Bloggers United 5: Giveaway

Stores hold sales bi-annually. Apparently my closet does too. It’s Bloggers United season and I’m looking forward to seeing my amazing readers again. I am currently in the process of re-selecting the items – somehow my preselected pieces got mixed up with the ones I’m not supposed to sell – so if I get a little too lazy to sort stuff, I might just end up dragging half my closet and just let them all go.

I am trying to convince myself I am not a hoarder although I am not winning that argument. So please come early, grab what you can as quickly as possible so I don’t end up second guessing how rapidly my garment count is dwindling. On the bright side: my closet space is looking a bit more…existent. (They should hold Bloggers United more often. It does wonders for the cleanliness of my room.)

Anyway, Danika Navarro and I will be booth partners again so do drop by our area. I believe she’s even more of a hoarder than I am so for sure she’ll be bringing more stuff than I think I own. And I’m only half-kidding. Also, it’s fun to note that she’s an amazing graphic artist and I’ve been freeloading on her awesome design skills while she comes up with gorgeous signages like this one:


We both can’t wait to see you fashionable folks there! Here are a couple sneak peeks of the pieces I’m selling: a military chic look and the other, a tough chick’s.


And here’s a quick ticket giveaway: just tweet “@alyssalapid is giving away #BU5 tickets!” Don’t forget to follow  @alyssalapid – I’ll be giving 8 lucky winners two (2) tickets each (for the winner plus a friend). See you guys there! 🙂

p.s. Since it’s my birthday the following day, do try to shop. HA. Or you can just greet me. A happy birthday will be more than enough and will make me love you forever. Forever.


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Weather Dressing

IMG_5000IMG_4984 IMG_4986 IMG_4997IMG_4978IMG_4993 copy

Dressing down is tricky. There’s a very thin line between casual chic and too-stressed-to-even-remotely-look-good. To steer clear of the latter, I would usually suggest avoiding a shirt & jeans combo but I found myself in the mood to romp in a shirt I absolutely adore – one that accurately captures the geek in me. Interestingly enough, this day I also found myself in the offices of You Are What You Wear peering through their many (and I mean many) boxes of eye candy including this charming wooden inspired pair and figured I’d match my exterior to my interior. The result: a full-fledged geek. Good thing the contents of my bag weren’t exposed (but I’ll tell you anyway since you’ve been painstakingly reading through this post – I lug around highlighters and any book of choice. My recent one being Deborah Harkness’ Shadow of Night – if you like witches and creatures grab. a. copy.)

For some reason, between taking outfit shots I realized I looked like 1) a boy and 2) a Korean (or even 3) a Korean boy) with the lack of hair showing, the beret and the new boxy specs so following this realization the beret just had to go – which was good, it was getting pretty hot anyway. In other news, I would call this outfit (at least the jeans) bipolar-weather inspired – clothed enough for the rain and bare enough for the heat thanks to that peek-a-boo part I decided to cut off one day.

I got another pair from shopYAWYW actually – huge circular sunglasses – but I’ll save it for when the weather finally makes up its mind. ‘Til then, expect more confused weather outfits and probably equally confused wearers.

Where in the world did my sunny, beach-reminiscent, mojito-order-inducing summer go?

Shirt, OLD NAVY | Jeans, bazaar | Heels, ALEXANDER WANG | Wooden Glasses, YAWYW.COM

Washed Out


This was supposed to be posted last night before heading to the Penshoppe show but it didn’t go through so let me make this a quick after-show post instead. I’m rather excited for the brand and the new route it’s going to take – as evidenced by last night’s show. Hopefully I could do a quick q&a with Jeff Bascon who is now responsible for rearing the brand’s head in what I forecast to be a rather forward (fashion, I mean) direction. It’s been rather hectic recently as evidenced by a lack of time to actually just sit and blog but there are about three posts already waiting to be written so one day I would just overwhelm you with an absurd amount of text – that hopefully you’d still read.

