Makeover Giveaway

Because I rarely do giveaways, I might as well throw a big one your way. After all the sweet birthday messages and greetings, I felt it was just right to offer something equally saccharine.

Luckily, my favorite beauty blogger, Mikki Galang, is celebrating something as well: a blog anniversary. So we decided to whip you guys this: a makeover giveaway. Both Mikki and I – Mikki through different beauty looks, myself through style (just a tiny bit) askew – encourage people to fully express their personality however unconventional that may be. So we teamed up with some of our favorite brands: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, ForMe Clothing and Ray-Ban that also advocate the same philosophy.

giveawat poster copy

Mikki Galang X Alyssa LapidMakeover GiveawayOne lucky winner gets a free makeover and gifts from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, ForMe Clothing and Ray-Ban worth 10K!

Two winners will receive loot bags from Bobbi Brown and ForMe!

Mechanics:1. Follow Mikki, Alyssa, Bobbi Brown, ForMe and Ray-Ban on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
2. Tweet “WIN A MAKEOVER from @bobbibrown, @forme_clothing and @RayBanCollector! Join the @mikkigalang x @alyssalapid makeover giveaway!”3. Instagram anything you feel best represents your personality. (ex. Bold = red lipstick; Adventurous = sky diving). Don’t forget to tag @mikkigalang and @alyssalapid and hashtag #mikkigalangxalyssalapidmakeovergiveaway
We can’t wait to meet all 3 winners, witness an amazing makeover, share some styling and beauty tips and have an overall awesome time.Hope you guys join! Mikki and I will be sharing more about this giveaway and how to ace our mechanics so stay tuned!——-


Mikki and I had an amazing time doing this giveaway (just shooting was fun). So now it’s your turn to experience the makeover and getting your hands on your own make up and outfits.

The GRAND winner to receive Rayban, Bobbi Brown and ForMe products is @fcalonte.

Our next two winners to receive Bobbi Brown and ForMe products are: @mizichic and @iamshayneg.

Please email myself at [email protected] & Mikki at [email protected] and give us your free dates for the makeover. We are looking at July 25 or 26 (Fri or Sat) to do our hang-out styling and beauty session.

We thank every single one of you guys for joining – it was really tough picking the winners! Hope you guys had fun re-discovering your personalities and joining. Feel free to join our other giveaways. We look forward to working with you guys in the future. 🙂

For Your Wallet’s Info


There’s nothing that relaxes me more than catching up on my reading. (Except for maybe a spa, fresh flowers and my jasmine-scented room spray.) Been abusing my mornings by popping a book or magazine while having breakfast. My recent favorites: Revenge Wears Prada, Dan Brown’s Inferno by way of an iBook and magazines I have recently subscribed to from Zinio. Subscribing is surprisingly addicting especially since they keep throwing free issues and gift cards my way. Not that I’m complaining. I’m actually thoroughly enjoying that with my new #SmartLTEiPad, I could just go over them when I’m a little low on inspiration.

This gadget though, aside from letting me read with ease (and play Candy Crush), has allowed for quick closet additions. I found the absolute perfect boutique – Sway Chic – with it’s corresponding perfect site – It’s probably weird that my store soulmate is thousands of miles away in a state I currently wish I was in (which I actually just bought a reminder of in the form of an iPhone case): California.

While a lot of stores cater to a lot of individuals spanning different personalities and styles, I feel like this store – with its multitude of crop tops – is speaking directly to me. Seriously though, I’m so happy to have discovered their site am very grateful to have been gifted a few pieces which are now waiting for me patiently in Michigan. And as soon as I get back I promise to abuse them incessantly. Hopefully I could drop by their Cali boutique too and see the pieces live (and maybe overspend?). If not, well, there’s always the website. Clicking my woes away and consoling myself with new clothes will always be therapeutic.

I compiled some of my favorites below. Because I’m sure you’ll love them too, here is their site for your clicking purposes:


And if you want to know which ones I got, it’s the wristlet above and this amazing backless striped top below. Patting myself on the back for choosing wisely.



