Digesting OOTDs

Getting a bit tired of my own OOTDs, so here’s an Instax set to switch things up.


I’m not sure if I’m the only one who thinks that OOTDs are getting pretty uniform – similar poses, similar outfits, similar locations and probably similar if not the same cameras. Just to be clear, I’m also talking about myself here. OOTDs seem to have set parameters that everybody follows and while familiar, I think it’s always nice to take a breather and try to swim against the current, even just for a bit, in the way we digest our outfits. I don’t think I’d be drastically changing anything soon but now more than ever, even the slightest edit is appreciated.

I’m always for reinvention and evolution and to be honest, I’m kind of getting tired of seeing my own photos and choosing four  shots out of about 50 tries where it’s practically the same angle. I never even change my make up so it really is just the same face.

So I figured for my next #iamForever21PH look I’d use Instax photos. No edits, no difficulty in choosing (sometimes options screw you up) and an easy, different feel altogether. Threw in some doodles, just for the heck of it. This Forever 21 fringe dress has been one of my go-to dresses for a while now. Basic enough to feel absolutely comfortable in but packs a big enough punch to make a statement. Fringe is definitely one of the more common trends that’s been shown this fashion month. From Giambattista to Céline, fringe has been swishing on the runways of S/S 2015 and I personally can’t wait to see more of it trickle down to high street retailers.

Thinking of doing an Instax Style Series once in a while to just switch things up. If you have any ideas on how to take even more creative OOTDs, do share. I’m open to your fantastic ideas.

Don’t forget to join my #Forever21xAlyssaLapid Giveaway to win Php 3,000 worth of GCs.


Photos by Paul Mendoza

Rags And Bows

Get it? The play on Rag & Bone? No? NVM. Just click to read instead.

r2r-ampersand-launch3b  r2r-ampersand-launch4brags2riches-ampersand3b r2r-ampersand1

Rags 2 Riches is one of my all-time favorite local brands. I’ve been working with independent local brands for a few years now for events, etc., and when I get the chance to chat with them, Rags 2 Riches almost always comes up as one of their local inspirations not just because of the products but because of the social purpose that drives the brand.

True enough, I too think that when it comes to creating a sustainable community, Rags 2 Riches is leading the pack and is not only making helping fashionable but also paving the way for socio-entreprenuers in the country. The newest collection called Ampersand is modeled by their newest ambassador, Kim Jones, who is absolutely adorable and perfect for the brand. The collection, designed by Chris Cera, is a convertible collection – each bag transforms to about 3 or 4 different styles by zipping/unzipping/folding/buttoning.

And because I need to talk about my outfit – I planned on just wearing a loose button down ’til I saw a thick ribbon lying around. Threw it on, tied it into a bow and called it a day. Button-downs and bows are becoming a new favorite although just how many button-downs I feel I can invest in is still a little blurry to me. I’ll take it a polo at a time. Wore my Rags 2 Riches X Aranaz Nudos bag (where I was a muse – won’t forget that!) because the launch was held at the same place with the same brand after 2 years and it felt good to kind of look back and reminisce and see how far R2R has gone since.

Check out the new collection with Kim Jones over at http://ampersand.rags2riches.ph. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a style that resonates with you. Sneak peek below.


School Girl + A Forever 21 Giveaway

So will you jump straight to the mechanics?

alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines4alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines8 alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines7alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines5alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines6alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines3 alyssa-lapid-forever-21-philippines2

Let’s get right down to it: Forever 21 is holding a giveaway where you can win GCs worth Php3,000.

But before we’re knee deep in mechanics, let me talk a little about Forever 21. I’ve been a fan of the brand since I was 14 when I saw my cousin wear this poncho (that Jasmine Trias was also wearing circa American Idol Season 3.) She brought me to the branch in Michigan and ever since, I have dubbed the gazillion-hectare store – an exaggeration, I know, but still- my new favorite. A decade later and not much has changed.

Now that Forever 21 has been open in Manila I still find myself grabbing pieces from them whenever I can. And when I’m feeling particularly vulnerable I head to any branch to eat my woes away. F21 shopping is the sweetest escape. First of all, it has about anything and everything any person would want or need in one’s closet. It’s the nail salon to my Elle woods, the Oz to my Dorothy and the Malibu to my Barbie. (Also, the rehab to my Lindsay? Kidding!) Second of all, the prices always make you feel like you’re outsmarting the laws of saving and spending. You’re always getting good deals and value for money. Third, I’m willing to bet you always look cute when you wear Forever21. And that you can’t put a price tag on.