It’s rather fitting to be writing about a top from the same brand I just saw, Penshoppe – totally unintended but interesting to note nonetheless. Played it up a little by finally wearing this Lauren Conrad skirt I’ve been keeping in my luggage since purchase. Love gritting beaded stuff out with one of the most casual finds in my closet plus an outfit shot area with graying walls.

In other news, I wish Photoshop somehow had filter options a la Instagram to make life a little better – albeit mostly in a brighter shade of yellow. Photography classes are in order, I think. Then this site could be filled with tons more color and not just washed out shades of gray. In time.


The PhFW Survival Guide

It’s that time of the year again when SMX gets filled with a mob of well-dressed people with painful but beautifully clad feet. And though everyone seems to be obsessed in preparing for a zombie apocalypse, isn’t it a little more sensible to prepare for something equally riveting? (Because yes, I said it. Fashion Week is just as fascinating as a zombie apocalypse. Sorry Walking Dead fans. Vampires, witches and daemons though would be a whole different story.) 

But I digress. Here’s a quick guide of everything I think you’ll need to survive the week ahead.

PHFW guide1

1) Killer shoes and a lot of bandaid. They’re called killer shoes for a very simple reason – they kill all delicate (even not-so-delicate) parts of your beloved foot. I kid. But trust me, I actually think the extra-long AVP loop prior to the show is a way of allowing the guests to let their feet breathe. You know, before running in pain to the next function room. Also, and I am not kidding this time, prevent forecasted blisters by already sticking on your trusty (skin-tone, don’t forget) band-aid. You’ll thank me later.

Phfw Guide5

2) A camera with a battery that’s fully charged. And although it seems like most bloggers have their heavy cameras lugged over their shoulders, I actually never get to use it and rely on for post-show photos. But just in case you get tempted to become a really hardworking blogger – slim chance though between your painful feet and the requirements of the next number- well, you have a camera to use.

PHFW guide2

3. A fully charged phone with AMAZING internet and the skill to Instagram and Tweet simultaneously and incessantly. Internet is obviously important lest all your Instagram posts don’t go through and you nudge that refresh button a million times resulting to, obviously, a million IG posts of the exact same thing. (I’ll be making use of SMART’s LTE so hopefully I don’t spam anybody.) Twitter can be synced so that’s easy. The real skill necessary here is the skill to spot and decide which filter to use. Now that is tough.

phfw guide4

4. Very important. Make sure you have a lot of gas. For some weird, unknown reason, PhFW is always held at SMX by MOA – what I find to be the farthest venue possible. But no complaints. Cursing the traffic jam, driving like a madwoman, then arriving like you don’t have a care in the world are all just part of the experience.

phfw guide3

5. Lastly, use your best lipstick palette. Just because I wanted to include lipstick in this post somehow.

Hope this helps. Currently off to SMX for the SM Ladies show. Wish me luck!



 outfit ph by Paul Chuopoco

I will always be enchanted by anything Egyptian and, separately, Proudrace. Having Proudrace come up with a collection with what seem to be Egyptian hieroglyphs and marry two things that I love happened to get me too early on my feet scouting the racks for just the perfect piece I could take home (I ended up getting two). Been waiting for the best time to use this top out, I was thinking Bloggers United 5 but that’s a little too long a wait. Figured I’d wear with it – to a Forever 21 event – what is probably my most memorable Forever 21 purchase – a skirt I hunted down back in 2004 when Mean Girls was first released. I still believe that this is the exact same skirt Regina George wore on the poster (but since my skirt isn’t fully seen in this post, I won’t push it.)  

Had a blast at the event – the show had this adorable 3-year-old that went stomping her way through the catwalk. The looks were styled real well fully showcasing the innumerable trends offered by Forever21. You can never go wrong in that store especially now with two floors full of goodies making you feel like a child in a candy store. I’m 100% certain you’ll find whatever it is you need. If, by any chance, you don’t need anything, you’ll most likely end up with a bag full anyway.

