What Does Your Shirt Say?

click for a super short t-shirt confession.

I’m a fashion blogger and I like t-shirts. That’s really all there is to it.

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P.s., Shortest post EVER.

p.p.s., The shirt you don says a lot about you. From mine you could infer that I either like magazines OR that I work for a magazine, which is more accurate. I’ve also had shirts in French I didn’t understand. They were apparently lewd. Don’t make that same mistake. Read your shirt’s copy.

p.p.p.s., Hey this wasn’t so short after all.


Slip ‘N Slide

Will slip into slides any time of day.

primadonna-athleisure-alyssa-lapid2primadonna-athleisure-alyssa-lapid4 primadonna-athleisure-alyssa-lapid7 primadonna-athleisure-alyssa-lapid6primadonna-athleisure-alyssa-lapid3primadonna-athleisure-alyssa-lapid22

It would be accurate to assume I’ve been living in Birks since the fashion industry or, more accurately, its global players have made it somewhat acceptable to do so. But slides have easily surpassed my love for Birks until my adorable yet destructive puppies gnawed at my Nikes and rendered them too tattered for public appearances and therefore shunned to the confines of my house.

Still, eyeing the occasional slide even with the risk of a puppy attack sometimes leads to a purchase. My recent one being these chunky white soled slides from Primadonna as part of their sports luxe pairs. The sports luxe or athleisure trend is something I could get behind because I do love being comfortable though I have yet to wear gym clothes out.

As per Nike’s CEO, “leggings are the new denims” and it’s just a matter of time before we see spin clothes out of the studio and on the streets this side of the globe. Can’t say I’m not excited, if just as a voyeur.


Photos by Paul Mendoza

MAC Haute Dogs

Haute as in couture. Not NYC sausages.

mac_haute_dogs_fall_collectionmac_haute_dogs_fall_collection8 mac_haute_dogs_fall_collection7 mac_haute_dogs_fall_collection6 mac_haute_dogs_fall_collection5 mac_haute_dogs_fall_collection4 mac_haute_dogs_fall_collection3 mac_haute_dogs_fall_collection2

I first heard of the newest MAC collection when I was strolling one of the many malls in Bangkok. Imagine my surprise when I saw models at the counters with ridiculous show-dog hair even bigger than my puppies’. Two weeks later I got to attend the event in the PI to finally find out what the dog ‘dos were all about.

The newest collection called Haute Dogs takes inspiration from, as you may have already guessed, show dogs. It’s high time we made a tribute to man’s best friend although I never thought it’d be in the form of makeup. Still, it makes perfect sense. Owners tend to start looking like their puppies sometimes and, let’s face it, well-groomed pups have shinier, softer hair, the most defined eye liners and unbelievable lash lengths. The new collection, similarly, boasts of “buttery fur tones, gold-spun sculpting powders and regal berries for lips.”

It’s interesting to note that the collection has a lot of shimmer. Gone are the days of summer mattes and blocked pigments. As we usher in the BER months (it’s 97 days ’til Christmas, you guys), the holidays deserve something a lot more festive and one’s makeup has to reflect that.

Haute Dogs includes an array of what should be your new holiday makeup arsenal: 3 eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, 5 shades of lip-stick and 3 -glass aptly named after our canine obsessions, lip pencils, gel liners, brow liners and even nail lacquer. Consider them a timely seasonal upgrade to your essentials.

My personal favorites are the everyday add-ons to any beauty routine – the Deep Brunette brow pencil (I need to get one of those!), Currant lip liner (an intense reddish purple), and the different eyeshadow palettes. Even PR Manager Vanessa Vergara shares the same sentiment boasting of how easy the eyeshadow palettes fit the busy woman’s lifestyle allowing for a seamless transition from day to night. It’s true though, the palettes have a whole range of hues each from light to dark to suit whatever beauty mood you may be in.

I personally can’t wait to try out the different looks I can do with the palettes. Maybe holiday makeup can be my Christmas gift to myself.

Then again, do we really need an occasion to love ourselves? I think not.

Visit MAC stores for the newest products; Mineralize Rich Lipstick, Php1500; Mineralize Glass, Php1500; Lip Pencil, Php1000; Mneralize Eye Shadow, Php2750, Fluidline, 1100; Veluxe Brow Liner, Php1280; Mineralize Skinfinish, Php2750; Sculpting Powder, Php1400;MAC Nail Lacquer, Php750

Faux Athleticism

Because outfits can render the illusion of athleticism and muscular calves.


I’m rarely ever sporty. Time and again I’ve talked about my lack of athleticism so I won’t even bother enumerating the ways in which sports escape me. I just find it interesting how powerful accessories can really get- add a cap AND a pair of sneakers (which are surprisingly mine) to your otherwise normal ensemble and immediately you seem like you have stronger muscles and nimble limbs.

Not to brag but you can also blame that notion on the popping bulge on my calf. At first I thought it looked like a leg (the kind that you make cartoons out of- leave it to me to associate everything with food) but I was told that it’s actually “nice” and “cool.” Honestly though, not sure how I could trust enabling of friends after my copper hair mishap garnered the same initial reaction. Trust me, it was neither “nice” nor “cool” and I’m still living with its carrot-hued aftermath.