In this schoolgirl outfit, I think what brought it all together was this Forever 21 skirt. I was bordering on being a 90s incarnate (in a bad way) had I worn overalls or something else with this but the skirt brought it back to the now. To be fair, my F21 pieces always make the outfit or, at the very least, if it’s a matching piece, always brings the look together. And that’s why we keep coming back for more. Don’t lie to me, I know you probably have as big an addiction to the brand as I do. We are, after all, connected on some sartorial level.

I recently got a Forever 21 gift bag and while the contents were awesome, I’d still love to shop for more. So, here are the mechanics for a lucky reader to win Php 3,000 worth of Gift Certificates!

Forever 21 Giveaway mechanics:
1. Like Forever 21 Philippines on Facebook (http://facebook.com/Forever21ph). 
2. Follow Forever 21 Philippines (http://instagram.com/f21philippines) and Alyssa Lapid (http://instagram.com/alyssalapid) on Instagram.
3. Create your own collage* of your Forever 21 outfit using Paint, Photoshop, or any other photo editing software.
4. Upload your photo on Instagram with a creative caption and tag three of your friends. 
5. Don’t forget to tag us on instagram (@f21philippines) and include the hashtags #IAmForever21PH and #Forever21XAlyssaLapid to make it easier for us to track your entries!
6. Spread the news on Twitter with this link: http://alyssalapid.com/outfit-2/forever-21-giveaway
*Mechanics on the Collage: 
1. Create a collage (a ala Polyvore/product shots) of a FULL Forever 21 outfit. You can view and grab the photos of Forever 21 pieces from the current collection here:  (https://picasaweb.google.com/117669919428248712193)
2. Feel free to use other decorative elements to add your own touch to the design (think: flowers, beaches, type, up to you) as long as all the clothing items are from Forever 21.
Note: The giveaway will be running until October 20. The more outfits you come up with, the higher the chances of winning!
Important Note: Please don’t spam with the same outfit. Contestants who repost the same outfit more than once will be disqualified. Get creative if you want to win!

Looking forward to reading your entries and getting major style envy. School me when it comes to collaging, okay?

#IAmForever21PH Styling Contest Poster

Vera Bradley Lady

Thoroughly influenced by teens and tweens. Here’s how.

vera-bradley-alyssa-blogger3 vera-bradley-alyssa-blogger4vera-bradley-alyssa-blogger7vera-bradley-alyssa-blogger2 vera-bradley-alyssa-blogger8 vera-bradley-alyssa-blogger9 vera-bradley-alyssa-bloggervera-bradley-alyssa-blogger5vera-bradley-alyssa-blogger6

If it weren’t for social media, I’d probably be completely out of the loop from all things ‘now’. Sometimes, when it comes to music, I still am. I search the Top 40 list once in while (that’s a secret I never thought I’d share) for downloadable tunes. Otherwise, I’d be stuck in my Katy Perry rut circa Hot N Cold.

What helps keep me young though is my bunch of kiddos/cousins/nieces back home in Michigan. Think of me as their older prodigy being taught what’s in and what’s not. Not directly though, I still need to keep up somewhat-cool appearances. Apparently, this label, Vera Bradley, is pretty big there. And when I say big I mean “all the cool girls in high school (and middle school) have it” big. A brand from Indiana, Vera Bradley used to exclusively offer quilted cotton bags in a mix of colorful prints – florals and paisleys mostly. Now, they’ve branched out to quilted leather and neutral leather pieces.

My cousins have sets of at least 5 bags each – styles usually come in seasonal prints and they seem to be collecting prints each. But it’s not just limited to teens/tweens apparently – you know, my gurus’  age range – the brand appeals to women of all ages, as I’ve been seeing a bunch of older women post their collections over at Instagram.

I’m very impressed by any brand that can get the youth excited over paisley – a print kind of reserved for the elderly. Of course, in true easily swayed fashion, I ended up getting myself a bag or two. (Technically the other one is my mom’s but she doesn’t need to know I’m eyeing it. Though she probably already does.)

