Highlights of 2015: What I’m Thankful For

Looking back on 2015 with a smile and a heart full of gratitude.


No year is consecutively great for 365 days. I’ve had my fair share of roller coaster, hot-cold, up-down emotions that’ll do even Katy Perry proud. But, since I am primarily an optimistic person and pretty positive on the regular, I figured it’s good to recap the best of 2015 to help me remember the year better. If you’re the type to enjoy listing down things to be thankful for or are looking for a way to appreciate blessings more, I suggest you do the same. Take a piece of paper and write down all the good things that happened to you this year from the huge to the minute. And because this is essentially my diary and you, my friends, I’m sharing my wins – both big and small – with all of you.


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1. I Got A New Job!

Career-wise, this year was pretty awesome. I got signed on as Managing Editor at Explore Philippines Magazine, a bi-monthly travel lifestyle magazine and I absolutely love what I do. We shoot at the most beautiful Philippine locations and I get to interview people who make a difference in the country and the lives of Filipinos – like former Congressmen or enviable jetsetters. I was also extremely fortunate that I got to write the cover story on blogger Kim Jones and husband actor Jericho Rosales for our October-November issue. Kim is one of my favorite bloggers in the Philippines because I admire her hustle and I’m so happy I got to sit down, interview and share the couple’s story. Also, I’m on a masthead!

A couple months later I also became the Editor of the magazine’s online counterpart, http://livetoexplore.ph, and I’ve been working on both a lot. (Also, if you were wondering, I’m still working at SoFA as Social Media Manager. It’s been 2 years and counting.)

After class photo- I swear I’m much nicer during.
Last day! Left: One of my students/friends, Jekka Sison, painted me this awesome parting gift. Right: A photo with some of my students after each blog presentation!

2. I Taught A Class!

Speaking of SoFA, back in Feb-March, I taught a Blogging 101 class at SoFA Design Institute. Even if it was only 4 sessions (for 3 hours each), I felt amazing to be able to share my knowledge of how to put up a blog, set yourself apart, how to use social media and a bit on how to write. We had a bunch of activities, a field trip and a panel presentation on the last day. I had 17 impressive students for the workshop and I’m really hoping the school offers the subject again. If I’m being honest, I’m thinking of doing the workshop again maybe outside of the school this time ‘coz there’s a lot more to share. So, let’s see if I can get that going. Anyone interested?

Clockwise from top: A sample piece on Mega Magazine; Me on Mega’s Contributors Page; As Managing Editor on the Explore masthead and a photo with Chef Miguel Trinidad of Jeepney NYC post-interview for an article

3. I Wrote. A Lot.

I’ve always wanted to write. Always. But I’ve always been so afraid to do it because once you pursue what you really want, you might have nothing to fall back on if you fail. It’s a weird philosophy for someone supposedly positive, I know. I’ve written a couple of articles before for Manila Bulletin but it was very sporadic. For some reason, this year the assignments just kept coming in. I’ve written more than 10 articles for MEGA Magazine this year, at least 2 per issue in EXPLORE and I still have a bunch to submit come first week of January. Writing for publications is not the best source of income, mind you, but I absolutely enjoy it.


The gorgeous Mykonos Village in Balesin, Quezon


4. I Got To See The Philippines.

I’m one of those people who compare international fares to local fares and could never understand why people choose to spend more on local travel than see a different country. But this year, thanks to both my travel job and this blog, I’ve been able to go to different parts of the Philippines. There’s so much more to see but I’m glad I’m starting to explore what this country has to offer. Balesin, Iloilo, Baguio, Bohol, Palawan are just some of the places I got to witness recently and full disclosure: the Philippines is beautiful.


5. I Went Home.

If a year passes without me going to Michigan I feel pretty fidgety. I miss my family a lot on a regular basis and I’m really happy I get to spend time with the people I love even if it’s just once a year. I also got to go to New York to check out a school I’m eyeing for a post-grad in Journ. So that was fun. Hopefully that pushes through.