I’ll leave you to decide for yourself. Although if you fall on the negative side of the leg appreciation spectrum, try to keep mum and your thoughts to yourself. Otherwise, feel free to fool me into thinking my legs are a lot more muscular than they really are.

Trust me when I say the gym they have seen not.

Outfit shot for NAVA | Photography by Anton Aguila | Styling by Danika Rio | Makeup by Keith

Cherry Picking at Westview Orchards

Because cherry picking is a very Michigan thing to do.

westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan12westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan5There are quite a few things indigenous to Michigan and equally few activities to do in the state. It isn’t exactly New York and for someone from there, you’d think I’ve tried most of the tourist-y to-dos enumerated in blogs. I haven’t. I kind of do the same exact things whenever I visit. I’m a creature of habit so I tend to go to the same malls, the same beloved restaurants, the same provinces. Little by little though I’m able to try new things – this trips firsts consisted of attending my first traditional Indian wedding and cherry picking.

I’ve tried a bunch of fruit pickings when I was younger – apple, strawberry, grapes, even pumpkins. Wild raspberry and blueberry plants sprouted in my aunt’s old house so during lucky seasonal visits, I got to get some too. My mom and I are big cherry eaters (fruits in general actually) so it made perfect sense for us to just pick cherries to munch on especially since it was in season. Most of the cherry picking fields are up north and about 3 hours away from us but we got lucky that there was one orchard just 40 minutes away. So one sunny morning we headed to Westview Orchards which also has apple, pumpkin, strawberry and peach-picking.

My favorite midgets (nieces) tagged along and all in all we picked 22 pounds of sweet cherries. If tart ones are more your style, they have those too. Ladders were provided throughout the orchard for fruits high up the trees. We didn’t have to use any ladders though as most of the trees were all within reach. We trekked all the way down to the last few rows for the biggest and juiciest-looking cherries and stopped to fill up two 10-pound bags and my 2-pound Instagrammable box (or so I thought).

It’s interesting to note that my mom and I ate at least a pound a sitting in the following days. The cherry picking was an experience but all we apparently needed were the bags full. It helped that the orchard had year-long Apple cider and cider mill donuts that we also couldn’t resist taking home. What a productive (food) trip. Check out the photos below for a photo diary of my very Michigan experience. Check this out for more info on the orchard.

westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan2 westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan3westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan1 westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan4westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan7 westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan8 westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan9 westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan10 westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan11westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan13 westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan14 westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan15 westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan16 westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan17westview-orchards-cherry-picking-michigan6

They keep me young.

Romper, Erin Wasson for PACSUN | Sandals, TRES SHOES | Accessories, ROCKSBOX 

Smart Shopping & Going Sale Crazy

Let’s talk about great deals that translate to better wardrobes and better surf-time.

pacsun-la-hearts-michigan1 pacsun-la-hearts-michigan2 pacsun-la-hearts-michigan3 pacsun-la-hearts-michigan4 pacsun-la-hearts-michigan5 pacsun-la-hearts-michigan6

When you pass by a store that has an insane Buy 1 Get 3 free promo, you check it out at the very least. If you pass by Pacsun, one of your favorite stores, with that kind of promo, you develop a quick strategy (collect then select – genius, I know) and scour the place for every last item. I won’t disclose just how many pieces I ended up getting (keep in mind I went to the store thrice in a span of a couple weeks).

The store is basically an LA girl’s haven meshed with pieces for everyone’s inner boho. Racks upon racks of bell-bottom pants, frills, and an amazing collab with boho queen Erin Wasson herself (and a couple with the Jenners too which turned out really well that I got a bunch). Both the top and bottom in this outfit are from LA Hearts, one of the brands that Pacsun carries alongside House of Harlow, Me To We, Brandy Melville and more.

Been a little too street for a while now with too many monochromes in my closet that it was a freeing change to be able to grab bohemian pieces and re-introduce them to my wardrobe. I shopped at Free People too for even more bohemian dresses that I’m excited to abuse. These pants are a bit long for my 5’2″ frame but they’re the comfiest suede-like pair. Alterations are not a problem and a good shopping secret is if you find something you really like that can be easily altered, just go for it. Especially when it comes with a close to nothing price tag (literally, remember the promo?)

Speaking of promos, here’s one I wanted to share with you guys. My network, Smart, has done it again with a new Big Bytes 50 offer for just Php50 for 3 days with 350MB open access data and 600MB for iFlix, Spinnr and Fox for my best surfing experience so far. Streaming your favorite shows and movies (e.g., House of Cards and Mean Girls), songs (whether your #TeamTaylor or #TeamKaty) and more is now easier and more affordable and is definitely not to be missed – just Dial *121# and text BIG50 to 9999 to avail of the promo.

I’m a pretty practical person. I choose where I spend and make sure to only invest in the ones that give amazing value for money. This is it. The permutations of what you could do are endless like surfing + Snapchat or shopping online and then Insta-sharing your purchased OOTD. So happy streaming AND happy shopping.