Dog Days

Happiness hit her like a train on a track.

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There’s much room for interpretation re: dog days. What comes to mind is Florence and the Machine’s upbeat song (that may be about abuse?), days of sluggishness acco. to google, and, on a more personal note, my days with my actual dogs who I remember every time I see this shirt.

I never thought I’d like pets until I had them. I had a poodle when I was a baby but she was a barker and that didn’t sit well with me as a two-year old. She unfortunately died viciously and the gory and frightening memory is forever imprinted in my head.

It was only ’til recently (about 3-4 years ago) that puppies re-entered my life. Now I have four. I’ll be the canine equivalent of a stereotypical old maid/cat lady in no time. I chanced upon this lone shirt at the clearance rack of Penshoppe and knew I had to have it. Though my puppies are actually all shih tzus, the way this cute little embroidered nugget tilts his head reminds me so much of my own little munchkins.

Whatever pieces remind you of, I think it’s special when an item of clothing can so easily bring back precious moments or even favorite tunes. So until I can embroider my own puppies’ faces on shirts, I’ll be wearing this shirt to constantly remind me of how magical they are (by merely existing) and how happy I am to have four pawed-midgets in my life.

I can’t wait to cuddle them when I get back home.

Photography by KARLO TORIO

Shirt, PENSHOPPE | Skirt, ZARA | Bucket hat, VANGUARD from PACSUN 

Balayage At Hairshaft Podium

Got my hair diiid at Hairshaft and I’m feeling like a champ.

Hair color treatments always make me a bit fidgety. I’ve had a few dabs with color in the past and I’m rarely ever happy with the results. I’m still pretty traumatized from when my hair turned Johnny Depp-Mad Hatter-orange years ago from treatment gone wrong. My gal pal (and beauty expert!) Angela Nepomuceno has been raving about Fred Penales, a well-known hair stylist from Hairshaft Salon, for a while now and on a whim I decided to just give it a go. She said she’d come with me for moral support anyway (although I think she just wanted an excuse to get glammed up. Just kidding, girl!)

So, after a full day of events and meetings with Angela running around the metro with me driving, getting lost, having the police (yes, actual police) to help me maneuver ‘coz I made the wrong turn, and almost hitting an island with her semi-warning me and semi-laughing from the passenger seat, a trip to the salon was the best way to end the day.

“Do you have pegs?” Fred asked, when I finally met him.

“I can look,” offered the unprepared me. Who asks for a dramatic hair service without knowing what they want? Me, apparently. After quickly Googling Balayage, a color service I’ve been wanting to try, I showed Fred the photos and after a few quick glances he immediately enables me saying, “We can do that.”

The beauty noob in me didn’t actually know what Balayage was prior to the treatment so I had to ask the expert with me. According to Angela, it’s a subtler form of highlighting because it’s a freehand approach to color. I’d later find out what she meant exactly with how the color was blended on my hair and how it turned out. Instead of having harsh highlights (that people usually avoid, AND, when I was young, what people sadly made fun of), Balayage blends the different colors well. Imagine choosing a color and having multiple shades in the same color family seamlessly blend for a more natural look. Kind of like an organic looking gradient (as opposed to the drastic gradients of an ombre).


Working it!

The process was foreign to me as I’ve never really had my hair bleached before. It began with parts of my hair foiled and bleached (see above). After leaving the bleach in for a short while, different expert mixtures of colors going by letters and numbers were applied to my hair. It was much faster than I thought it would be mostly since both coloring and drying was double time- literally double the number of people working on my head. The good news is I didn’t feel any pain from the bleach, the infamous tingling sensation that people keep talking about just wasn’t there. I think it’s because they didn’t apply bleach directly to my roots, which was great. My pain tolerance is pretty low so that would’ve been tough for me. What was a bit painful was trying to comb my hair after coating it with bleach, but I think that’s just because my hair is curly and combs never go smoothly through my hair even under normal non-bleached circumstances. But that was basically it. Those working on my mane said it right, “tiis ganda.

After a seemingly short while the color was rinsed out and I spent a few minutes at the shampoo station for intensive treatment. But the coloring process was done in one fell swoop.

Treatment number 2: the famous Brazilian Blowout

My salon trip ended with another treatment, the Brazilian Blowout, to keep my newly colored hair smooth and manageable. The Brazilian Blowout involved having my hair coated with the mixture for about 20 minutes and then having it ironed straight away. They warned me that the fumes from the iron could be painful to the eyes. I was half-expecting it since I’ve had the same treatment done before at another place but surprisingly it didn’t hurt this time.

The finished product!


My hair ended up all sorts of ashy and I absolutely LOVE IT. I was actually planning on chopping my hair into a bob because I haven’t had my hair this long in years, but I’m definitely maximizing this color and keeping my hair long for now. I’m obsessed with my hair. Obsessed! What I especially like about how Fred did my treatment is the fact that it was designed for the roots to not be as heavily highlighted as the rest of the body for the color to blend well once my roots start growing. And so far, so good. And I say that with lots of white roots showing already. A few weeks in and my color is lighter and still looking great, even better than when I stepped out of the salon if I may say so myself.

I definitely found a hair godfather in Fred. You were right, Angela, it was about time to be #Fredified.


Here we are rocking our new looks/locks!
Thank you so much, Fred! Angela and I are happy to be #Fredified!


My gorgeous salon date! Love yew!

Book your Balayage appointment now at Hairshaft  Podium, Fort, or Robinsons Ermita. If you want to book Fred Penales himself, you can reach him via 09176283906. Follow him on Instagram @HairshaftFred

Meet The Robinson

Trust me, it’s a keeper.


