The 3 People You Will Meet in Your Life

Once in a while on Instagram I come across a saying, quote or some exercise motivating message. Once or twice I’ve come across this particular one: “There are two types of people in your life: blessings and lessons.”

Recent experiences have got me contemplating the universality of this Instagram-infiltrating mindset, requiring a person to be categorized in either of the two boxes.

No offense to whoever came up with such a dichotomy but if you hadn’t noticed, we are currently living in a world where a reality TV family (Klue: K) earns so much more than an Academy Award winner. We’ve seen such a rapid rise in the percentage of people who make us second-guess what lesson exactly they’re teaching us. If everyone is in our lives for a purpose, what exactly is theirs? So with Jersey Shore characters specifically in mind, I propose that the above saying be given a twenty-first century facelift.

So let me propose a new theory. There are not two, but three types of people you’ll meet in your life.


In the first category enter the Blessings. These are angels in human form. I know, I know. No relationship – platonic, familial, nor romantic – is ever a breeze hundred percent of the time. Bumps, humps, and grand canyon-like ditches are to be expected. Still, these people are considered enormous blessings- the people you thank God for, the ones you want to keep in your life and who actually want to stay. The real keepers who know and love you. This may be the wife you’ve been married to for 40 years, or the boyfriend who still makes you wonder how you bagged such a catch. This can be an angel of a boss (not everyone’s lucky in this regard and for that I am eternally grateful) or a mother who showers you with unconditional love; A best friend who lives thousands of miles away but still makes you feel like the friendship is stronger than any geographic boundary. Since this is too subjective a category, here are some examples of blessings in other less human forms – happiness in a box (Clueless), in a bigger box (H&M), in a bowl (Ramen) and on a plate and by the dozen (cronut). Then there’s Jennifer Lawrence.


The second, Bittersweet Lessons. There are people who are meant to come and go – this cliche I agree with. Some really just are. And even if you might not have wanted them to leave, well, they did. And truthfully, we wouldn’t get so affected and riled up about their disappearance if these people never meant anything to us in the first place. So this category, which you can liken to any circle of choice from Dante’s hell, is where exes come in – ex-lovers, ex-best friends, ex-business partners and so forth; relationships that once brought joy and hope, but probably ended acrimoniously. Whether it was sudden death or a painfully slow one, these are the people who actually brought about important life lessons/realizations albeit putting you through hell. Take Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston for example. I am still unsure of who I root for more (though years after it probably doesn’t matter), but thanks to his marriage with Jen, Brad may have realized how much he wanted kids – and how many for that matter- so he sought out a partner who was on the same page in wanting to raise a legion. Then there’s Andrea Sachs and Vogue, I mean Runway. Or. R-Patz and K-Stew. Whether or not you forgive this former part of your life is completely up to you, but hopefully down the road you could get past the resentment and the voodoo dolls and realize that their life cameo came with the high price of self-awareness. And for that we should be thankful. Somehow.

regina george2


Here is where the difference lies: there is another category and in it are your Character Building Exercises. Unlike the lessons, these are people who do not teach you anything worthwhile but make each interaction so emotionally jarring and exhausting. These are the classic D-bags, b*tches and overall jerks who you unfortunately have to deal with on a regular basis whose sole existence could prompt a new CSI season in which you contemplate the many ways of committing a crime. (I kid.) This is the dwelling place of Regina George where we all feel victimized. This can be your class bully who taunts you time and again. This can be your uber-negative officemate who does nothing but complain (about you and everybody else). If it was constructive, their criticism might be forgiven. But it never is. These are people who try to bring you down because of their own sick, twisted selves. They do not teach you anything you didn’t already know. What they actually do is test every single character trait – your patience, your temper, your judgment, etc. – incessantly and unerringly.

So the next time you deal with an Exercise, treat him/her as exactly that – a test. Figure out which virtue that person is trying at each specific interaction. I think the logical, 3rd person observer approach helps.

And as you leave, pat yourself on the back, smile to yourself and send a mental message to the a** saying “F*** you, I passed.”

Iridescent Whites





Couldn’t resist the urge to put a white top over what would’ve been a good standalone dress. Fashion whims. I blame the changing temp for my changing moods.