My Katy Date


6. I Saw Katy Perry! 

Thanks to Smart Communications, I got to watch Katy when she came to Manila last May. I absolutely love her and got a little teary eyed when she closed the show with her hit Fireworks. I still don’t know what a plastic bag feels like but the concert was everything you’d expect it to be – funny and purry with the costumes on full blast. It was so worth the 4-hour traffic jam post-concert.

pandora-spring-2015-philippines-launch-3 rags-2-riches-viaje-lookbook-look2-10

7. I Got To Work With Some Of My Favorite Brands.

I am very appreciative of brands that I’ve worked with in the past who still continue to partner with me to this day. I enjoy brainstorming creative ways to tell a brand’s story or introduce a collection so working with brands keeps me on my toes creatively. This year, I got to work with some favorites like Smart, Nivea and Neon Island. I also got to shoot for some brands like social enterprise Rags 2 Riches, apparel brand NAVA, and footwear brand Menina Step. I also welcomed new brand friends like MAC Cosmetics, ASUS, Pink Sugar, Pandora, MEMO and a few more. Thank you very much for the trust. It’s been an amazing ride. Looking forward to bigger and better stories in the future.

On that note, I would like to end with a big thanks to you, my readers. I know it’s so much easier to just scroll through Instagram but I appreciate those who take time to read my words and listen to my stories and musings. I mean it when I say without you, I’d think I’m crazy pouring my heart out to the interwebz with only potential creeps as an audience. The happiest of new years to you! May your 2016 be even better than your last. Sending everyone reading this love, light and so much more blessings that you can list down come Dec. 31.

A Trip To JURO Salon Exclusif

It’s not everyday I get complimented on my head shape, by hair masters, no less.


Documenting hair stylist Jude Hipolito chopping my hair off!
Documenting hair stylist Jude Hipolito chopping my hair off!
Spotted Krissy Cruz getting her chop updated.

my-juro-salon-experience9 I’ve been waiting to be in the deft hands of hair experts Jude and Rose Hipolito for quite some time now.

Husband and wife hair stylist and hair colorist Jude and Rose of JURO Salon Exclusif have been making waves in the industry for decades. I first came across them when I handled the third installation of an event called Platform Show Manila where hair care brand Vidal Sassoon had a pop-up booth where the couple gave impromptu edgy new looks to willing participants. They all left highly satisfied. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the lucky ones given a makeover because running an event leaves little time for pampering.

Two years later, I wrote about both of them for the October issue of MEGA Magazine as ambassadors of the brand Elgon. Knowing a little more about their methods and philosophies, I knew I had to book an appointment with them. My hair did need pampering.

By some twist of fate, I was invited a couple weeks ago to try out their services and I jumped at the opportunity. I had no idea what I wanted to have done. All I knew was that they were good at what they did according to several testimonies and declarations of love by people whose opinions I hold dear.

I think everyone panics a little when getting a new haircut – or is that just me? I chopped off the longest locks for a bob once and then got an even shorter bob on a whim a couple years ago so I’ve always felt like I was doing drastic changes that were high risk. We all just kind of took a leap of faith (mostly me, ‘coz it is, after all, my head). Fast forward to my appointment at JuRo Salon and my head shape was immediately complimented by Mr. Jude. I did not know that head shapes could be complimented but what I did know was that I was off to a good start.

The cut was an easy decision – a very subtle asymmetrical bob that’s short at the back and longer in front.  I was immediately on board. Talking to him proved insightful too. A hairdresser back in Califronia, Mr. Jude came back home to the Philippines after years of being a crowd favorite stateside. Having trained under some of the biggest names (like the Vidal Sassoon Academy), he decided to pursue the craft in Manila where he eventually met his wife, color expert, Ms. Rose, who instinctively knows which colors suit clients best and how to achieve certain hues that are impossible to recreate. Don’t even get me started on my previous color treatments that have gone a few shades in the wrong direction. I had Johnny Depp Mad-Hatter-Orange hair at one point – not by choice. I’d love to date Johnny Depp not look like a Tim Burton version of him.

