Singapore Photo Diary [Pt. 1]












As promised here’s the first of a two-part Singapore photo diary. Let me try as much as possible to make the sequence of photos comprehensible as opposed to a random dumping of the few photos I took.

The first few were taken in Haji Lane a short street full of independent fashion brands including what I deemed my favorite store in the street, Mod Culture. As proof, I bought a huge pair of woven earrings in bright green and blue despite not wearing both accessories and color. I would like to think of it as a change of heart versus my usual impulse shopping. Stopped by the Sultan Mosque area to have some coconut water and wandered in the area a bit more.

The next day was spent in Ion Mall which I only took a couple shots of as I was mostly preoccupied with the many, many designer stores that I each diligently entered. (see: photo of the Valentino store – a brand that almost always gets me emotional.) My mom and I spent about 6 hours in the mall and neither of us minded. Like mother, like daughter indeed. Should you shop in Ion (or any other store, for that matter) make sure you ask for the tax refund papers. 5% off is still something off and a price reduction of any amount can easily justify a purchase. My new purchase will be paraded in this blog once I get the courage to actually take it out of the box and use it. For now, I choose to keep it safe and stare at it from a distance.

Headed to Chinatown the day after for a quick lunch at PS Cafe and a quick walk around. Didn’t exactly temple hop, as was expected, but if you head to that area you probably should. Spent most of my trip eating – the sole purpose of us leaving. We may have been in the wrong country as my mom and I kept ordering Chinese and Thai food but it was a fun, belly-filling trip nonetheless.

More photos headed your way in the next SG post.

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Four Eyes Giveaway






Back in the day when glasses weren’t a fashion statement but a mere indication of one’s impaired sense of sight, they elicited jabs in the form of “four eyes” cat-calling and maybe a few meaner tricks like hiding one’s glasses and letting the visually challenged search for his/her pair. Fortunately for me I didn’t have to wear glasses at such a young age – not that I was let off the hook, I got cat-called other things (like every other person who went through puberty). Still, I found myself weirdly attracted to the idea of being able to wear eyeglasses that I was so excited to have finally been given prescription glasses by high school.

Truthfully, now, I dread the prospect of going to an eye doctor and having my eyes checked coz my sight is getting worse by the month. Blame it on reading in bed, burying my face in my laptop and other things you aren’t supposed to do but I do diligently nonetheless. Luckily, eyeglasses are so trendy now that everyone seems to be wearing them, therefore stroking my fears away in the form of unsolicited (literal) blinding companionship.

So, I’ve learned to look each doctor’s visit right in the eye (metaphorically and again, literally) and look forward to a fun eyeglasses shopping trip post check-up. I can’t recall how many pairs I’ve owned and lost – my favorites have always been wide frames in different colors. So when I came across Four Eyes, the first ever online optical shop in Asia that sells eyeglasses and sunglasses in multiple shapes, sizes and colors, I fell in love. My personal pick was a tortoise shell wide frame one. But it was honestly so difficult trying to choose my mom got annoyed that I kept asking her opinion. It didn’t help that I’m a Gemini and naturally indecisive either.

Now, I will let you experience the confusion for yourself as Four Eyes and I are giving away a FREE pair of either eyeglasses or sunglasses (your choice, not mine; prescription or not) and TEN discount vouchers so the rest of you can shop.

For that you need to:

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What I love about this brand is that one, the products are awesome; two, they have a home try-on option where you’ll get shipped 3 pairs of your choice for 5 days for the benefit of being able to figure out which frame you like most (shipping back is free); and three, for each eyewear purchased they donate a pair of prescription glasses to a person in need. Stylish and philanthropic, can’t beat that.

I also forecast a lot more selfies should you win so what are you waiting for?




Walking Along Marina








Stepping a bit out of my comfort zone (in Singapore) in a printed dress – in pastel, no less. Actually, I did a lot more than just step in this outfit as the trip to Marina Bay Sands and the Gardens by the Bay entailed what seemed like an eternity of keeping my feet moving – one that brought about some hideous tan lines on my feet. (Just look at the shoes and the corresponding exposed skin.)

Truthfully, despite getting sun burnt a mere 45 minutes under the sun (my back and nose are still in pain), I’d have to say it was worth it. Beautiful sights always make up for pain and discomfort. Okay, almost always but this time it did. Maybe it was being in commune with nature, maybe it was the nearby Chanel. We’ll never know.

Enjoyed a cup of ice cream in the garden while taking a quick walking break. Ate tons of food after basking in the sun but my words alone wouldn’t do the meals justice so a photo diary should be up soon.


Raglan Heroes

team manila 7

team manila 2

team manila 4

team manila 6

team manila1Chronology is not my forte, obviously, as I’m jumping countries again by way of my blog posts. If my passport travelled as often as the timeline I’m trying to keep on track but can’t thanks to my countless backlogs, I’d be pretty happy.

Anyway, here’s a quick post in Michigan where I generously paraded our national hero’s face on my chest. Not that any American would’ve recognized him but still. I love wearing bits and pieces of Manila wherever I go. This one just happened to be a little too nationalistic. But the raglan cut seemed to balance everything out.