Had it been any darker and had a mirror been present I probably could’ve scared myself – children’s horror stories (e.g., the White Lady) have, unfortunately, not been buried along with the other select things I have chosen to forget. A perfect example of when my selective memory fails. In broad daylight though, I absolutely love both pieces – both separate and together. The top an iridescent white that glitters with just the right amount of sun exposure and the Giordano dress – albeit of the high-low variety – didn’t bring up my usual mullet aversion. I especially like that the back fabric is silk – rendering a more nightgown feel to it than something hyper-trendy. Also, the angle’s degree isn’t that steep (as opposed to the usual mid thigh to ankle angles)- so that really helps. (Or maybe i’m trying to justify a purchase. It’s working.)

Took about twenty shots of my new favorite pair of shoes but decided not to include close-ups last minute. I think it deserves a more glorious write-up somehow.

Also, I feel inclined to mention a certain event coming your way next Saturday – Giordano is opening a new Concepts store in Shopesville Greenhills and is inviting you to join in on the fun. Been wearing some of their new pieces lately and actually really liking them (e.g., the above white dress). I wouldn’t be able to make it but I’d love to have you party in my stead. Have copious amounts of fun!


Also, seeing pretty terrible pictures of the floods back in Manila. Stay safe and dry, everybody!


Canary Yellow










I don’t necessarily go about trying to match flowers nor be obnoxiously bright. They both kinda just happened. Celebrated my aunt’s 70th birthday at a park – one of the biggest reasons for me taking this month-long vacation. It was a lot of fun – most of my time was spent 1) eating, 2) taking photos and 3) spending time with my favorite nieces/nephew – the only time I don’t mind sitting in the kids’ table.

This delicate dress was such a steal from French Connection – the lace sleeves made for careful walking lest they be caught in some sprig/branch. The slow pace was worth it as the sleeves quickly made this my newest favorite go-to dress. So perfect when trying to live up to the label “ray of sunshine.” It also helps that it’s in the exact shade of Blinding.

Still thoroughly abusing this snakeskin clutch from SM Parisian that I decided to match with these snakeskin ballet flats.  The outfit was well documented thanks to my very persuasive way of talking  my niece into taking my outfit shots. Not sure if you saw it on my Instagram already but this post’s photographer is the same girl who wrote the poem I posted that tugged my heartstrings. Posting it below again.



my photographer and poem’s author, Mackie. IMG_7141with Mackie’s sister, Kennedy

If you’re slightly shocked I went for both color and print, don’t worry, the next outfit post is white, just to strike some balance – and well, make the psychological transition gradual. I must warn you though, my eye has been zooming in on shades of lavender lately. Guess my summer wardrobe is only coming together now – a season late, interestingly. Luckily, I head back to Manila before Fall and, well, there’s a consistent daily 50% chance it’ll still be sunny. I’ll take that probability and run with it.



last photo taken by Margie 

Missing My LTE







Spent the beautiful sunny day walking (not running, I have given up on that for the time being) around the village. Found this little spot with picnic tables and semi-abandoned benches and immediately headed home to grab my iPad for some scenic me time. (Not that I need more but a change of scenery (i.e., any area that isn’t my room) is always welcome.)

A tiny bit frustrated that my Smart LTE can’t be abused here in Michigan. While internet here is satisfyingly fast, my wifi benefits end as soon as I step out of the house. Missing how easily I could pull everything up back in Manila – from emails to inspiration to, errr, gossip sites – anywhere, anytime thanks to my Smart LTE-powered gadget. A few more weeks and my high-speed internet capabilities will be back with quite literally a touch of a finger – much like Ariel (Little Mermaid) getting her precious prince-ensnaring voice back. I can’t wait.

In the meantime, I’ll be downloading some magazines I subscribed to and lounging around in those benches with the company of my 400-page thick September issues. That should take a while to digest. Booking an Alyssa+Gadget date. (That gadget being this precious little thing scored from Smart, of course.)

Top, TOPSHOP | Shorts, FOREVER 21 | Flats, VANELI | Bag, ALEXANDER WANG | iPad, SMART 

The Dock

lake 5

lake 2 vignette

lake 4 blue

lake 3

lake 6 blue vignette

Okay, maybe I am too many miles away to sense the energy in SoHo nor the feel the high from entering neverending designer boutiques at Rodeo Drive. But what I do love about Michigan (in the summer, that is) is the abundance of water that I can abuse for photo purposes.

