Taking it slow in a laid-back bohemian look.

chilling-in-skechers skechers-denims skechers-denims2

I’m currently watching I Am Cait (don’t judge) in the comforts of my Manila home and I’m terribly missing my Michigan abode. Why do we always have to dream about a place we’re not at? Cue cliche quotes like the grass is greener on the other side or in Sebastian the singing crab’s terms, “the seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake,” which I could take quite literally because I live on a lake back home. Seriously, like 10 steps away from the water.

Anyway, Michigan posts are only coming up now because my blog was hacked (I know, I know, cyber assholes are on the loose) and am only starting to feel comfortable again to blog. So let me post a rather chill, nonchalant, stress-free bohemian look, sprawled albeit clumsily and unladylike on the couch as a new entrant of sorts to the interwebz. It feels like when you get your heart broken and you sheepishly and  cautiously start treading the waters again for the first time but minus the help of alcohol. I am resigned to the life on the WWW though and am slowly braving my way back – despite cyber bullies and kids who have too much down time.

Speaking of down time, I’m up to my ears with tasks right now (both a gift and a millennial’s curse) and am currently thinking of things to do to keep my upcoming long weekend productive and eventful. If you have any ideas, let me know. If we’re talking shopping, I do have a suggestion. Skechers is on sale until the end of August so if you need new sneaks or denims (see: my jeans), you know where to go. Travel-wise, take a trip. That is always a good idea.

Sebastian may not have been accurate about the whole greener seaweed concept, but I’m pretty sure it’s highly Instagrammable in another person’s lake. Go for the #Insta?


To Sin, MAC Toledo

Tested my MAC Toledo via an outfit because what else would I do? I am a fashion blogger.

IMG_3409 IMG_3406IMG_3425

Some people tend to have a misconception that bloggers get everything for free. If that were true, my life would be much easier and my bank account much better, not to mention my meals much more constant and gourmet. Though we admittedly get some items as gifts, new product releases get us excited just as much as the next person, maybe even more, so we still need to save to get the things we eye. We just tend to be a lot more digitally vocal about their acquisition.

When MAC Cosmetics partnered with artists Isabel and Ruben Toledo a couple months back, my list got longer. (And trust me, my beauty want list is long enough.) The couple’s famous vibrant style was translated into eye-catching hues and highly pigmented shades. Think: eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara in electric greens and vivid purples and lipstick and lip glass options in degrees of red, not to mention polygonal compacts. I was personally torn between the green eye products (both shadow and liner) and the darkest lip shade close to a deep violet, Sin. In the end, the voice of reason (aka my budget) had its way as lip products are cheaper than their eye counterparts and I bought Sin in its glossy form.

Lesson learned: gloss is not as tightly pigmented as a stick. In layman’s terms, gloss is more translucent and won’t give you full color coverage like a normal MAC lipstick would. Still, my lips are very chapped and a dark matte would only highlight the dryness. My solution for a color-packed punch: a coat of any dark lipstick and an aftercoat of the lip glass.

Shot the look in a background of trailing pink bougainvilleas. Couldn’t have chosen a better spot.

Photos by Elisa Aquino


Kathryn Bernardo For Primadonna

Primadonna launches their newest celebrity endorser, Kathryn Bernardo. Of course she struts to Bad Blood.

primadonna-kathryn-bernardo-launch10 primadonna-kathryn-bernardo-launch9primadonna-kathryn-bernardo-launch8primadonna-kathryn-bernardo-launch4 primadonna-kathryn-bernardo-launch7primadonna-kathryn-bernardo-launch2primadonna-kathryn-bernardo-launch5primadonna-kathryn-bernardo-launch3 primadonna-kathryn-bernardo-launch6

There are few things I would do out of love (read: for free). I’d work for food, I’d work for travel and I’d definitely work for shoes. So when shoe brand Primadonna sent a cryptic invite of the unveiling of their newest celebrity endorser, I knew I had to drive all the way to the venue (which was pretty far by my lazy standards) to witness not just the launch of the newest face, but the newest collection. The urge to see shoes almost always trumps the urge to stay in bed.

Dress codes are something I’ve completely given up on mostly because I seem to always skip over them when reading invites. Truth be told, I barely remember venues in invites so just as I’m about to leave I panic and double check where I’m supposed to be and what time (sometimes this makes me a bit late) but I only fact check the important details when walking out the door. So dress codes are a far priority. Consequently, I was pretty surprised at the event where almost everyone was dressed athletically and only realized halfway through the show that the trend (and dress code) for the night was sports luxe. For reference, I was in suede pointed pumps and a burgundy bell-sleeved lace dress.

Despite being on the opposite end of the style spectrum, I did appreciate the styles walking down the runway. Chunky sandals, starburst sneakers and rubber platforms sashayed one after the other and I wasn’t complaining. In light of the ugly shoe trend, they’re cute.

Of course, midway through the fashion show complete with Parkour boys doing stunts, Kathryn Bernardo, one of the biggest young stars in the Philippines, comes walking to Bad Blood complete with her own model squad. A quick q&a with her and host Raymond Gutierrez revealed just how happy she was to be the fitting new face of the brand. She is pretty excited about the new collection and I share the same sentiment.

I personally can’t wait for the shoes to be released in stores late August. There’s no shame in buying exactly what’s in the ads. And that’s just what I’m going to do. Twinning with a superstar should be the least of my sartorial problems.

#KathrynforPrimadonna was launched last August 8, 2015 at Green Sun, Pasong Tamo. The new styles will be released late August.

The Owl Has Landed

Polo shirts have found their way into my wardrobe.


The owl has landed. If you haven’t heard, I’m referring to the owl emblazoned on the newest polo shirt drops of Memo fashion and not an actual nocturnal creature. Nor myself. I don’t remember if they used it to tease me or if they were just matter-of-fact about this, but growing up, people would often refer to me as an owl. (On second thought, maybe people were being a$$holes). My eyes are pretty big, as you may have noticed, and my body clock has always teetered on the more nocturnal side. So when this collection came out – I kid you not – I felt a certain degree of familiarity. Don’t worry, it’s not sad. I love how huge my eyes are and make it a point to always highlight them when I put on makeup.

Polo shirts stay in an uncharted territory sartorially although I’ve had a few brushes with them growing up (and also here). I’ve always really liked how polos looked especially in the brightest of colors. In my eyes they mean business (don’t collars always mean business?) but, at the same time, are non-threatening because of how casual the shirt can get. A lot of people may think the shirts are reserved for work or for slightly more formal days out but I personally think they can be worn whenever. They can be casual, dressy, even boho (s/o to Ralph Lauren S/S 2105) and there’s a whole bunch of ways to wear them. So when Memo sent me the red and white owl polo, I took it upon myself to buy another one (in bright yellow, no less) and show you guys different ways to wear the shirts. The easiest way would be to pair them with all kinds of denim but you’re free to lean on the flirty side like I did with a lace mini skirt or mean business and go the office route with high waisted pants and pointed pumps.

Working on this editorial initially garnered a “You look different” comment but towards the end it elicited something much more complimentary. I’m sure you will be getting as many – if not more – compliments on these shirts. They are pretty cute on their own and styling them would be a lot of fun. On that note, I’m certain I’ll be using these two both to the office and to a Barcino night out.

I’m just being pretentious. Beer is equally welcome.

Polos and denim jacket from MEMO
Photos by Paul Mendoza