Talked more about screaming “Philippines” in one’s wardrobe in what we can dub ‘Fashionalism 2.0’. Check out the post here.

Top, TEAM MANILA | Skirt, H&M | Bag, ALEXANDER WANG | Shoes, SUITEBLANCO | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN

Drop It Low




I don’t think I’ve ever shopped in an A&F store before and I don’t think I will again mostly for fear of being ostracized in New York (I heard that was a thing) or maybe I’ll just wear it out while I’m not there yet. What prompted the purchase though was shopping with somebody else and that somebody happened to be a fan of the brand. Full disclosure: shopping with other people mostly always results to wanting a purchase for myself. Call it a lack in self-control but I prefer to think of it as making good use of my in-store time by looking around, trying stuff on, mediating an internal debate and then finally paying should the devil on your shoulder win (or angel – whichever you choose to rally for the shopping side).

Ultimately, what made me say yes is simple: it’s a drop-waist dress and I am all for drop-waist dresses. They’re so easy, comfortable and are absolutely perfect for twirling – not that I do on a regular basis but should the need for a twirl arise, there’s comfort in knowing I’ll be able to.

Changed from boots to heels to attend Trilogy’s Back in the Hood event and be inspired the second time around by streetwear giants but that’s for a different post.

I leave you with this outfit post and maybe a final statement on how drop-waists are perfect I am on a constant lookout for them. And okay, fine, I twirled.

Dress, Abercrombie & Fitch | Bag, ALEXANDER WANG | Boots, ALDO 

Ph by Mike Gella


San Francisco Photo Diary 2


IMG_0874 copy


IMG_0746 copy
IMG_0841 copy

IMG_0905 copy IMG_0884 copy

IMG_0769 copy

IMG_0778 copy

IMG_0839 copy

IMG_0881 copy

IMG_0858 copy

IMG_0856 copy

IMG_7512 copy

Spent around two days in the city basically being tempted by just about every shop in Powell street – gave in to Sephora but that was pretty much a given. What I did let myself indulge in was heaven in a deliciously concocted cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory – (above cheesecake is Toasted Smore Marshmallow Hershey Chocolate Cheesecake – I died.) Also made room for more than just dessert – see above photos of a Mac N Cheese Burger plus a Buffalo Chicken special with cheese on the inside.

By the end of the trip I turned into a train regular even travelling to the airport alone and, well, back to Michigan alone too. I feel like I’ve gone through a rite of passage of some sort and am now ready for another big step. Living alone, perhaps?

It was a trip of firsts which is awesome coz I keep being asked the last time I’ve done something for the first time. (Fine, questions are mostly posed by Instagram but let’s pretend for a bit that IG is a real person who brings about important life realizations.) In terms of food, I got to try Cuban cuisine (very similar to Spanish, mind you) and almost got to try Burmese (still don’t have a clue what that’s like.) Went to Silicon Valley, The Mission and some other obscure areas downtown.

I must be real though and share how much of a homebody I really am – so when I was presented with an excuse to delay movement that prompts going out of the house (i.e., taking a bath, getting ready), I jumped on it. Home excitement came in the form of what has got to be my newest favorite TV series – House of Cards. I suggest you watch all 13 episodes as fast as you can and let you and I speculate on what happens next. Trust me, it’s so good I’ve been dreaming about it for days.

That pretty much sums up my quick Cali trip – places visited, things watched plus lots and lots of laughter. I absolutely love these people.

Special thanks to Jav and Won whom I sadly don’t have photos of mostly because we spent our bonding moments in pajamas and those weren’t deemed photographable at the time. My heart goes out to you both for being such fun and gracious hosts. Still dreaming of our breakfasts together. Also your string cheese. And Twix ice cream. 

San Francisco Photo Diary 1

IMG_0800 copy

IMG_0782 copy

IMG_7461 copy

IMG_7386 copy

IMG_7380 copy

IMG_7377 copy

IMG_7375 copy

IMG_7371 copy

IMG_7469 copy

IMG_0828 copy

IMG_7467 copy

IMG_0811 copy

IMG_0787 copy

IMG_0802 copy

IMG_0785 copy


IMG_7452 copy

As promised, here’s the first photo diary from the Bay Area. Somewhat dreaded going to all the photos – we took a lot of the exact same things. Anyway, flew to San Francisco to meet with my bestest friends Diane and Nadz. (To refresh your memory and because I like sharing it, the three of us (well, four actually, Geoanna, our other friend couldn’t make it) met in freshman year in Ateneo and ended up being the closest of friends. Come sophomore year we all parted ways – Nadz moved to Czech Republic, Diane to LA and Geoanna and I both shifted to different courses. 7 years later we’re even closer and we see each other every chance we get not letting geographical boundaries get in the way.) Been planning on meeting up every time I’d visit MI but our schedules never really matched – ’til now.

