Ribbons And Bows

Now a blouse girl. Confetti to match my new bow love is necessary.

bows-forme-alyssa-lapid3bows-forme-alyssa-lapid bows-forme-alyssa-lapid4 bows-forme-alyssa-lapid5

The concept of a blouse has always been intriguing to me. Feminine tops – delicate chiffons, satins and silks – have always been pieces I’ve admired but have written off for Future Alyssa. The “power woman” YSL pantsuit look is so good – Le Smoking is a classic for a reason. And YSL girls – aren’t they enchanting? Still, I’ve always tried to stay away because I always thought I couldn’t pull it off. Maybe I just wasn’t able to find the right revolutionary wardrobe piece ’til recently.

Came across this button-down blouse at ForMe and fell in love it. Perfect mix of a classic silhouette injected with a fun contemporary print – bows. Paired the top with a denim mini to show just how versatile it can be – I don’t have to look all conventional by pairing it with go-to fancy pants, clackety heels and a structured bag. Denims and Birks are enough to sustain it – the top brings enough life and injects more than enough personality anyway. (Seriously, even my mom wants one for herself.)

BTW, that black bow that comes with the top isn’t attached to it so I think I may just have been blessed with the most versatile add on. Spot The Bow will be a favorite game soon. For this reason alone I deem the purchase completely justified.

Polo, FORME | Skirt, ROXY | Sandals, BIRKENSTOCKS | Sunglasses, RAYBAN 

One Direction: On The Road Again Tour Concert Tickets

Good news, Directioners! You have a chance to win GOLD tickets to One Direction’s concert. Read up!


Photo via Teen Vogue Sept 2013

Hey Directioners (particularly those from the Philippine Islands)! I know months back there seemed to be a shortage of seats for One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour (yes, the concert sold that fast) but I have some amazing news for all the girls that were left heartbroken and empty handed.

Well, to be more accurate, Smart has great news for you. Smart is giving away a pair of GOLD tickets to the On The Road Again Tour here in Manila. The promo is open to all Smart Prepaid subscribers. You just have to register, & load up/subscribe to a Smart Prepaid promo to earn a raffle entry. For more details, you may visit: http://www1.smart.com.ph/prepaid/add-ons/one-direction

If you thought you’d be missing out on your favorite boys perform live, well, it’s definitely not hopeless and YOU just might be the lucky winner. Spread the word! 


Style Inspiration: Lazy Oaf, Confezioni Crosby, Bon George

Sharing some style inspiration from the lookbooks of these cool brands: Lazy Oaf, Confezioni Crosby and Bon George.

Confession: I’m the type to look at editorials and lookbooks consistently because it’s always great to find inspiration that keeps triggering creative lightbulb moments sartorially and because it feels to me that we’re starting to revere the same looks/styles over and over so it’s always nice to breakaway from the mold of one’s current environment and feel different once in a while.

So I figured I’d start sharing some of my outfit inspirations or at least vibes I’m currently loving. It doesn’t necessarily mean I copy the look from head to toe – little influences here and there are often enough. Other times, not-so-little, reproduced looks are also welcome. Up to you and what you’re feeling.

For editorials and other fashion pieces, my magazine constants are Vogue, British Vogue, Teen Vogue and Nylon (I’m subscribed on Zinio if you’re interested). Once in a while I check out W or an Elle. But I’m taking it slow with my bill. I always look out for e-zines, catalogues and lookbook sets of certain brands as well such as Free People, ASOS Mag, For Love and Lemons, Stone Cold Fox and more.

I figured that moving forward, it might benefit you to also see what I’ve been eyeing, bookmarking and all out copy pasting in my Favorites folder. Because I do have folders of endless inspiration and when I’m feeling extra productive, even moodboards.

So let me start by sharing some lookbook photos from brands I’ve come across that have been currently supplying me with bouts of outfit inspiration. Consciously or subconsciously, you might want to follow suit.


Lazy Oaf’s Autumn collection makes me nostalgic of school hallways and my carefree youth. Most editorials and collections are referencing the schoolgirl so it’s a great time to be bringing your preppy looks back. Maybe even rock your high school plaid skirt out? I won’t tell. Inject some fun a la Lazy Oaf with pops of color, cute prints and a carefree attitude to pull off high socks with either slides or sneaks.