This post is powered by the Smart LTE iPad

Pinoy Pride Ball





Balls always bring out the fairy-tale fanatic in me. While Disney princesses were mostly preoccupied with catching the prince’s eye in spite of some bargained/misfortunate occurrence (Ariel only had three days, Cinderella a few hours), most contemporary girls also have pressing concerns (fitting into THE dress, necklines not being low enough to show the slightest hint of abs) but mostly ushered towards the desire to be photographable.

And before sticking your nose up and deeming the entire female population shallow, know that in the age of chronicled-everything, Instagram #selfies (filtered or not) need to look decent. So with precisely that future selfie in mind (I kid – I was mostly thinking of this blog post) I made a frantic attempt to get a dress. My fairy godmother came in the form of PR maven Ericka Bugia – but better coz sheer dresses trump glass slippers and my ride fortunately didn’t turn into a pumpkin. (Although come to think of it, I did get home before midnight and maybe my Cinderella heels should’ve been worn in an attempt to fully embody a modern day damsel.)

Had an amazing time hanging out with SMART, of course, at the SMART Mega Pinoy Pride Ball. The theme was resonant in every single aspect – the food, the music, the performances. The 10 global Pinoys -including Maria Ressa, Stephen Gan, Jerome Lorico, Jessica Sanchez and Regine Velasquez – were awarded and the big ending was the finale of Mega’s YDC All Stars. Totally agreed with the choice of winners – Emir Yamamoto and the House of Herrera. Thank you, Smart, for having us. I had a great time and I don’t think I’d pass up on a chance to get all dolled up.

We should definitely have more balls in the Philippines – you know, years post-prom when you actually grow out of your awkward adolescent phase and have, hopefully, a much better grasp of fashion than when you were 16. So again, thanks Smart, for replacing my awkward, shudder-inducing JS prom memories with that of this gorgeous dress. I may have come one step closer to redeeming my high school self.


ph by Hannah Villasis (thank you!)

Girl Talk: Lingerie

A quick update: I’m contributing for Pormada‘s blog ( I think it’s worth a quick visit, if not to shop then to see what our other writers – all big names: Sarah Meier, Kelly Misa and Brent Javier – have to say. I figured I’d post some of them here. So here’s one – a rather raunchy one all about lingerie. Realization: I might have a future writing for Cosmo. I kid. (Unless Cosmo wants to get me, then by all means, I can change demographics.) But you be the judge. Happy reading!



Women are slowly evolving into some sort of superhuman – think Jean Gray but slightly less lethal – juggling twenty-thousand tasks, a social life, home and family responsibilities all the while in perfectly styled hair, sky-high heels and a generous swab of red lipstick.

Once in a while, though, these perpetually Instagram-ready ladies (hashtag: NoFilter) just want to take a break. From everything. Since Father’s Day was just recently celebrated, we think it’s high time the ladies reclaim the spotlight and invent our own holiday – a Ladies’ Day In.

To be given the luxury of staying in – no chores, no work, no kids – we can only presume what a girl is to do. We imagine, no, recommend, one relax with a bottle of wine, eat a tub of ice cream, order some take-out and maybe a masseuse, belt out a few favorites (top 40, no less), and, of course, indulge in deep, unbridled slumber. Now, whether you take the time to indulge your closet wants via online retail therapy or catch up on the latest schemes of Emily Thorne on Revenge, that’s up to you. Here’s one thing we’re sure of though: with no need to dress up, we’ll keep our clothes off and lingerie on. If you have any preconceived notions that sweatpants are our go-to lazy look, think again, because we like being irresistibly sexy, even just for ourselves. And honestly, a red lace bra trumps a power suit, any day.


Shop in a breathable lace smock and significantly increase the number of cut-out body-cons in your closet.


Write reminders in a playful printed set. We would understand if you ditch them in it too.


Our favorite Editor-in-Chief, Miranda Priestly, is back for a sequel. Make Revenge Wears Prada your bedside bud in a one-piece suit with mesh details. It isn’t Prada but it’s indulgent enough.


De-stress with scented candles and a fun, frilly polka-dot thong set.


Catch up on your favorite magazines in this lace number. Trust us, you’ll feel like a vixen.