I think I’ve only been to San Francisco once prior to this trip with my only memory being that of grape picking. (I was a child, forgive me. Upon later consultation with my mother, I found out it was at Napa. What does it say that my sole memory was that of wine town?) Anyway, went downtown a couple times to shop at Powell, eat at the Cheesecake Factory and re-assess our lives in Union Square. We also drove to see the Golden Gate bridge which was beautiful (but cold).

All the way in Fremont we enjoyed the popular crab shack with a hefty serving of the most amazingly sauced shrimp then went to Lake Elizabeth to burn all two pounds of crustaceans we ate. Capped off the night in Berkeley (Diane’s school – with Anwar this time)  without much documentation but with a good deal of memories.

Part two next.

Of Packing Right (and Light)

IMG_7404 copy

IMG_7410 copy

IMG_7414 copy

IMG_7438 copy

IMG_7441 copy

My first SF post features a very tourist me. Hopped on to Lake Elizabeth and the Golden Gate bridge and made optimal use of both beautiful backgrounds and the arduous drive by taking a ludicrous amount of photos (only to be filtered by my overparticular eye – not art-based, just intuition (read:face?) based).

The only time I actually pre-coordinated outfits was also the time my luggage’s contents bit me in the ass come California. For some particular reason, I was fooled into thinking it wasn’t gonna be cold (it was) and that I could wear my summer outfits to my hearts content (I couldn’t but that’s what I packed anyway). I had but one jacket (photographed above) to get me through the chills and the wind. I even had a dialogue with myself about the state of my “party” outfits (terrible – that section in my closet is basically non-existent) so I had to buy a couple pieces back in Michigan. Needless to say they were left in the suitcase along with all the other beautiful sheer things I own. Had no choice but to suck it up and wear this sheer polo and skirt combo though as the sole pair of pants I wore was already being used too much and, well, that was already getting disgusting.

Still, despite my incapacity to flail my body around thanks to the unnerving cold, San Francisco was a blast. Photo diaries up next.

Next time, I am totally sacrificing light luggage for the right luggage. People who pack light are the most mysterious type of people to me. (Do they only wear one pair of shoes? Do they wear very few pieces and mix and match? How in the world is it even possible to fit three decent outfits in a suitcase that size? Do they not have different outfits for day and night? What about their beauty products?) I could go on. Trust me. (Tell me you judge them too?)

I’m certain about one thing though, they for sure anticipated the weather. Made me appreciate the weather in my home state more. Who would have thought.


Big, Big Offers

Back in Manila! But before I share what went down in the US of A, (I know I’m pretty delayed), let me first tell you how I plan on doing the sharing by introducing a few new services from one of my all-time favorite brands, Smart. Because trust me, you get the news even before actual friends (and with all my backlogs, just imagine what my social calendar is like.)

1. BIG, BIG OFFERS (hence the big, big phone.)


Not sure if you’ve started availing of this promo but if you’re anything like me – that is, able to spend hours upon hours on the phone – then you’d probably enjoy this new offer: Big Calls 100. For Php100 you get 200 minutes for 7 days – that’s basically .50 cents per minute. Can’t beat that. And if the folks on the other end of the line tire of your stories, or, their favorite excuse, “have their ears hurt” then you can switch it up with Big Text 50 which allows for unlimited texting for 7 days. I personally prefer the phone calls because my mouth can do more damage in a minute than my fingers, but your choice of storytelling is totally up to you. To avail of both promos just send TEXT50 to 6406 for Big Text or CALL100 to 6406 for Big Calls.  For more information check

2. TRINET 300


If you’re quite the social butterfly with friends from different walks of life, or in this case, different networks, then TRINET 300 is probably the promo for you. With unlimited texts to Smart, Sun and Talk N Text subscribers plus a whopping 300 mins worth of calls, you can keep your friendships in check with a hefty amount of digital social interactions. Just text TRINET300 to 2477 to avail of the many, many chances for your fingers to turn sore. I’d recommend getting a stylus by the end of the month, you know, just to give your poor digits (pun intended) a break. For more information check

3. Smart Unli 25

smart phone

Okay, no amazingly photoshopped image this time. Was seriously considering photoshopping my face 25 times but blogging is considered narcissistic as it is and that would just make both you and I cringe. Among the three, this is probably my favorite, but then I’m pretty wishy-washy like that so come a couple days I might switch favorites. But isn’t that the beauty of it? Being able to customize everything acco. to your needs? Anyway, this last one, Smart Unli 25 has been upgraded – aside from being able to call and text without limits, you can now also surf and chat. And any service that gives me the power to Instagram is a plus in my book. Any service that gives me the power to blog (and you to check my blog) is even better. Send UNLI25 to 6406 to enjoy the list of offerings.  You can check here for more information:

There you go. So now that I’m back and am forced to come to terms with my laptop I so diligently avoided, I should start working on my San Francisco photo diary, a few more Michigan posts, a couple beauty ones and try to diminish backlog into usual up-to-date outfit postings. Don’t worry, the blog schedules are already written and color-coded on my white board. And what the white board wants, the white board gets.