #IAmForever21PH and #Forever21XAlyssaLapid to make it easier for us to track your entries!
6. Spread the news on Twitter with this link: http://alyssalapid.com/outfit-2/forever-21-giveaway
*Mechanics on the Collage: 
1. Create a collage (a ala Polyvore/product shots) of a FULL Forever 21 outfit. You can view and grab the photos of Forever 21 pieces from the current collection here:  (https://picasaweb.google.com/117669919428248712193)
2. Feel free to use other decorative elements to add your own touch to the design (think: flowers, beaches, type, up to you) as long as all the clothing items are from Forever 21.
Note: The giveaway will be running until October 20. The more outfits you come up with, the higher the chances of winning!
Important Note: Please don’t spam with the same outfit. Contestants who repost the same outfit more than once will be disqualified. Get creative if you want to win!

Looking forward to reading your entries and getting major style envy. School me when it comes to collaging, okay?

#IAmForever21PH Styling Contest Poster

One Direction: On The Road Again Tour Concert Tickets

Good news, Directioners! You have a chance to win GOLD tickets to One Direction’s concert. Read up!


Photo via Teen Vogue Sept 2013

Hey Directioners (particularly those from the Philippine Islands)! I know months back there seemed to be a shortage of seats for One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour (yes, the concert sold that fast) but I have some amazing news for all the girls that were left heartbroken and empty handed.

Well, to be more accurate, Smart has great news for you. Smart is giving away a pair of GOLD tickets to the On The Road Again Tour here in Manila. The promo is open to all Smart Prepaid subscribers. You just have to register, & load up/subscribe to a Smart Prepaid promo to earn a raffle entry. For more details, you may visit: http://www1.smart.com.ph/prepaid/add-ons/one-direction

If you thought you’d be missing out on your favorite boys perform live, well, it’s definitely not hopeless and YOU just might be the lucky winner. Spread the word! 


Pink All-Ways + Pond’s Giveaway

It was a Tuesday. Still wore pink.

alyssa-asos1 alyssa-asos6alyssa-asos2 alyssa-asos3 alyssa-asos4 alyssa-asos5 alyssa-asos7 alyssa-asos9

It was a jam-packed day for a relatively skimpy outfit. But isn’t that always my #beautifulstory? Headed to have lunch with Pond’s and learned so much – enough to be extremely pretentious – about beauty products, SPF, skin care and double letter beauty products when we were discussing (or dissecting) the new variant of Pond’s BB Cream Flawless White in Beige.  And because my geeky friends (read: grown dudes), may not indulge my legally blonde moment of beauty prowess, let me be slightly pretentious here instead.

Global warming has basically ruined it for both our lives and our skins that products with SPF 15 don’t cut it anymore and SPF 30 has to be the new minimum. As a non-SPF wearer, I feel inclined to point out that my dark spots are getting darker and darker and bigger and bigger as days go by and my lazy ass better start using SPF religiously from now on. The new Pond’s BB Cream has SPF 30++ which means it not only protects your skin from getting dark spots but it also lightens the ones you already have. (I know, music to my ears too.) But other than cool features like that, it’s still essentially a beauty product that can be used in lieu of foundation or as a primer to it. The finish is matte and it comes in two shades – light and beige (which essentially both blend pretty wondrously anyway). I remember picking up my first BB cream from Target a while back and have been on the hunt for a new brand to abuse. I’ve been using Pond’s products for about a decade now so I trust the brand and have faith in this new product.

Enough of my faux beauty know-how (though I hope it helped). Kind of panicked a bit when everyone seemed to be in white while I was in shocking pink. I guess it just made sense for people to wear the brand’s color while it made sense to me to wear my current color obsession that’s been translated to outfits more than I care to admit and Insta-share. I realized after taking photos that this dress actually looks exactly like something I already blogged before which kind of makes me wonder what my closet has come to – full of similar pieces and maybe (just maybe) unwise, unnecessary purchases.

I guess when it comes to pink I become even more stereotypical. More than Legally Blonde, more than Karen Smith. Because it was a Tuesday and I still wore pink.

ponds ponds2

If you want to win this Pond’s BB Cream gift set, all you have to do is tweet me (@alyssalapid) the answer to the question: What makes Pond’s BB cream better than any other double lettered creams out there? Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #PondsGirl #PondsBBCream. You will also be getting an extra product – one of my all-time favorite beauty products. Join now! 🙂


photos by Tracy Ayson 

Want To Win A Trip To LA? And Watch Katy Perry?

I know, me too.

Let’s talk US road trips. I was planning my dream road trip with a friend recently although the feasibility of this is honestly very low. Anyway, out of all the states I pegged in that road trip – New York, Illinois (for Chicago’s Italian Roast Beef sandwiches – Al’s being my favorite), D.C. (because, House of Cards), New Orleans, Michigan (because, home), Nevada for a few nights in Vegas, Arizona for the Grand Canyon, Texas if we have time, Florida (Miami for the sole reason of being able to sing “We’re in Miami, b*tch” and visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando) – I was looking forward to California the most. San Francisco (with a trip to Napa) to start then a final stop at LA.

See, I absolutely love everything about LA. The laid back vibe, the palm trees, the ability to wear shorts and skimpy things most months in a year, the shopping and the California ‘tude. I was talking to my mom about our LA experiences recently and she fondly recounted the time we were left behind by our bus in Disneyland when I was 2. Or how I thoroughly stuck to the Disney princesses when I was 9. I went back to LA for three days two years ago and I really did wish I could’ve stayed longer. I don’t know when I’ll be able to go back but it’s definitely a top priority when I head back to the US.

Thing is, if LA is in YOUR dream itinerary or your dream destination altogether, well, here’s a chance to fly to LA for you and a friend for free! But see, there’s still icing on your (cup)cake outfit: you will also be given the crazy, once in a lifetime chance to watch Katy Perry LIVE on her Prismatic World Tour!

My favorite brands, Smart and Spinnr, are giving away tickets for two (2) for an all-expense paid trip to California  to catch Katy Perry on her PRISMATIC World Tour with the Katy Perry Fly Out Promo; Smart and Spinnr subscribers can qualify by registering and accumulating points on the app.

Here are the mechanics for joining the giveaway:

  1. You have to be a Smart Postpaid Subscriber and Subscribed to Spinnr to join the promo (so subscribe right this instant!)
  2. Like the Spinnr PH Facebook page and register to the Katy Perry Fly Out App
  3. Once registered, make sure to earn as much points as you can by purchasing songs, gifting or subscribing to Super Charge Plan.
  4. Registered users with the highest points at the end of the promo will win.
  5. Consolation prizes will also be given away.

Promo duration is July 1, 2014 to August 31, 2014.

You know, I remember when Katy Perry was in Manila – it was in 2009 and I had a 6-9pm exam. I would’ve given anything to see Katy Perry perform and I would still give anything to see her perform. To see her in LA though is a whole other playing field and because the giveaway is actually not difficult it would be crazy not to join.

I was going through my LA Photo Diary post from two years back and found it interesting that in my meager 2 sentence entry, I managed to quote Katy Perry. I think it’s a sign. If not for me, then for you. I’m already a Smart subscriber and a Spinnr subscriber so… May the best Katy Perry fan win.

Because, come on, who doesn’t want to hear her Roar?

Click here for more information.

Katy Perry FB

…and to get you going: