I’ve never been much of a Facebook girl but reading cheesy Facebook statuses has prompted a strong urge to convey my own message on my favorite medium – this blog.

2013 has been…quick. I remember drafting a similar post last year and being able to pinpoint significant milestones in my life. Somehow, thinking about this blog post weeks before it was written brought about some sense of panic – a feeling that this year has slipped or that I floated through it.

The truth is I’ve been dreading 2014. Plotted for this year are big plans and scary, uncertain steps to be taken that could well bring about multiple and potentially scarring falls. I viscerally feel my comfort zone slipping out of my fingers and I’m terrified –

But also excited. I think it all boils down to following dreams and pursuing passions no matter the risk. Or at the very least – trying.

Been recently gifted with a beautiful blessing – being able to step out of the bubble that is Manila as I know it. I am, admittedly, an escapist and while I sort of expect every trip I take to magically reveal answers to questions, they never really come. I flew back today from Israel – surprisingly one of the most magical places in the world for me – and finally got to iron some kinks out. (I should probably mention it was a pilgrimage and that I guess when the Universe seems to be preoccupied with something else, the best way to get its attention is to go to its homeland and parade your ass and petitions there yourself. Which I did, half-frozen.)  Israel, in between the long walks and my sneezes (I was sick), served as a limestone-laden reminder of blessings received and decisions made. And I guess that sums up 2013 for me – a series of decisions, big and small, of what to keep and what to let go of.

I never liked not being able to hold onto things, memories and people. But maybe important things are sometimes meant to feel like they’re slipping away from you – like they could be lost at any point – to tighten your grip on the present and on life.

I guess not a lot of points were ticked off my bucket list this year (which reminds me to actually write one). But at the same time, I know that the baby steps taken – both easy (like choosing jobs) and hard (like leaving them) – were steps in the right direction. And if there’s one thing I believe in, it’s that the only worthwhile pursuit is that of happiness.

My wish for all of you is for you to have a constant stream of opportunities to choose happiness (and a follow up wish for you to actually choose it).

My wish for myself is more shoes, I am a fashion blogger after all. I’m kidding. (Or am I? Just in case you get confused, Santa, I really don’t mind new pairs. #JustSaying.)

And while I may not have a long list of “highlights”, you, dear readers, will always be part of the blessings I’m thankful for. So happy to have been given opportunities to meet you and I hope to see you guys more often this coming year. Thank you for a beautiful and meaningful 2013 and I’m looking forward to an even better 2014 with all of you – future missteps and all.

p.s. back to regular fashion programming soon. Have a happy, meaningful and fashionable 2014 everyone!

Skirt Sets








I’m a skilled shopper. With really bad eyesight (that seems to be getting worse), it’s surprising how keen my vision is in scanning racks upon racks of viable options to take home. Or maybe it’s my memory that’s to be credited for seemingly indexing each and every piece into my warehouse of a memory. (Just for clothes – memorizing other, more important stuff has never been my strong suit.) Either way, I’m a pretty intense shopper.

My skills were made manifest again recently while shopping at NAVA. I’ve been looking for skirt sets for a while now but haven’t really found any that’s either decent looking or within my price range. I don’t remember exactly how the outfit came about but I do remember seeing pieces from entirely different racks and, #truestory, having a fashion epiphany. Imagine Phoebe Halliwell from Charmed when she gets visions of the future. Hers are omens, mine are outfits. (Also, hashtag Throwback.)

Anyway, it’s not as cropped as I would want it to be but that’s mostly because I’m a midget. I guess the subtle peeking of skin is a welcome change from my overexposed stomach. Can’t believe I just strung together overexposed plus stomach but it’s also a year past the supposed end of the world and it’s also snowing in Vietnam so I guess we shouldn’t (or can’t) really expect anything but the unexpected.

So happy to have bumped into my newest favorite photog Ralph Mendoza at a shoot. I kind of willed him to come by way of the Universe but since we’re on the subject of witchcraft, maybe kind of like Prue Halliwell’s Telekinesis. Cornering him into taking my photos though is all me – no magic, just manipulation. I kid. It’s charm.

Here’s to the Universe throwing a photographer in my lap right when I need one (and am armored with a bloggable outfit) and to my selective eyesight performing best in times of spending.

Photos by Ralph Mendoza  (check him out on IG too @ralphmendo)

Sweater, Skirt, NAVA | Flats, PRIMADONNA | Sunglasses, SUNNIES BY CHARLIE | Clutch, SM PARISIAN

Beach Inspiration


beach_inspiration_3 IMG_0388






Here’s some mid-Friday afternoon inspiration of a place I’m guessing we all want to be at right now – the beach. These photos are triggering some undiscovered OCD deep, deep down making me want to plan some getaway despite my terrible planning skills. If I do end up planning one, I think I’d miss a vital part of the whole experience (like booking a place to stay.)

So, in an effort to thwart my desire to parade in a bikini for a few days (minus accommodations and other essentials), I’m sharing the photos with you so that you may be inspired…and, ultimately, plan the trip for me. I give you inspiration, you give me an itinerary.

Sound good?

(Please say yes.)

photos from theyallhateus.com, pinterest, honestlywtf

All I Want For Christmas


For all the years that Santa conveniently forgot to pass by, here’s a quick list of what I’m expecting from him this time. I’m extra positive I’ve been nice and that the only logical reason I haven’t been getting Christmas presents recently is because Santa is a big, fat slacker. So should he decide he wants to serve the people like he used to do (yes, he used to), here’s my wish list. I narrowed it down for him already – from the item, brand, size, even the website he could get these from for easier shopping. I am owning that Nice list.

I remember making a shoe list last Christmas too and ended up getting one of the pairs in it. Despite the pair being received about half a year later, I’m clinging on to the very slight chance that a miracle like that happens again this year. I actually tried ordering the Casadei for Prabal Gurung pair last Black Friday but someone, somewhere beat me to it. Prices are still a bit steep for the rest and I’m waiting for them to go lower. Or maybe, in my delusional train of thought, my big, fat Santa can look past the regular price and get it for me. If non-sale shopping Santa ends up being my very own bank account, I’ll turn myself in on the Naughty list (regular priced items are not the smart way to go.)

…but at least I’ll be happy right?

Clockwise: Casadei for Prabal Gurung, Jimmy Choo, Chloé, Valentino, Alexander Wang and Alexander Wang

A more reasonably-priced wish list coming your way soon.


#SmartLINE Giveaway


Let’s talk LINE. I’ve only recently downloaded the social media app as I honestly didn’t know: 1) if any of my friends actually used it and 2) if it was apt for non-couples as the only thing I knew about it prior is the commercial with two clingy lovebirds.

Upon download I then learned: 1) Yes, a lot of my friends are apparently on Line and 2) it’s not just for clingy couples but for everyone willing to get addicted (or unwilling but are drawn into its magic spell nonetheless) to the cutesy huge-ass cartoon like versions of emojis called stickers.

I do not know how, but it’s like those stickers seem to cater to my every emotion with every single twitch of my face immortalized in a series of options to choose from. Honestly, smileys can only go so far. They don’t depict as much and should you opt for a “hehe” instead of a “:)” you are guaranteed a non-reply. “hehe” is one of my most despised words. It’s such an insincere sounding faux laughter.

Anyway, my Line addiction now entails downloading sticker sets the moment I see new ones with me using as many stickers as humanly possible in each interaction. It has also amounted to a set of Line paraphernalia like Line pens, fans and now, adorable little Line stuffed toys.

Smart Communications is also a big fan of Line and we both understand that you guys are probably just as addicted to it as we are so we’re giving away lovely dolls just like mine.

All you need to do is:

1. Follow SMART on LINE
2. Screencap the Welcome Message
3. Tweet @smartpromos the photo and hashtag #SmartLINE and #AlyssaLapidGiveaways
Trust me, they’re so cute and huggable you really should join.

How We Wore It: N/TICE


Quick background: I love Naya Rivera. She plays Santana on Glee and now has her own album. Also, as you’ve probably already guessed, in a really dorky way, I love Glee too. Maybe not the storyline 100% of the time but I wouldn’t be lying if I told you half of what’s on my iTunes are covers from Glee. But I especially love Naya. Everytime she has a solo part on the show I look to my mom, whom, btw, is also a big glee fan, and affirm how much we both love her voice in equal parts awe and envy. Remember that Cory Monteith tribute? Amazing.

So what has Naya Rivera got to do with a photo that obviously isn’t Naya? Enter Pormada’s newest brand partner and a new personal favorite of mine, N/TICE.

Spotting the brand on the racks of our studio demanded immediate grabbing of the pieces in admiration and a consequent desperate excuse to wear them. The resulting look – a turtleneck crop top and a high-waist maxi with an Angelina Jolie side-slit. The conditions to wear such an outfit may not have been ideal (read: assisting a shoot), but the outfit was and therefore compensates for more unconventional circumstances.

A literal pat on the back was administered to self come the next day when I saw Naya Rivera (via Sarah) in the exact same outfit for a stint at E! Fashion Police. Now, while I’d ordinarily ask who wore it better, I’d gladly give the title to her and her rock hard abs.

RG from @nticeclothing

Fortunately, she was sitting in the photo which rendered my handicapped non-rock hard abs a more level playing field.

No? Okay. Love her anyway.

Reblogged from Pormada

ph by Mike Gella

Video To Watch: The Existential Bummer

Wanted to share a little something I wrote for Pormada a few weeks back that would hopefully inspire you like it did me. It goes on for just a couple minutes and, well, Jason Silva is a genius.

I’m sure we all have at least one person in our lives whom, in a span of mere minutes (after weeks or even months of no communication), can untie all the confusing knots in our lives and provide us with some sense of clarity. I was talking to one of mine very recently, my best friend, and in the process of helping me unload she happened to share this beautiful video on the Existential Bummer.

I know the impermanence of things has recently been shoved in our faces on such an abrupt and grand scale, so let me share this quick reminder of what we can do to make the most out of the beautiful moments we are so generously showered with and feel them as intensely as we could.

Hoping you take something away from this, even if it’s just a quick smile on your face.

December Weather









December is a month I look forward to for many reasons – the happy mood that everyone seems to be in, the shopping frenzy, finally having an acceptable excuse to pig out, the decors and the additional paycheck (paycheckS for the luckier ones – 14th/15th month pay? That’s a whole quarter more.) I’ve also always looked forward to Christmas dressing. Usually associated with the weather but in my head translated onto comfortable, shiny, and sometimes even kitschy garments (think reindeer prints and an abundance of glitter).

Mostly though, I look forward to wrapping myself up a bit more. Knits and sweaters are like hugs to yourself – you can’t help but feel good in them. Though I’ve been wanting to wear them for a while now, eyeing my stack every so often, it’s only now that I’m feeling the Christmas breeze. Still not enough to keep from sweating under the afternoon sun but breezy enough to justify the thick chunks you’d be subjecting yourself to. So happy to have gotten this beautiful 60s inspired sweater from NAVA. I have a certain fixation with the 60s and this black and white combo is a perfect addition to the swinging collection.

In just a few days though, my collection of garments will be open for your purchase again in the 6th installment of Bloggers United! Can’t believe it’s already BU’s 6th run and we all look forward to the event – meeting you guys is always a wonderful experience and I personally can’t wait to see you guys. I’ll be boothmates with my good friend again, Danika Navarro of Hello Rio, so please do drop by our booth, we have a lot of good stuff waiting for you.

Speaking of Danika, her brand NAVA will actually be participating for the very first time with a special 10% off promo for BU shoppers. It’s where I got my gorgeous sweater and I can’t wait to shop there again. So mark both our booth and the NAVA booth on your itineraries.

I’m also giving away 20 tickets to Bloggers United! I’m choosing a different set of 5 winners each from twitter and instagram. Winners get 2 tickets each! You can join either the Twitter or Instagram giveaway (or both). But please only tweet once! All you have to do is:

For Twitter:

1. Like the Facebook pages of WSI: https://facebook.com/wsifanpage 

2. Follow the Twitter accounts of WSI: http://twitter.com/worldbex
BU: http://twitter.com/bloggers_united
3. Tweet “Get FREE #BU6 passes at alyssalapid.com #alyssalapidgiveaways”
OR For Instagram:
3. Regram either my personal BU poster (on my account) or the official BU poster and post
Can’t wait to see my favorite bloggers at #BU6. Get FREE passes at alyssalapid.com #alyssalapidgiveaways”
See you there!

Sweater, NAVA | Skirt, FREE PEOPLE | Heels, LORD & TAYLOR