Going back to the story, the two immediately hit it off romantically and professionally and put up a salon that later turned into JURO Salon Exclusif. Loyal clients know them as hair couturiers because the two do all cuts and color treatments themselves and pride themselves in doing so. Now, the two travel Asia doing hair workshops for Italian hair brand Elgon and have partnered with local foundations to help orphaned Filipino kids build skills to pursue a hairstyling career.


My hair post haircut. The curls look so much better already.

Post-cut, when it was Ms. Rose’s turn to perform some pantone magic, she proposed red highlights. Being the coward that I am, in a moment of panic I shied away from the opportunity. In hindsight, which happened mere moments later when chocolate brown dye was being applied on my hair, I realized I should’ve done red. Full disclosure: I have a lot of gray hair. More than any 25-year old should so I was a little apprehensive about having to retouch red roots. I also chickened out from the bold color, if I’m being honest. So instead, I got subtle chocolate highlights that seem natural against my curls.

Spotted my friend Sarah Tirona in the salon with color expert Rose Hipolito using Elgon products. Sarah has apparently been a loyal client for years.


I am honestly extremely happy with my new look and impressed with the approach that they take in dealing with their clients (it wasn’t just me I bumped into Sarah Tirona and Krissy Cruz too.) Mr. Jude talked about how curly hair requires a specific approach and I know from experience that very few hairdressers in the Philippines are actually equipped with the knowledge to style and cut curls. I’ve often entered a salon with a rebond promo offer as a greeting. Now, while I do like the straight look on occasion, I would like to be able to get a haircut that lets me walk out of the house without spending an hour to blow dry and straighten my hair. And with Mr. Jude, true enough, the haircut perfectly suits my wash-and-go philosophy. I only spritz a few pumps of my Beach Born Sea Salt Spray and my curls are the way I’ve always wanted them to be. No bull. I’ve never been able to achieve locks like this with such ease before. They both obviously know what they’re talking about.

Obviously, I recommend that you try them out at JURO Salon Exclusif for yourself because aside from having deft hands and nimble fingers, they have such a passion for their craft and a respect for building trust that I admire. When I was apprehensive about getting red highlights, I specifically remember Ms. Rose telling me that it was perfectly fine that I wanted something else, and what stuck was that she kept saying she would build trust first. And as a first time customer, I really valued that they don’t impose their widely-known expertise on clients but rather want to develop a relationship built on trust and customer satisfaction on a personal level. We took it slow when I should’ve gone the whole nine yards. Or in my case, inches.

On that note, I need to go back for my red highlights. Oh, and maybe keep this haircut for the next x amount of years of my life.

Days after: my curls after spritzes of Beach Born Sea Salt Spray. I spritz 8-10 pumps on wet hair and walk out the door. Photo by Emile Bagtas
Here’s what my hair looks when parts of it are straightened (didn’t have time to do the full head). The asymmetrical chop is so much more defined when straight. Photos by Paul Mendoza

JURO Salon Exclusif is located at Kensington Place, Unit 2D, 1st Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines. Contact them at (02) 822 5673 to book appointments or visit http://jurosalon.com/ for more information. 

Slipping On Loafers

Anybody here obsessed with loafers? Teach me your ways.