Headed to my neighbor’s dock for a quick shoot – they’re all so supportive lending me their backyards and porches for #selfies and outfit shots. The descent wasn’t ideal in heels so they immediately came off on the way back. I’m pretty into tribal looking garments which I probably should’ve hoarded when I was in actual cultural locations/countries. I didn’t, though, hence a hefty amount of H&M shopping bags with a decent percentage of such – starting with this dress. Also, drop-waist dresses are infiltrating my closet one hard-to-find-dress at a time but I really do like the silhouette these drop waists create.

Had way too much fun with this shoot and having discovered this new background. I usually try to avoid repeating areas easily retained in your memories but I only have a couple more weeks to enjoy this beauty so please try to look the other way (while still reading the post somehow) should my next consecutive outfit posts be in the exact same location. 

My next objective: to shoot in a boat. That fishing boat, perhaps?

Dress, H&M | Heels, SUITEBLANCO 

Character Dressing






Why I paired Sulley with what I feel is a direct reference to Spongebob (or is it just me?) I do not know. But, let it be known that in the midst of Chanel-donning, sophisticated looking folks, I am still a sucker for character dressing. Come to think of it, Spongebob is probably the sole reason I bought this skirt given that I’m typically print-averse. It didn’t help that the line “whooooo…livesinapineappleunderthesea?” was on repeat on my mental I-tunes (yes, capital I).

Sulley on the other hand was much more straightforward, obviously. It happened to be a men’s shirt but I didn’t really mind. The love of the monster was enough for me to look past gender-specific sizing (see: folded sleeves.)

Honestly, I’m thisclose to walking into the nearest Disney store and getting myself a mermaid’s tail. I’m kidding. But I am rather tempted to get a Disney shirt with my favorite Disney princesses. I realize that I just sounded like a 5 year old but being amongst children is making my regression a little more palpable. In dire need of interactions with people my age. Maybe when I get back home. Or not, there’s always the possibility of San Francisco. Must. book. soon.

Shirt, GIORDANO | Skirt, H&M | Boots, ALDO 

Let’s Talk About Flats

There’s a reason I forced my recently chopped hair into a (baby) ponytail and under a headband. I’ll get to that in a bit.

Very rarely do I wear flats. I guess it’s because I’ve been unfortunate to have purchased ones that require a lengthy breaking in period. And when your bandaids are all spent not on actual wounds but on preventive measures should the back of your shoe dig into your ankle’s flesh – which it will, given a good number of meters travelled – you probably need to reassess your footwear. I do have about two that I own solely for walking purposes (they may or may not resemble your normal flip-flops. I won’t tell.) 

I happened to attend the launch of Le Bunny Bleu in the new East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza and was a little overwhelmed by the cuteness of it all. I know I refer to anything that catches my eye as ‘cute’ but this actually is. The brand, originally from New York, carries solely flats (pun intended) in the most feminine of styles – even their oxfords are painted in muted colors. As a non-flats wearer I had no idea which pair to choose so I ended up with  something familiar – a pair that’s black and entirely lace. Below are some photos from the launch for your shoe-lust/pleasure.


photos from

I decided to give my new flats a spin – several times actually. And after mall-hopping, store sprinting and even airport walking, I’m actually really loving my new pair. (I haven’t used any bandaids either.) 

So as a tribute to my new pair that renders my feet painless, here’s an outfit inspired by it.









My new Le Bunny Bleus have entailed a difference in my walk, a sort of ballerina’s gait, if you will (or at least I’d like to think it resembles something as graceful), more evident when contrasted with the heavy dragging of my already painful feet in heels/pumps/whatever other height-lending footwear I own.

To match its delicateness, I opted for classic Breton stripes (from Giordano), a frilly skirt and a floral headband. Balanced those out with these flare lenses from Fly Shades and my new Alexander Wang bag – debuting the exposed hardware that renders raw and rough elements to just about anything. I love it so much it might just get its own open letter.

On the downside, I pretty much have to deal with my real height. But that’s probably a small price to pay (pun intended. again.) Let’s start a flats revolution that won’t entail anyone looking up just to have a decent conversation, yes?