All lingerie items from Yamamay are available at

Shine and Shimmer






In a desperate attempt to chronicle outfits, I have resorted to 1) repeating looks (and sequined ones at that) and 2) harassing a face even the slightest bit familiar to take my photos. I won’t divulge how many times this outfit has been worn in the past week (definitely more than once) before it was finally taken photos of. Though the setting was not so ideal – rained in at a venue with the yellowest light possible – I’m glad it’s finally time to wear something else and start another cycle of #bloggerproblems.

I have slowly realized that my “outfit shot” predicament is due to 1) the lack of person to hand a camera to and 2) my own lack of camera know-how in the event I actually find a person to shove it to. Last night alone we spent more than 10 minutes trying to figure out which buttons to press to change the aperture. I know. Shoot me. (Pun not intended.) I’m lucky I found a guy who knows more about photography than I could’ve hoped for – turning the knobs and actually knowing what they’re for. (Thank you, Marvin!)

Bumped into him at this quaint little event for Bensimon – a sneaker brand from Paris that finally landed in Manila. The set up was this adorable market with a sit-down dinner and my favorite: retail therapy in the form of [sneaker] shopping. A confession: I have, honestly, never worn a pair of sneakers in my life. I vaguely remember cleaning the house and finding these unused pair of children’s Keds – probably the only pair I ever owned prior to last night. Even during the peak of Converse (and consequently, Greenhills’ tiangge), I never felt an urge to get myself a pair. Peer pressure just isn’t as strong if not from Regina George. My feet are, for lack of a better term, errrm, sneaker virgins.

And at the risk of sounding like a ditz, I have to say: Wow, sneakers are comfortable. Not sure if this is true for all brands but I’m really liking my new pair of Bennies. Still trying to mentally calculate a la Clueless which wardrobe pieces would go with them. But I am determined to wear them out.

And if I’m miraculously evangelized – heels banned from my vocabulary – you’ll have quite a selection at the next BU. But let’s not make such drastic forecasts just yet.

Tank, NEON ISLAND | Sequin jacket, H&M | Shorts, COTTON ON | Heels, ALDO | Headband, DIY

ph by Marvin Conanan


Team Manila









I barely stopped myself from headlining this post “A Walk to Remember” – but it kind of rather was. Team Manila was kind enough to invite a few bloggers to walk the runway for their fashion show last Saturday at SM Manila. And though my nerves didn’t bring me to tears this time unlike the last show I was previously part of, events prior were very interesting.

It’s funny – my hair turned Goldilocks at one point and my brows were filled in an unforgiving shade of charcoal. Thankfully, no photos were snapped of that pre-intervention stage and everything was resolved with a thorough hair whipping and relentless brow wiping. And though there were a couple (okay, a lot) of on-stage (and backstage) blunders, it all sort of worked out in the end. I think.

One thing I really looked forward to though was being styled by Proudrace‘s Pat Mosby and Rik Rasos. For some reason, stylists hear the term blogger and next thing you know you’re decked out in neons, mullet skirts, bib necklaces and matching drop earrings that seem to be as heavy as the weights you refuse to lift. Okay, that was slightly exaggerated but true. I knew with Pat and Rik it would be different – confirmed by my predominantly black outfit. I trust their tastes 100% as I am pretty much an avid consumer of it in the form of Proudrace goodies I love so much.

I realized Team Manila is a store I would love to tinker around in more. I gravitated towards their Lomo cameras that I’m pretty certain I can’t optimally use but am very tempted to purchase anyway. I honestly thought they only sold slogan tees and was pleasantly surprised they had cropped shirts and pieces that don’t necessarily refer to my Filipino meal preferences. (Although, shall I find you in one, I’d probably agree that I, too, enjoy my balut). On a more serious note, I’m glad I got to be a part of it and I think I found a brand I’ll be posting a lot more about. Rumor does have it – Team Manila’s future is looking bright.

My modeling career? Probably not as much.

Varsity jacket and crop shirt both from Team Manila 

IMG_3965 copy

Island Girl







After disposing beloved stuff (too much if you ask my now seemingly incapacitated closet), I’ve been finding myself inside store after store. I’d end up empty-handed with a slightly sullen look each time I’d go out, but I did leave with an observation: all the stores were extra colorful despite all reminders (i.e., sudden downpours) that summer has been cut short.