YpYTnn4sS9d1Cy_jZQew68zk074e8hfyf_NReY91zJM qOnjYUl2_dJw_glHja0VnJM9A1pPUxwmOLREd52mrtM  IGod36nhP-iNYH7opHOf9q_Qe_n-1XFVcuba10Dg0Jg U8FSccREsnZ4-xoDzF7CZxOE_5c5mMa6G7zO0gGTXrI glTPhXWGnG03q5GyPfr7BWJUQQ8ggeHaS3FwuoOsDTA bceraaNsP6cvEkwCRbyaRCJuhzXDEDWlKAFDkMdnMt4 0dc0cdzHLjRVJIT-R74EhQy_kYAM43iGlVZVfB3zyuQ

Lazy days call for minimal effort. And sometimes that equates to not wearing the usual amount of clothes that you normally would. Case in point: my lack of pants. This “dress” is actually a top and it’s pretty short but thanks to the resurgence of 90’s styling tricks, it was the easier choice to just throw over a denim jacket to cover areas that should be kept covered and walk out of the house with zero worries of pulling a Paris Hilton.

But let’s zoom in on the shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever worn loafers in my life but a recent trip to Hush Puppies changed that. I’ve been seeing loafers on my Insta feed for some time now. I mean, how can you come across those fur-lined Gucci loafers and not give a double tap or at least a double take? I just never thought that they would suit me. My usual psychology behind my aversion to closed flat shoes is that  -and this is possibly all in my head – they tend to make my size-6 feet look even tinier and my 5’2″ frame even shorter. Of course, I fell in love with the prospect of trying something new (it is the New Year after all and being brazen comes with the season) and actually got two pairs of loafers. Again, it’s Christmas and a time to #indulge so more than one gift to one’s self is completely acceptable. I didn’t realize that loafers could bring a level of nonchalance to a look. I used to think only pieces that leaned more towards street wear or loose-fitting bohemian choices could give a sense of effortlessness but loafers are apparently an easy yet incredibly chic touch. There’s a lot more looks that I’m extremely excited to experiment with using my new loafers. I even created a Pinterest inspiration board for it – my answer to most creative brain drains.

Anyone else here obsessed with the masculine slip-on shoe? Teach me your ways. I’m willing to be your padawan.

Denim Jacket by Levi’s | Loafers by Hush Puppies

Photography by Ber Garcia

This post was in partnership with Hush Puppies Philippines. Check them out for stylish and comfortable pairs at hushpuppies.com.ph

My Two Days In Iloilo With Injap Tower Hotel

Have two days to explore IloIlo? Here’s what you should do.


Swimsuit by Tavik Swimwear; photos by Jelito De Leon

My memory of Iloilo is pristine. The first time I flew to the City of Love earlier this year, I took part in the annual Dinagyang Festival. It should have been a given that we became night lurkers attending the festival’s most hyped parties left and right with little time during daylight to actually roam the city. So though I had a great time, I didn’t see much of Iloilo.

I recently got a chance to go back to the city and really see what it has to offer. Quite literally too but more on that later. We were invited by the generous Injap Tower Hotel to stay with them for two days while they toured us around the city. A 20 minute ride from the airport, the hotel was the most formidable building in Iloilo towering over the city with its 21 floors. A 4AM flight does demand some time to recuperate so I trudged to my triple-sharing room for one with two beds. The struggle to decide where to sleep was real so I had to dub one the dirty bed for when I nap without changing and the clean bed reserved for after-shower Zzzs.


The first day was spent touring the city. We went to the gorgeous Miag-ao church built in the 1800s. I’ve been to many, many churches (I can’t reiterate how many, in many different places and pilgrimages) but I was really impressed with this church. Made of coral and intricately designed, it didn’t look nor feel like a typical Filipino church. We also tried going to Jaro church but didn’t make it in time.

We then headed to the first ever branch of Mang Inasal for lunch, an interesting choice, I know, but apparently the owner of Injap Hotel used to own Mang Inasal before it was sold to conglomerate Jollibee. Good choice, it was actually much better than the newer branches in Manila.

Another stop was at Iloilo’s Provincial Capitol which was a beautiful white building. I was pleasantly surprised that IloIlo has such amazing preserved structures. The intricacies per building make each structure so photogenic and even in random streets and markets you see building after beautiful building. I sincerely wish we had that in Manila or at least invest in preserving the decaying ones that we do.