A little bio, Lazy Oaf started out as a garage seller in London has blossomed into a brand sold at over 250 stores globally. Big, I know. Shop the looks at lazyoaf.com.


photos from Lazy Oaf  


The spring collection of this Italian brand is full of utilitarian basics that pack a fun punch. Inspired by real American work wear, the pieces are easy and practical with an abundance of raincoats, jumpsuits, shorts, lightweight denims and no-frill, no-fuss dresses. The sweet-as-candy tones and tropical prints are an added bonus. If you want a fun twist on easy pieces and inspiration on how to style them, take a cue from Confezioni Crosby and work ’em with boots, oxfords and brogues. Shop the collection at www.confezionicrosby.com.

confezioni-crosby-08 confezioni-crosby-010 confezioni-crosby-012

photos by HonestlyWTF


A new brand from LA that prides itself in being socially and economically conscious by using salvaged vintage textiles, Bon George can easily become the go-to brand for the understated cool chick. Basics in of-the-moment silhouettes paired with the inimitable California cool are enough for me to want to look exactly like that. Make no mistake, these silhouettes are hot and it’s best to stock up now. Those cigarette pants? The button down over the knee skirt? They’ll soon be on everyone. Shop the looks at www.bongeorge.com.

Bon George fuji-2Bon George fuji-1Bon George fuji-3

Photos from Bon George

Rainy Day Fashion

Rainy days always leave me inappropriately dressed. Not today, not today.

alyssa-lapid-native-shoes2 alyssa-lapid-native-shoes3 alyssa-lapid-native-shoes4 alyssa-lapid-native-shoes5 alyssa-lapid-native-shoes6alyssa-lapid-native-shoes alyssa-lapid-native-shoes7 alyssa-lapid-native-shoes8

Rainy days always leave me inappropriately dressed. Or maybe more of immensely uncomfortable and sometimes immobile. Puddles of water are fought with the supposed grace of a ballerina but I fall short every time and succumb to its splashes instead. (Should’ve taken ballet seriously back when I was five.) Even worse are the actual thick and constant raindrops that seem to find its way to the very middle of my head and down to the laptop in my always open tote. Unwise, I agree, but somehow I always feel like my gentle hug is enough to envelope what shouldn’t get wet. Again, I’m proven wrong.

This time though, armed with new shoes from Native, I got over my faux-ballet jumps (and consequent fails.) I didn’t necessarily mean to wear it out in bad weather, bad weather just so happened to descend upon us. Still, I was worry-free with no fear of suede getting wet or other materials getting damaged.

Wore a tunic for a lazy day that proved to be comfortable though otherwise cold come precipitation. Interestingly, it was Hawaiian inspired and didn’t necessarily match the weather but reminders of sunnier days are always welcome. I did have a jacket that I grabbed on the way out the door that wasn’t photographed because it made no sense outfit-wise other than it was practical.

You see, we bloggers (or hey, maybe it’s just me), also look uncoordinated sometimes. I’ll leave you with that.


This post is in collaboration with Native Shoes. You may purchase their pairs at Native Kiosk Trinoma & Robinsons Manila, Bratpack Greenbelt 5, Res | Toe | Run doors, Shoe Salon, ROX BHS, Rustan’s Makati & ATC and online via www.pormada.com

Proper Prep

Took a chance on a polo shirt and reaped some prepster rewards.


It’s been a really long time since my body has seen the likes of a polo shirt. One buttoned up even longer. Maybe it’s all the schoolgirl editorials sprouting that made me want to grab one or just a newfound penchant for trying looks outside of my (black) comfort zone. I didn’t stray too far off the path at first grabbing a pink polo from ForMe. Pink calms me and is the perfect color to make all my looks seem cohesive somehow. Blame it on the girly-girl stereotype I’m embracing a little too much.

The next time I stepped in the store though I couldn’t resist grabbing a bunch of pieces – this blue polka dotted shirt included. I planned on going all-out school girl but the supposed sweater to go over it just didn’t feel right last minute so I willingly ditched it and kept the look pure. Buttoned it all the way up for a different look but one I’m embracing nonetheless.