The lack of black was probably the reason I didn’t shop much. I’m obviously not the biggest color fan. Color seems to demand such a hard upkeep – like you somehow always have to be perky to match the energy your clothes are radiating. And though I actually already am overtly enthusiastic, color might demand an even more insane Alyssa – one that would require an absurd amount of coffee.

But I do love summer. So when my good friends from way back when, Aira and Chi, gifted me with some pieces from their new brand, Neon Island, with palm trees and tropical birds abound, I knew I had to forgo my blacks for a short while. I went the opposite way, in fact, by pairing their tank with bright red pants – a color feat I’m patting myself on the back for.

There’s just something about the idea of summer, even in the gloom, that makes me happy. I got a swimsuit in the mail today –  probably a nudge from the Universe to book that beach trip already. So okay, Universe. Whatever you say.

Tank, NEON ISLAND | Pants, BAYO | Heels, SUITEBLANCO | Sunglasses, FOREVER21

Bloggers United: The Aftermath


Ph by Anton Aguila

Racks dragged from one point to another dismantling mid-transport forming a clump of clothes on the floor; my feet procuring an impossible amount of blisters from wearing pumps the entire day; and having to eat my first meal at 4PM atop a random plant box outside the actual building were all. worth. it.

To all the sweet folks who dropped by our booth, said hi, took the time to chat with us, buy from us, throw a birthday greeting my way and a gift/love note or two, thank you. As much as I kept announcing it online, I wasn’t really expecting people to remember much less hand me anything (aside from cash, you know,  for the items bought) so  you made a certain birthday girl rather happy.

Aside from it being comforting to know that there are real people (other than myself) actually going through this blog in some faraway screen, it is absolutely heart-warming knowing that we bloggers have an impact on lives somehow by doing the things we love (e.g., perpetually playing dress up). To be an Ambassador of Following Dreams will always be a job I would want to keep. I really do wish we had more BUs where we can just chat – with actual chairs – and have enough space to shop without the walkways turning into a concreted LaBoracay.

Know that your words are remembered, tweets read and notes now a fixture in my room. Thank you. Anyway, here are some snaps from the recent BU to save us all from the mushy state this blog post turned into.







reader love

More of our photos are posted on this Facebook album. If I wasn’t able to include our photo, just send me a tweet/IG. 

I will definitely see you guys at the next Bloggers United. Meanwhile, I’ll promise you this: I shall hoard even more things for your future purchasing purposes. It’s the least I can do.



Birthdays have always made my Only Child Syndrome kick into overdrive. I tend to announce it way before it actually happens (which you already know), demand greetings and act like the all the good things that happen in the world are some sort of tribute to my being born with immunity from being called narcissistic. Birthday card = the best.

Not much has changed over the years. I still sort of demanded greetings (that you indulged. Thank you.) And maybe I did, for a very brief moment, think that the sun shone just for me. ‘Til it rained. Still, birthdays have always remained special.

This year’s was spent with loved ones in Antonio’s Tagaytay eating my heart out and, consequently,  bringing my garterized waistband to its very limit. Their steak is always worth the trip. Spent the day in this gorgeous ForMe dress and found a way to deploy it in about every section of the place with camera snaps to show for.

People usually ask how it feels to be the age you just turned into. 23 is such an interesting number though. Apparently nobody has anything to say about it – no store wants to be Forever 23, no song goes “I am 22 going on 23, baby it’s time to think.” This might just be the beginning of my youth’s decline. First it’s 23. Then 25. Then 30. Next thing you know I have my own senior citizen’s card. It’s a slippery slope. Luckily, I’ve been told I look young and I plan to abuse that. A lot. It’s decided then. 23 is the start of me denying how old I really am. Kidding.

On a serious note, I am very grateful for the wonderful years I’ve had. I’ve been realizing these past few days that I have amassed such a treasure trove of loved ones and friends and have been so blessed in more ways than I can ever recount. Thank you for making my heart happy. (This is the part where you imagine me placing both hands on my heart – because that is exactly the type of person I am and the kind of thing I would do.) Thank you. BU post (and perhaps an even longer thank you) to follow.

Meanwhile, to avoid resorting to age-denial, Taylor Swift better start writing songs about being 23. uh uh.

Dress, FORME