The gorgeous Miag-ao Church
Scenes from the Provincial Capitol

When we headed back to Injap Tower Hotel they prepared a special surprise for us. We were asked to go up to the helipad to have champagne and take in the glorious view. I knew I planned on seeing Iloilo this trip I just didnt know it would come true in such a literal manner – we were literally on top of the sole tall building in Iloilo looking over the city with a pink sunset with a Moet in hand and it was perfect. I was a little scared going up because I think I’m starting to get acrophobia but it was well worth it in the end. We even did a fun shoot because not taking opportunity of the view would have been stupid. We capped off the night with dinner at the in-house Horizon Cafe. My personal favorite was the Shrimp with egg flakes. That is my must-try. Actually, I recommend the restaurant even if you end up staying somewhere else. We ended up hanging out by the swimming pool and called it a night shortly after.


Our second day started very early. We were out by 6AM to go to Guimaras Island which entailed a boat ride and a drive to the port. The sight of the beach was immediately relaxing and the news that we were going island hopping was even better. We went to a couple of gorgeous islands. The first stop was Ave Maria Island which was small but had fine white sand. We snorkeled for a bit to take in the beautiful marine life. Although to be honest, the water was extremely itchy – like there were planktons biting us non-stop. The next stop was Baras Cave which was also rather gorgeous. I’m not very adventurous so this was the first time I was actually inside a cave. There were bats and I screeched a bit but the photos were worth it. We also made our way to SEAFDEC Research Center where different kinds of fish are bred and studied to promote sustainable fisheries development in the region. We fed different types of fish and I personally got to feed a huge milkfish (or bangus.) I kid you not, that fish was at least 3 feet long. There was one sweetheart who liked to be pet so I did get to pet the fish a few times. Slimy but interesting. I get to tick something off my bucket list that I didn’t even know was on it. #Life.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting and a lot less slimy. Guimaras is known for its sweet mangoes and apparently they put mangoes in EVERYTHING. And when I say everything it includes pizza. So we headed to The Pitstop to taste the Mango Pizza. It was weird looking but very good. It’s like Jollibee’s peach mango pie but with cheese. I’d definitely go back for it. They also serve Bulalo with Mangoes and Pork Sisig with Mangoes and the sisig was also pretty good. Obviously we all had mango shakes and they really do taste better in Guimaras. No BS, it was a different kind of sweet.


We went back to Iloilo after lunch and ate multiple times after. We headed to Deco’s to try their famous Batchoy (yes, it hails from Iloilo) and then some. Then headed straight to PYT Stop Cafe for a boodle fight. I’ve only ever tried boodle once so this was a treat. Boodle is essentially when all the food is laid out on a stretch of banana leaves and you get your hands dirty and eat off of the leaves. You find your spot and grab whatever dish you like and literally dig in. It was so good, everything was amazing. We then went to Fuel.ph for a quick cup of coffee and then hung out a bit more in the city. And it was the perfect nightcap and a sweet ending to the trip.

A big thanks to Injap Tower Hotel for organizing such a beautiful trip. I cannot wait to go back to Iloilo and stay with you guys. Special thanks to Brian Ong (you’re the best!) and the rest of the staff of the Injap Tower. You guys are the absolute sweetest and you made the trip so memorable. Big shoutout to my blogger travel buddies: Dani Barretto, Mikyle Quizon, Melo Villareal, Jelito de Leon, Kimi Juan and Thomas Caja! 

Injap Tower Hotel is on Diversion Roas, Mandurriao, Iloilo City. Contact them at 09223821635 or [email protected]; www.injaptowerhotel.com.ph

Meet The New ASUS Zenphone 2 Laser 5

Thinking of buying a new phone to complement all your photography needs? Try the new ASUS Zenphone 2 Laser 5.