If I’m the only one feeling the prepster influence it might just be spawned by some unshared throwback. Days of the week are a blur to me and more and more #TBT opportunities are becoming elusive. I know, I know. I should really set alarms for important things like #TBTs. I kid – my alarm times are sometimes warranted by far less. But if I’m not the only one, then the road to prep and the schoolgirl trends are upon us and should therefore be met with the proper arsenal: an array of plaid skirts, knee high socks, blazers and a collection of collared polo shirts in every color of the rainbow (and even more.)

My choice just happens to be a ROYGBIV staple with a generous amount of polka dots. Not necessary, but #winning. Hearts on the shirt are the Beyonce to my Taylor Swift (VMA reference – watch if you haven’t). Both prints are fortunately available at ForMe.

Polka dot polo and floral denim shorts, FORME | Slides, NIKE | Watch, SPERRY TOPSIDER | Sunglasses, RAYBAN 

Pink All-Ways + Pond’s Giveaway

It was a Tuesday. Still wore pink.

alyssa-asos1 alyssa-asos6alyssa-asos2 alyssa-asos3 alyssa-asos4 alyssa-asos5 alyssa-asos7 alyssa-asos9

It was a jam-packed day for a relatively skimpy outfit. But isn’t that always my #beautifulstory? Headed to have lunch with Pond’s and learned so much – enough to be extremely pretentious – about beauty products, SPF, skin care and double letter beauty products when we were discussing (or dissecting) the new variant of Pond’s BB Cream Flawless White in Beige.  And because my geeky friends (read: grown dudes), may not indulge my legally blonde moment of beauty prowess, let me be slightly pretentious here instead.

Global warming has basically ruined it for both our lives and our skins that products with SPF 15 don’t cut it anymore and SPF 30 has to be the new minimum. As a non-SPF wearer, I feel inclined to point out that my dark spots are getting darker and darker and bigger and bigger as days go by and my lazy ass better start using SPF religiously from now on. The new Pond’s BB Cream has SPF 30++ which means it not only protects your skin from getting dark spots but it also lightens the ones you already have. (I know, music to my ears too.) But other than cool features like that, it’s still essentially a beauty product that can be used in lieu of foundation or as a primer to it. The finish is matte and it comes in two shades – light and beige (which essentially both blend pretty wondrously anyway). I remember picking up my first BB cream from Target a while back and have been on the hunt for a new brand to abuse. I’ve been using Pond’s products for about a decade now so I trust the brand and have faith in this new product.

Enough of my faux beauty know-how (though I hope it helped). Kind of panicked a bit when everyone seemed to be in white while I was in shocking pink. I guess it just made sense for people to wear the brand’s color while it made sense to me to wear my current color obsession that’s been translated to outfits more than I care to admit and Insta-share. I realized after taking photos that this dress actually looks exactly like something I already blogged before which kind of makes me wonder what my closet has come to – full of similar pieces and maybe (just maybe) unwise, unnecessary purchases.

I guess when it comes to pink I become even more stereotypical. More than Legally Blonde, more than Karen Smith. Because it was a Tuesday and I still wore pink.

ponds ponds2

If you want to win this Pond’s BB Cream gift set, all you have to do is tweet me (@alyssalapid) the answer to the question: What makes Pond’s BB cream better than any other double lettered creams out there? Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #PondsGirl #PondsBBCream. You will also be getting an extra product – one of my all-time favorite beauty products. Join now! 🙂


photos by Tracy Ayson 

Evolving Outfits

I hope that when you do try adding items to your already complete looks, you don’t end up looking like I originally did: a biker and an alternative medicine healer. Sending luck your way.

vans-star-wars1vans-star-wars3 vans-star-wars2vans-star-wars4 vans-star-wars5 vans-star-wars6 vans-star-wars7 vans-star-wars8 vans-star-wars10 vans-star-wars11

No, I don’t mean the style evolution we all go through over long periods of time. I mean the evolution that happens within the day in a span of minutes or hours when we add things we think would complement our outfits better. Like when we buy new shoes and walk out of the store in them, old ones boxed in tow. Or when we buy new accessories and realize we want to use them already ‘coz it “totally matches our outfit!” Sometimes it’s also out of necessity, when we buy flats to aid our throbbing soles and almost bursting blisters. I think it’s always interesting that we can’t seem to 1) get our hands off new things (a trait present in all kinds of new items most especially gadgets) that we want to give them a test run right away and 2) stop styling ourselves to look our absolute best. We fix up & retouch abut a billion times a day so it makes sense that novel items would somehow find themselves unto our bodies – purchased or otherwise borrowed. (I still have jackets of friends I don’t plan on returning anytime soon.)

I dropped by the VansXStarWars collaboration launch yesterday in a beanie but ended up transitioning to a bandana right after I got it. First of all, a product from the collab, the bandana has storm troopers all over. Second of all, if I even need a supporting argument to the presence of storm troopers, I stopped wearing bandanas in grade school after it become the accessory of choice in our grade school intramurals so the novelty was really appealing.

Turns out I forgot how to wear them and, on separate occasions, ended up looking like a motorcycle enthusiast (think Harley Davidson riders minus the beards, tattoos and the muscles) and an alternative medicine healer. I know, my bad. I finally figured it out, because the competitive in me can’t deal with a problem unsolved, and took to wearing it the rest of the night.

In other collaboration news, am extremely excited to wear their Yoda-printed floral sneakers. At least those wouldn’t need much figuring out. Everybody else seems to be sneaker adept, let’s just hope I’m not the odd one out.

Unless they come with shoelaces undone.


Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Covergirl had it right: easy breezy is the way to go.


IMG_0434IMG_0450IMG_0474 IMG_0488IMG_0502

If you remember the days of tiis ganda (a term coined to refer to suffering in the name of fashion), then you’re probably wincing along with me as memories resurface: blistered soles, coerced graceful movements for fear of flashing, and the overall feeling of discomfort brought about by un-walkable shoes, heavy accessories, suffocating corsets and spanx-like fabrics.

To be fair, I still wear the occasional heel and am still tempted once in a while to buy them for a good price (I’m not immune to the sirens of sales.) But 95% of the time now, I’m in flats. Not going against my downward (comfort) spiral, I’ve also come to fully embrace an everyday uniform – one that consists of these jeans and a loose, easy top. Okay, maybe not everyday ‘coz that’s just gross but I do wear these jeans about once a week. So functional, so easy. Add to that my new, no-fuss hairdo that entails a nondescript headband – an idea lifted from Marc Jacobs’ F/W 2014 collection. (Remember Kendall Jenner’s see-through MJ look? Yup, that headband look.)

I remember wearing so many rings on my fingers to work I had to remove them all after 5 minutes just to type. Or how I would cross the street tremendously slow for fear of falling and scratching my bare legs. Or feeling extra uncomfortable walking as construction workers along the way catcall (but that’s probably a different sexist issue altogether.) My point is, unless I’m otherwise required to glam up, wear heels and make sure my hair strands are perfectly in place, I won’t. Now, as long as I can manage, I’ll let easy outfits lead the way. My clothes shouldn’t be added stressors. They should be stress-relievers (holler if you agree!)

While I’m on the topic of making my life a little easier – at least sartorially – let me share something I’m really excited about in terms of service. I talk a lot about new Smart promos for my phone in the hopes of sharing with you promos I find most abusable – kidding – most budget-friendly with the best value for money I think you would like to take advantage of too (because in my head you and I think alike and it is, therefore, up to me to be the bearer of good news.) But I do know that it gets difficult to keep track of promo options or even balances and everything else you need to know about your phone (which we don’t think is a lot but actually is and Siri can only do so much). So here’s the new *121# menu that is the all-in-one menu for everything Smart Prepaid.

Memorize it, screen cap it, make Siri take note of it, write it on a sharpie on your forearm, whatever – just don’t forget it. This number will let you access your balance, browse and subscribe to the latest promos and offers, redeem loyalty points and so much more – all to help us simplify our phone experience. Admit it, as happy as we are with unlimited Facebook (and twitter (and instagram)), sometimes, the actual subscription gets pretty tough to manage. So you can now refresh your memory, delete all the promo keywords you previously memorized and just remember this.

