Fairy Tales

When fairies render olfactory miracles

I’ve always been drawn to the ethereal. Some of my favorite reads are about fantasy, mythology, and the complex worlds of the mystical. I even took a course under Coursera (it’s a website that offers an extensive list of free online programs go check it out) on Fantasy and Science Fiction under UofM and have armed myself with a line up of the Grimm Brothers, Terry Brooks, and Tolkien within bedside reach. I’m a nerd.

Naturally, all things that are even remotely related to these fictitious realms pique my interest in ways I can’t even begin to describe. Brands that reference anything wiccan, instagram accounts dedicated to fantasy, and even perfume scents that are inspired by storybook characters are given time of day.

When I came across Féerie by Van Cleef & Arpels, I knew I had to at least smell it. Even the packaging draws attention – a deep blue gem-inspired bottle that features a tiny fairy perched on a branch. It looks like a precious jewel. The scent is equally captivating. I’ve never been one to go for a sweet scent but this floral woody mix is just the right amount of saccharine. It’s initially fruity with hints of blackcurrant and Italian mandarin but the lasting notes are of the flowers – violet, Egyptian Jasmine, Florentine iris, and the Bulgarian rose. It’s a very feminine, floral choice. I truly believe that scents can easily influence one’s mood. With a spritz or two of this fragrance, expect a truly sweet and fresh take on the day ahead.

So when I’m feeling particularly somber, or let’s be real, irritable, I take the bottle on my way out the door and expect my disposition to be a lot sunnier and a whole lot sweeter. Maybe it’s expecting too much from a singular bottle. But fairies are magical creatures after all, and I’ll presume nothing less from a scent inspired by them.

Top, H&M
Skirt, EVER NEW 
Embroidered choker, PARFOIS 
Photography and Makeup by ELISA AQUINO

Parfois’ End of Season Sale is Here!

Ah, sale season. The season my math brain works its best.

Ah, sale season. The season of heavy shopping bags that double as weights that carrying them is practically a workout; The season of looking at bills with one eye open and one eye closed but 100% completely hoping that the total isn’t what you know it should be; The season of downloading apps of your favorite stores to spend hours browsing sale items only to delete the apps again once sales are over; The season my math brain works its best; and the season of throwing out all shopping resolutions out the window because a new item (or 10) is so easily justified.

Good thing there are some pieces that you don’t necessarily need to justify. Especially not when items are 70% off. Y’all know I’m a huge fan of Parfois. Time and again I enter the store and leave with something. This month, Parfois has an insane array of heavily discounted items including some of the ones I’ve actually gotten prior. But really it’s just rows upon rows of bags that are discounted up to 70% off, shoes that are quickly running out of sizes, accessories that can upgrade outfits from 0 to 60, and scarves, sunglasses, and watches that you really shouldn’t think twice about grabbing.

I went around the store at least thrice trying to scour for my absolute favorites and these are my top 12 picks from the sale.

parfois end of season sale favorites

1st row L-R: Pink purse now at P795; brown suede block heels at P695; Green backpack at P995 (from P2290!); 2nd row L-R: Watch now at P495; Yellow backpack now at P995; snakeskin flats at P695; 3rd row L-R: Suede slingback flats at P695; knitted tote at P995; silver sling at P595; 4th row L-R: Silver statement earrings at P195; Sandals at P695; Boots at P695

Aside from those (and other favorites), here are some of the items that are also on sale that I actually already bought prior to it. Those silver strappy heels? I even remember fitting those on two different days because they looked a tad big at first and eventually getting them for myself. They’re now on sale for P695. The velvet choker? I got that in Parfois Portugal and it’s now on sale for P295. The yellow sling I also got for full price that I’ve already taken to a bunch of out of town trips is now on sale for P995. I’m dead serious about you having to go to the store and just emptying it out. The sale is way too good for you to pass up. I know I didn’t.

But full disclosure? I also got items from the new collection that are regularly priced. What can I say? Shopping at Parfois never needs to be justified. The sale though- that’s a no-brainer. So don’t think, just go. Thank me later.

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