I’m always up for the challenge of trying out new gadgets because like a true millennial, I like things that help me do things. Seriously though, any compact item that ensures efficiency and helps with producing output effortlessly is a plus in my book.

I recently came across the new ASUS Zenphone 2 Laser 5 and ASUS were generous enough to let bloggers try the newest phone. It was my first time to stray from my usual cellphone brand and its many iterations so it was honestly a pleasant surprise to come across a new phone that suits my interests and needs to a tee.

ASUS took us to Fort Bonifacio, Intramuros for a fun day of playing photographer to test out the multiple features of the phone camera for #OneDayofZen (photos above). Truly, what better place to snap photos than the heart of Manila riddled with history? After the event, I was pulled aside to answer some questions about the phone and I think it’s best for me to share some of my answers here to highlight how I feel about the new gadget.

1. What do you like about the new ASUS Zenphone?

I haven’t strayed from my usual brand for years so I was honestly surprised that the features, especially that of the camera’s, are so varied. I’m used to very few options and merely rely on post-editing apps such as VSCO and Snapseed to get what I envisioned in a shot but with the new Zenphone I could actually adjust how I take the photo exactly the way I want or need.


2. What are your favorite features of the new camera?

What I love about the camera function (aside from it having 13 Megapixels), is its low-light capabilities. I’m the type to give up on taking photos once the sun has set but the clarity of the Zenphone in low light is impressive. It’s really bright. As a blogger, stellar shots are a must and the low light feature is an amazing tool to have especially in overcast Manila. There’s also a pretty cool Selfie Panorama feature. I’m not good at selfies and I never volunteer my arm because my arm can’t extend enough to accommodate a number of people. Trust me, I’ve tried. Even when taking solo shots I tend to look, if you will, big. So the fact that I can take selfie panoramas just by rotating the phone (taking up to 30 people, we tried!) is a game-changer.

Aside from these, I like cameras and even though I’m not terribly good at photography I like being able to switch my White Balance, ISO and other settings as needed and this phone has a Manual mode where I can do just that. Although, truthfully, automatic is great on its own. HDR, GIF Animation and the Night mode are some of the other modes I especially enjoyed.


See how dark it already was and how bright the photo registered on camera? 


With Ava Te, Trice Nagusara and Aileen Clarisse

3. Do you consider yourself a techie person?

No. Not at all. See, I don’t really rely on technical specs when choosing gadgets. I go by word of mouth, a friendly recommendation and design. Shallow, but true. ASUS piques my design interest, obviously (my phone is gold), but at the same time, I like how ASUS lets non-techie people like myself enjoy technical advancements by their constant pushing of the field. I didn’t even know I had the option of having certain specs and features in my phone much less my phone’s camera but I’m amazed at how these features were packaged and how easy they are to use.

Thank you, ASUS, for always pushing the boundaries in technology. The only next logical step is to add glitter, of course.


Avocado-Colored Dreams

What are your dreams made of?




QjWsLOBSVbbsE-3KY393Aa1uen__9Wdl4KpuNK86h54 _vF855GeR4ThNzO2LK-M594f3kXcuIItKy1L7BQS0N4lrNWLSF93MUxXH_zJx6MjuP29AxiixW-l13dwZZCRi4

To borrow the words of Adele, hello, it’s me.

I realize that prior to last weekend’s post I haven’t written anything on this website for more than a month. Inspiration-block is an actual thing, apparently, and the whole gamut of my creative juices has been sucked dry by other outlets. Even Instagram (@alyssalapid if we ain’t friends there) has been a little hard to “curate.”

In terms of life updates, my hair is now shorter (not seen here and yes, we start with the physical), work is pretty much consistent not to mention consistently hectic. I’ve been to the beach twice in the past month in two different provinces which was great. Work is hectic but vacations packaged as work (or is it work packaged as vacations?) were also pretty constant recently.