Don’t forget the * and the #, okay?  For more information, check this out.

smart-121-tw-poster copy

photography by Happy Fingers

Fringe sweater, BILLABONG | Pants, UNIQLO | Sandals, BIRKENSTOCK 


Straying Off Sartorial Paths

Sometimes the only guilt-free shopping comes in the form of Buy 1, Get 1 sales. And when that happens, allow yourself to stray off your original sartorial path.

IMG_0402-IMG_0322IMG_0346 IMG_0378I rarely buy anything body-hugging but once in a while, a brand goes on a buy 1, get 1 free sale and the shopper in me just can’t resist. Technically, if I factor in each item into the total I actually paid, this dress would amount to around $5 – which is kind of really irresistible on my end. It even comes in that perfect shade of nonchalant that can easily go from sexy to lazy should I decide to throw on a beanie and sneakers instead. And I would, soon. Or, I could also stop justifying the purchase altogether with forecasted cost per wear by saying, “it’s free!” (Because, it supposedly is as the “item of lesser value.”)

Of course, the idea of the fabric pulling all over me would’ve, under normal circumstances, merely warranted a glance in the dress’ direction. But under the conditions of a reduced price tag given a special spotlight by its unmistakable sales rack, I was hooked. Now, while I would’ve wanted to don it with a body a la Glee’s Naya Rivera that gives not just a glimpse but rather a full, albeit fully clothed, view of her abs in her body con everything, that’s just not gonna happen (see: Don’t Rain on My Parade video.) So I had to make do.

I am well-versed in sales. If I analyze my childhood, that’s honestly probably what prompted me to really like math. Sales are the most natural things for me to compute and dollar-peso conversions are the basis of my purchases. I know it doesn’t seem like it has the makings of a sound argument but somehow, in my head, it just does.

Confession (which by now you probably already know): I am the exact, stereotypical target customer of sales promos. I honestly just want to get to that point where I stop justifying purchases – to myself and to other people. And maybe, just maybe, buy regular priced items guilt-free. ‘Til then, I’ll drag you into my justification process to hopefully hear some sort of approval from your end.

Thanks, in advance.

photography by HAPPY FINGERS



Sea-Horsing Around

Because sea creatures on anything are enough to make you think twice. Or not think. Either way, with sea creatures, you win.

sperry-watches-alyssa-lapid sperry-watches-alyssa-lapid2 sperry-watches-alyssa-lapid3 sperry-watches-alyssa-lapid4

sperry-watches-alyssa-lapid5I think I’ve snubbed a lot of watch brands throughout the years because I’ve found little things about myself I nitpick. One in particular being my extra-tiny wrists – which to be honest are so disproportional to the rest of my body and so deceiving of both my actual food intake and corresponding waist line. Don’t be fooled, there’s a lot of inhaling involved to get a semi-decent photo. Although why I keep wearing midriff-baring tops is something I don’t understand myself. Maybe the confidence fools people. Skin is cunning that way.

You know, I’ve always self-diagnosed myself, be it medical or something completely rooted in the subjective. For instance, I mandated that my wrists can only be adorned by thin, dainty, bracelet-like watches so chunky timepieces were always out of the question. I even hesitated to attend the Sperry Topsider’s launch of timepieces mostly because I didn’t think I’d find anything I actually liked or, more importantly, that would suit my tiny frames.

But certain things are my drugs and sea creatures top the list of my weaknesses. A little seahorse graced the face of one of the new watches and I was smitten. Smitten enough to wear it ceaselessly even at home, trying to gauge if, in fact, my wrist can bear something as big. And, if one asks one’s mom, one will almost always get a positive, oftentimes exaggerated, nudge in the right direction. So, like the obedient daughter that I am, I took her “it suits you!” to heart.

If you also have small wrists, I say give thick watches a go, preferably those with seahorses to always rebut your argument that said timepiece is masculine. Because admit it, that enters your head too.

Or better yet, ask your mother if it looks good on you. Now, that always works.


Sperry Topsider watches are now available at the SM Accessories department of any SM Department Store nationwide*