Decided to take the animal print literally coz regular animal prints are way too mainstream. chos! (this is all the explanation I’m giving for the title. kthanksbye.)

Top, PENSHOPPE | Horse printed skirt, APPLERUST | Sunglasses, FOREVER21 | ย Heels, ALDO | Bobbie pins, GOODY

Photos by Dan Concepcion ๐Ÿ™‚

This was taken during my midterm week (last week). I’m glad that’s over! Actually, a lot of things are over/on hold. Exams are done for the meantime, Postura’s done (although that was really never mine but it did eat up some of my time), andย Platform’s done (I MISS IT),ย ย so now I have time to do other things. SoFA’s almost done now too. I only have a month left of school. And geez, I’m scared! It feels like grad all over again (although this time there’s no ‘grad’- just that lingering sense of doom from having to enter the ‘real world.’)

What I’ll be doing come May I still have no clue. Discover it with me?

p.s. How do you like that horse printed skirt? I got it for Php200 ๐Ÿ˜‰