Still, it doesn’t seem weird to me at all that I’m still sartorially influenced by my family. I actually used to buy items that their mothers had like a little sister copying her role models. Now, I seem to have moved on to the children, even borrowing a bag from one when she was 10 and I, in college. I’m not ashamed if it means getting to learn a thing or two about what kids like these days and even taking part if the pieces are as cute as this.

Will try to photograph the other one too. Meanwhile, I’m using this mini crossbody which is honestly such a welcome change to my regular 5-pounder tote. I can only put phones, cards and cash in this one but trimming down the unnecessary is always a good change, no?

Bag, VERA BRADLEY | Sandals, NINE WEST | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN

photos by Paul Mendoza

Ode to Prep

Regression supposedly becomes me so I’m riding the schoolgirl trend for as long as it’s socially acceptable.


Feeling like a school girl more and more now that I’m nearing my quarter life (although hopefully the crisis part has come and gone.) No biggie though, regression becomes me so I’ll be riding the trend for as long as it’s acceptable. Which may be a while given that I supposedly look really young and can get away with it.

Wore this to attend the launch of Timber Creek here in the Philippines which is a brand exclusively for men by the Wrangler group that offers a welcome alternative to denim. Not that I mind jeans, it’s just nice to see men in khakis and non-indigos once in a while.

It was an intimate event with some blogger friends where we got to know the brand while also getting to know delicious sweet treats from Chef Jesse (at Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell.) Unfortunately, I won’t be able to wear the khakis that they’re known for but I’m not one to give up and will probably find my way into their plaids and their scarves. Already spotted some that I like. I don’t discriminate between menswear and womenswear anyway. Even childrenswear I sometimes eye.

If you’re a dude or a girl who has (or even knows) a dude, check out Timber Creek to be launched in a couple of weeks. Expert tip: if you want a free pair of Timber Creek pants, head over to the Atrium of Robinson’s Place Manila from October 13-19 for a free pair with a minimum purchase of Php2,000 on Wrangler products. Cool games and prizes also await. Get to it.


Vest, FORME | Top, FOREVER 21 | Skirt, H&M 

photos by Aisa Ipac

Author’s note: I hope everyone in Manila is now safe and dry. I really despise and am crippled by freakish weather and I can’t imagine how those forced to evacuate and see their houses and belongings submerged in floods must be feeling. My heart and prayers go out to you. Please stay alert and safe. Know the hotlines (and hashtags) to use. Looking forward to sunnier days.

Triangl Swimwear

I’ve never met a geometric reference I didn’t like.

triangl4 copytriangl copy triangl3 copy triangl-swimwear

I’ve never met a geometrical reference I didn’t like. Kidding! Probably most of them I don’t like but this one I specifically adore – Triangl Swimwear. Originally from the Land Down Under, Triangl has been making waves in every shore. Pun intended. On Instagram alone my feed has been full of updates from friends in Triangl (I’m sure any beach addict friend of yours owns a pair or two as well.)

So absolutely lucky to be gifted this beautiful pair by my newest favorite swimwear brand. Had it for a while now but the weather (not to mention my hibernating bikini bod) wouldn’t permit. Never not seizing an opportunity, I took a quick dip when I got the chance albeit just in the confines of a pool. (That should explain the red lip – I don’t usually go about in bold makeup when anticipating a water plunge.)

Soon hopefully, this bikini will see saltwater. That’s where it belongs.

Get your fill of this in-demand label at http://triangl.com.au. Trust me, there are about 50 more pairs I want to own. Join me in blurring the line between want and need.

Swimwear by TRIANGL [wearing a size Small]

When Art Imitates…Art

Or more accurately, when I imitate art.

forme-art4 forme-art5

Or more accurately, when I imitate art.

I love to paint. And doodle. And make type. The only problem is I don’t think I have the knack for it. I took illustration classes before with the master illustrator Danilo Franco himself but I think he liked me mostly because it was fun to watch me struggle. (Kidding, he’s much kinder than that although he did laugh when I churned out feather paintings that looked like overgrown centipedes.)