Exhibit A: Yesterday my mom (lovingly) called me a shopaholic. And for good measure. In my defense, I was helping her find a purse and, mind you, her directions were confusing. Other than this occasion when I was being charitable sharing my expertise and unrivaled patience in scrolling pages and websites on end for vaguely similar looking items only to be dejected at every potential offer, I can probably be deemed as such. I do it for myself every so often- most of the time ending with an empty cart but the thrill of the search is real.

Exhibit B: I texted my S.O. at 3 in the morning saying “I think I overbid on eBay.” Granted, it was my first discovery of the site and Sophia Bush just dumped around 1,500 amazing items for charity so I was a little bid-happy. Now I’m kinda hoping that someone greedier than myself would outbid me on some of the pieces. We’ll see in 5d 7h and counting.

Point is, I do know my websites and my sales and I get a rush when opening beautifully packaged items and stripping tape off boxes. It’s fun. So just imagine my delight when I got the new Tory Burch Robinson Pebbled Mini Satchel in the mail. Of course I took to Snapchat but my joy was much more tactile to those around me IRL. I got it in Manila, took it to roam around the city, and then flew it cross-atlantic to the other side of the world to accompany me back home. When I was choosing which bags to bring stateside, the Robinson was an easy choice.

The bag, named after Tory’s parents, Buddy and Reva Robinson, is a compact yet roomy purse that can be worn as a sling (not pictured) or lugged around as a cute little satchel. Its leather is soft and textured and the bag has two secret pockets perfect for throwing in short-lived trinkets like parking tickets and change- an added bonus in my book. We all know rummaging through a purse for tiny items mindlessly thrown in is an exercise in itself. The bag comes in other colors too (see below) like the Riviera Blue, Sunbeam (a soft buttery yellow, my second favorite), Tiger’s Eye (brown), and Poppy Red.

I’m a sucker for bags. I always try to rationalize my love for them (and for buying them) but I always end up logically rebutting my own self that I have but one body. How many handbags can I really carry/own in one lifetime. (Full disclosure: the answer to the former is miniscule compared to the unparalleled potential of the latter. Oh, to own hundreds of bags! And shoes! That’s the dream, no?)

If your fashion/closet dreams are even remotely close to mine, this buy is a good place to start. You’ll be a hoarder (in the hundreds of items) in no time.


Grab your own Robinson bag here (p.s. it’s on sale).

For Manila readers, visit Tory Burch in Greenbelt 5.  


Outdoor Products + A Backpack Giveaway

Making new memories with backpacks while proactively erasing all high school-related ones.


I think I’ve sworn off all things that remind me of high school. Including old friends. Kidding! Seriously though, it was a phase I gladly bid sayonara to with it’s big binders, uniforms, rule against having nails long (blame CAT), a block system, etc. Backpacks were one of them. I mean, they were extremely functional, and, in retrospect, kind of cool with that one strap dangling from your dominant/toned shoulder look, but backpacks felt so…young to me. And I guess the horrors of having to bring every single textbook on a daily basis left lasting scars.

Interestingly, I have grown past that fear of looking young. I just turned 26 a few days ago and now that I’m finally in my late twenties (HA), I welcome all age-misleading components of my look that could potentially shed years off me. So shiny lip gloss a la high school, check. High ponytails, check. Jumpers, check. Backpacks are just my latest addition to that roster of items alluding to the fountain of youth – my holy grail. Just kidding, my holy grail is actually a list of restaurants/dishes but you get the picture!

I’ve discovered that it’s not just any backpack that I like though. I came across Outdoor backpacks with a couple friends and I fell in love with both the designs and the functionality. Full disclosure: I recently trekked up a mountain with a little rafia sling purse with barely any closure. Never doing that again, thank you. After that, I realized that while backpacks initially gave me certain unwarranted throwbacks, they are suited to my current lifestyle as a travel magazine editor. It makes absolute sense for me to lug a backpack around instead of annoying (but pretty) bags to our cover shoots and out-of-town trips especially when they involve any ascent or descent (up a mountain, down a cave, etc.). Trust me on this one. I learned the hard way.


So let me introduce my new Outdoor bag which I love because it seems to demand being outdoorsy with its sandy hue (like a desert) but at the same time is extremely functional. It has a laptop sleeve inside which is Godsend, and a few more sleeves for little things like cords, phones or even gameboys (which is exactly what I fit in it in my trip to Michigan).

Yes, I’m currently home in MI and I can’t wait to spend time with my family. Don’t hate me yet for leaving Manila and having my stress levels reduced by half. I do have a surprise for you with probably the easiest giveaway I’ve thrown so far. I know you guys also love to travel and explore so here’s your chance to win your own Outdoor backpack by joining my contest. Outdoor is giving away one backpack EVERY week for the next 8 weeks so get posting!

  1. Take a photo with your group of friends. Any travel/lifestyle shot will do – at the beach, in a coffee shop, in a mall, or wherever you guys hang out! (note: no need to have a backpack, any group shot of your friends doing whatever is fine!)
  2. Post your photo on Instagram (make sure your account is public!) and don’t forget to follow and tag both @outdoorproductsPH and @alyssalapid.
  3. Use the hashtags #PackForLife and #alyssalapidXoutdoorproducts
  4. The photo contest will run for 8 weeks with one winner per week chosen by Outdoor.
  5. You can post as many photos as you like for more chances of winning! And each week is a clean slate so keep joining (it’s just like posting a groufie anyway!) to win!

Good luck, explorers! I hope you’re one of the 8 winners! There’s something about this brand that makes you pack up and go. And that’s definitely a good thing.