This year has been tumultuous to say the least full of high ups and steep downs. I cannot wait for the year to end. The idea of a fresh start, like a fresh notebook or a new planner, is full of promise in my optimistic eyes. Funny how my optimism hinges on timing. I wonder if I would be as optimistic without the promise of the new year. Probably not. Either way, I truly believe that the new year brings a clean slate and a chance to start over and I never pass on a fresh start.

So before I bid the year adieu, let me share some of my more memorable trips and favorite looks. I realize that I’ve merely been microblogging and I truly prioritize this website above all other forms of social media so my life and wardrobe updates definitely have to be reflected here as well.

I shot this look about a month ago with Ber Garcia featuring two of my favorite local brands Neon Island and Tres Shoes. If I’m being 100% real, these items have been on rotation the past couple months. Both the dress and the sandals are such easy pieces and they’re absolute no brainers in my book. With the 70s back in full swing, the dress is an obvious on-trend choice that reminds me so much of a young Jane Birkin. In my eyes, local brand Neon Island can do no wrong and I will forever be a fan. I don’t think I’ve missed the chance to purchase at least one piece from every collection they’ve put out.

The shoes from Tres, on the other hand, are new favorites. I never thought I’d be so attached to avocado-colored footwear but here I am risking looking color blind pairing these green slip ons with absolutely all options in the color wheel no matter how radical they may seem. This time though I got it right – the chambray dress and the fruity slip ons go well together.

I do hope to see you again more consistently on this space. Feel free to comment on what you’d want to see more of or whatever it is in your mind. Or at least echo or refute what’s on mine. Tell me I’m not the only one addicted to the high that the new year brings? Please? Am I really the only one with a new planner eagerly waiting to write on the first few pages of January?

Photos by Ber Garcia

In These Pants

I enjoy wearing the literal pant.







zDtAbV53T21YxGIiQRmCeic8RbDpH4a4e9XXC-FPd68  SW1kYaYMH-RM0AM-p39dqQUR0oiUrwbIxet4hTNjuL0

My 15-year old cousin put it bluntly when she said straight to my face, “You’re only 5 years shy of 30.” True story.

That’s when I realized that, one, kids do say the darndest things and, two, I am in fact getting closer to the big 3-0. People are getting married all over Facebook and just this week one of my closest friends announced that he’s finally having a baby with his wife. Times are definitely a-changin’. Interestingly though, I feel much younger than ever, more socially awkward than I’ve ever been (mind you, I used to think of myself as a social butterfly), and now I’m just retreating into my own little geeky shell like a pearl whose oyster is not the world but the confines of her very predictable comfort zone.

I’m definitely in no rush to keep up with where my friends are at in terms of settling down and I’m not terribly bothered by my lack of a social life. I don’t gauge my social activity in terms of nights out but in quality time (we spend it playing Mahjong and Game of The Generals anyway and #winning is my new gauge of choice.) Where I am forced though to act my age and maybe try to act wiser beyond my years (the key word being try) is at work. At the office, when you’re in charge of creating content, fine-tuning your brand and figuring out where your teammates’ talents lie and where they have the potential to shine best, you have to wear the pants – figuratively and, in my case, literally.

There’s something about wearing the literal pant that gives me an instant confident boost. Or at least, plunges me back into what my role is in the grand scheme of work (because there always is a grand scheme.) I’ve been on the lookout for amazing-fitting pants that I can feel powerful in and when I find the rare pair I tend to hoard them. I recently came across a pair that fit me real well at Memo, my go-to for office wear, so I got another – in green, no less – to add to my growing pant collection.

I kid you not when I say #InThesePants I feel a lot more confident, a lot more powerful, and a lot closer to my age than I usually would in my usual denims where I often get mistaken for a teen. If you do want to feel more in control, more powerful or, at the very least, exude it, I highly suggest you also pick up a pair and head to the nearest Memo store.

It’s funny how a go-getter mentality can be triggered by something as simple as an outfit choice. And we all know where a go-getter mentality can lead you.

Photographed by BER GARCIA