Point is, I like getting my hands dirty and feeling like I’m creating something beautiful. But most of the time the art I make doesn’t love me back. So I caved in and thought I’d rather just wear beautiful things than try to make them. Take this ForMe shirt for instance. I knew I had to have it ‘coz it features this gorgeous illustration with blooms on her hair. And a top this cute only reaffirms the fact that art doesn’t have to be made by me, it can just be worn by me.

I couldn’t resist the urge to do something about it though so I sat with my brushes and my watercolor and tried my best to copy the piece. This was the result. Not as pretty nor as symmetrical as I would like it to be and I really still need to master  brushstrokes but I’m pretty happy with the fact that I just went for it.

On that note, I leave you with a prompt to do an act of courage.

On another note that’s somewhat related, I leave you a song that’s been on loop – Sara Bareilles’ Brave. I’m such an emotional being and this song brings me to tears. The chorus is exactly the message I want to tell my loved ones. Though not a prompt to a courageous act, more than anything, I would like to prompt them – and you, of course – to be able to let your words, and your truth, to fall out. I know the truth is sometimes painful to say or even remember but more often than not it brings lightness of being and peace of mind. So in her words, here’s a message for you:

“Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave
With what you want to say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave”

Shirt by ForMe | Brave by Sara Bareilles on loop via Spinnr.ph


Inspiration: September Issue Editorials

On a current sartorial inspiration recharge from some of my favorite September issues. Plus news on a 50% discount on local titles.

I am a magazine hoarder. Leave me in a bookstore and I’ll probably ending up burning my cash on a couple books and a couple of magazines. I am a geek and therefore love digesting information and reading magazines cover to cover – yes even mastheads and editor’s notes.

Because September is THE month for fashion magazines I figured I’d share some of my favorite photos from September editorials from mags I’m subscribed to.

1.W Mag pulled a Vogue and put a bunch of the best models in an editorial but this has got to be my personal favorite. Here’s a schoolgirl ed I wish I saw circa 2000 so I could’ve looked at least half as cool in high school. Can’t do anything about that so I’ll just willingly regress and sport these now. No judgments.


2. British Vogue. In this Join The Club editorial, models pose in retro inspired pieces. The layout with the Louis Vuitton clad ladies is my absolute favorite and the one with yellow Balenciaga coat is a close second.

 PastedGraphic-11 PastedGraphic-12 PastedGraphic-13 PastedGraphic-14

3. With a cover that showcases the most in-demand models today, it’s safe to safe a powerhouse editorial is to be expected from US Vogue. Here are three layouts I enjoyed – all with Joan Smalls. I think I do pick favorites.


I still get so inspired by stories and editorials carefully crafted and meticulously produced and these titles are my constant international magazine subscriptions (plus Nylon and Teen Vogue. #youngatheart.)

Locally, my favorites usually run out of stock as they sell out quickly. Luckily, now I can also stash them in my handy iPad via Buqo that Smart has a parternship with. Buqo is essentially an online bookstore slash newsstand slash reader app where you can get a selection of magazine titles and books. Smart partnered with Summit Media so Smart subscibrers can easily grab their own virtual copies by way of just prepaid load or via one’s phone bill. It’s kind of a big deal that credit cards aren’t necessary because it has happened once or twice that I kept receiving new titles on other sites without knowing that my subscriptions have renewed and were automatically deducted from my card. (Luckily those were titles I would’ve renewed anyway otherwise I would’ve flipped.)

Should you decide to purchase books and titles soon (or, you know, now), you get 50% off on Summit books and mags until November 9, 2014. Perfect for catching up on all the September issues locally. Other Summit titles include some fashion faves such as Stylized by Liz Uy and Tricia Gosingtian’s 150 Style Essentials for Every Girl.


Everything you need to know should be on this page: http://smart.com.ph/buqo.

Then maybe you can share with me your favorite editorials too. I’m particularly interested in Preview’s September cover grazed by Dominique Cojuanco. What about you?


Snaps For Me!

Sunlight and photographers are becoming such rare commodities, I have therefore decided that photos should not be wasted.

image copy

One of the woes of working mobile is that I tend to spend a lot of time working at home. Wait, who am I kidding. That’s the absolute best thing about working mobile. I go to the office (rather, offices – I now have three) as necessary but believe it or not, I usually spend my days in pajamas comfortably lounging around while working on tasks.

