Bulgari Omnia Paraiba: The Smell Of Brazil

Smell the tropical eden that is Brazil in a gorgeous new tourmaline bottle.


Scents can definitely transport you places – both from memory and figments of imagination.

It’s a proven fact that the olfactory sense can trigger some of the most powerful reactions which is amazing because I think that’s the most overlooked sense.

For instance, the smell of freshly cut lawn transports me right back to my childhood and those days I thought driving a tractor was a “big girl” step up that would soon transition to a car. The smell of certain Mediterranean dishes take me back to a special trip in Israel and the smell of certain perfumes, even on passing strangers, reminds me of old friends and acquaintances.

Bulgari recently launched its newest fragrance, the Omnia Paraiba, inspired by the forests of Brazil and its tropical fauna. The new fragrance is part of the World Tour collection that merges legendary flowers and colorful stones more popularly known as these concoctions: the Omnia Crystalline, Amethyste and Indian Garnet. This time around, Bulgari took homage to the tropical eden of Brazil with the add-on of a blue-green gem, the tourmaline.

The scent’s notes are an unexpected mix of three main ingredients – the Maracuja passion fruit that renders a tangy, citrus tone, the fruity floral Gardenia Passion Flower and the Cocoa Bean rendering  a touch of woody sensuality.

I’ve never been to Brazil although a South American trek is something I’ve always wanted to do. I  distinctly remember when I was in high school (already 10 years ago), we performed several Brazilian songs in the glee club. Fittingly, in theme of yanking special memories, the Bulgari launch also had a few artists render several Brazilian songs for the guests taking me right back to our ruffled costumes singing and dancing in our campus halls.

The truth is, this is my first time to try a Bulgari scent so my experience prior was a pretty blank canvas but already the scent has triggered something special and I can’t wait to make new memories with the new Omnia Paraiba.

Who knows, maybe when I do go to Brazil, it will remind me of the perfume and finally come a full olfactory circle.

A big thanks to artist extraordinaire, Soleil Ignacio, for painting on my bottle. 
The Bulgari Omnia Paraiba is available at The SM Store Beauty Section, Rustans Department Stores and other leading department stores nationwide.  Bottle prices below:  
25ml Eau De Toilette Jewel Charm P2,898
40ml Eau De Toilette Bottle P3,950
65ml Eau De Toilette Bottle P5,080

My H&M x Balmain Favorites

Who else is scouring the interwebz religiously for the H&M X Balmain pieces?


Black and white blazer, P21,990; Red furry sweater, P5490; Black draped dress, P7990; Strappy heels, P7990; Red clutch bag, P7990; Gold necklace, P4490; Emerald drop earrings, P1690; Emerald belt, P4490; Earphones, P9990; Black blazer, P6990; Over the knee boots, P7990; Green bag, P10990; Red draped mini skirt, P4490; Military trench, P10990

It’s that time of the year again when our favorite high street brand teams up with a big name in fashion to bring out the collaboration of a lifetime and every year, just like the Starbucks planner, people eagerly anticipate its release. Yes, I’m talking about H&M and the yearly sought-after, lined-up for, buzz-worthy collaborations where people camp out just to get hold of a few pieces. Last year’s Alexander Wang was a knock-out, forgive the sports(wear) pun, and this year’s Balmain collaboration has been keeping fashion folks in a state of fashion frenzy since they started letting model A-listers and celebs wear the pieces off the runway, months before the collection’s release. Unfair, I know. How does one become friends with Olivier Rousteing?!

I personally have some favorite memories with H&M’s collaborations. I remember going to Chicago to see the Lanvin for H&M pieces but the prices were a little too much for a fresh college graduate. I did try them on though and felt extra fabulous. I finally got my hands on a piece as a surprise gift when Margiela did the partnership the year after. I still use that bag to this day. So every year since 2010, I’ve been waiting for the partnership announcement and the consequent collection release. This year is no different even swapping jacket opinions with my fashion-forward 16-year old cousin.

For your pleasure as well as mine, I compiled some of my favorites from the 100+ product list. The prices are pretty steep but the pieces are definitely wearable and are worth every peso. I personally think that the gorgeous black dress is a good Christmas present for myself.

The pieces will be out by November 5th, so I guess I’ll see you in line. We all have 3 more days to save. Piggy banks out!