The downside though is that as a blogger, I now rarely dress up and go out and when I do it’s usually “after office hours” so there’s either no sun or no photographer to hand my camera to on a normal basis. I got the chance to shoot with a brand of a friend last week and though I don’t have the layouts yet, I figured I’d share this quick photo of an Instax snap (Instax cameras are way handy, in my opinion), in a full AnnMarie outfit to be released soon.

I’m 1) taking full advantage of the presence of a photographer (shoutout to Ber Garcia) and 2) taking full advantage of streaming sunlight – both of which are becoming rare commodities in my day-to-day existence.

Will share the photos once they’re up. In the meantime, Instax it is!

Outfit ℅ Ann Marie 

Photo by Ber Garcia 

#NYFW SS15 Favorite Collections Part 1: The Row, Rosie Assoulin, Altuzzara and Victoria Beckham

Because it’s that time of the year again when I’m all over Style.com. Check out my NYFW Favorites Part 1 feat. The Row, Rosie Assoulin, Altuzzara and Victoria Beckham.

New York Fashion Week is coming to an end so I figured I’d round up some of the collections I’m pinning on my metaphorical Pinterest (read: brain). Okay, fine. Maybe my literal one too.

Dividing my round up into two parts for now. I haven’t seen the latest shows in full yet but I am Instagram-informed and therefore know there are collections worth adding to my favorites list – like the recent Narciso Rodriguez show. So good.

Starting you off with 4 collections that I saved, bookmarked, copy pasted and will most likely be inspired by for the next few months.

1. The Row. Maybe in another life I can be an Olsen sister or, if I’m really lucky, an Olsen Twin. If not, I would at least want to be a Row girl – which also implies having unlimited funds because their pieces are hella expensive. The newest collection featured raw silks provocatively draped without being provocateur. (Are you still with me? I mean the draping is sick.) The lengths and silhouettes are absolutely refreshing and the pieces feel luxe while also being utilitarian. Make no mistake, ’tis for the cool girl.

BRB, will just throw pants under everything I own.

NYFW-The-Row-SS-2015-1NYFW-The-Row-SS-2015-2 NYFW-The-Row-SS-2015-3 NYFW-The-Row-SS-2015-4

2. Rosie Assoulin. While she may be a NYFW newcomer with only a 2-year NYFW tenure, Rosie’s collections keep getting better. Known for her voluminous pieces and innovatively draped garb, she doesn’t stray too far from her DNA but keeps the collection in muted tones this time (well, excluding yellows and reds for eveningwear) unlike her previous odes to color. With a play on lengths, tiers, silhouettes, even openings (buttons & ribbons), it’s hard to tire of these pieces. In her SS15 collection, you’d always be that girl with the most interesting clothes.

NYFW-Rosie-Assoulin-SS-2015-1NYFW-Rosie-Assoulin-SS-2015-2 NYFW-Rosie-Assoulin-SS-2015-3   NYFW-Rosie-Assoulin-SS-2015-4

3. Altuzzara. The recently awarded CFDA Designer of the Year Joseph Altuzzara is on a roll and everyone is left enthralled in his wake. The first few gingham looks of his collection felt like a grown-up Dorothy who didn’t end up in Oz but at brunch. She probably never started out in Kansas anyway. She then power walks to the office in suede and ends up in laser cut leather dresses at midnight somewhere in SoHo. I know I just said I wanted to be an Olsen but on some days I wouldn’t mind being Altuzzara’s Dorothy – a somewhat scantily clad, effortless yet impeccably dressed woman. (Fyi – his inspiration was 18th century clothing, not Wizard of Oz. But that’s the vibe I’m getting and I get to tell my own story, no?)

NYFW-Altuzzara-SS-2015-1 NYFW-Altuzzara-SS-2015-2  NYFW-Altuzzara-SS-2015-3

4. Victoria Beckham. Posh has come a reaaaally long way from Wannabe (although I really don’t mind that version of her either.) Here she tones down the sex appeal and focuses on a more utilitarian, more forgiving silhouette. My personal favorites are the pieces with patch pockets and a peeking belt. The head to toe red look is a close contender.

NYFW-Victoria-Beckham-SS-2015-1 NYFW-Victoria-Beckham-SS-2015-2 NYFW-Victoria-Beckham-SS-2015-3

All photos are via Style.com check out the complete collections there.