Below are some snippets from the show and items I loved just to give you a teaser of what to expect from their newest branch in the newly opened SM Aura.


IMG_4695 IMG_4722IMG_4729IMG_4712IMG_4731

In and Out


Bras, nightgowns, even panties – mostly lace–  have all guised as outerwear. In turn, we’ve all given a nod at the woman’s bravery, some the occasional scowl – this mostly coming from the conservative Titas and Lolas. The peak of this ‘Innerwear as Outerwear’ trend – I blame Fifty Shades – has lasted long enough for us to see more lingerie variants than we can comprehend.

I haven’t been seeing much of the opposite though where instead of making bras passable as tops, tops are made to look like bras. While the innerwear as outerwear trend was abused by yours truly as a lifetime proponent of peek-a-boo everything, outerwear as innerwear seems to be a lot more interesting. It should come as no surprise then how easily I fell in love with this ForMe dress. I knew I was going to have a lot of fun parading around in what looks like a nightgown with its silky lace detail and sheer overlay. Plus points for the illusion of being a skimpy little thing without actually being skimpy and more importantly – not body-skimming.

It was just fitting, I think, to don this dress during the opening of SM Aura to celebrate the moment I would be within feet away from Sarah Jessica Parker. I’m probably pushing it by saying this, but what better way to commemorate the iconic Carrie Bradshaw than by wearing something so suggestive of the very act she embodied and talked about 80% of the time in her show?

And because she is Carrie Bradshaw – the gravity of that statement probably lost in this post – I wanted to immortalize the moment by taking a video of her entrance. And in a very un-Carrie move, I brought out the iPad I’ve been eyeing (not mine, borrowed. Sort of giving it a test run before the actual purchase) and took a video of her (well mostly her upper 1/3 area, the view was blocked by way too many gadgets.) Here’s the quick video – next time I post a video though it’ll be properly taken and edited.


While falling in love with Sarah (for the nth time), I was also falling in love with my gadget. Smart just released their plans for the iPad Mini and the one with retina display. I’m leaning towards the data plan mostly because relying on wifi alone probably won’t be enough to match my forecasted usage. Check out the options and the gadget themselves. Maybe even try to take your own video?


Next on my agenda is learning basic video editing.

Here’s lesson number 1: Apparently, youtube (and almost all players actually) likes horizontally shot frames. I did not think of that. But when you test run the gadget,  for your own sake, follow the youtube way.

Dress, FORME | Boots, ALDO | Bag, MARGIELA for H&M 

Adorning Playthings

In light of my upcoming birthday (it’s in two weeks still but I’m v. excited), I’ve allowed myself to ogle over more than just crop tops, bags and pairs of shoes adding a certain item to my wish list: the functional albeit equally fashionable iPad4.

Of course the new iPad offers awesome technical features: the breakthrough retina display, the A6x chip (I’m not sure what this does exactly but it sounds like a level up), a much better camera, etc etc. How tiny it is is also a huge plus considering my shoulders have been begging me – by way of muscle pain – to take a break from lugging my heavy laptop around everywhere. And though from these facets alone I should be sold, an added bonus is how much of an accessory it can get. For a girl who rarely ever dons accessories, nothing is better to flaunt than a new unscathed gadget. I kid. It’s not for flaunting, it’s for using. I know. But I might as well take advantage of the fact that the iPad plus a sleek cover could do wonders to one’s outfit. I compiled several covers I would want to adorn said gadget with (although some of them cost more than the actual iPad itself and would most probably, like the iPad, merely remain in my wish list):


L-R: WESTON Flourite printed cover, STELLA MCCARTNEY Holographic faux leather case, PROENZA SCHOULER  neon case, LANVIN printed cover, LOTUFF leather envelope cover,  MOSCHINO printed case, MARC by MARC JACOBS lip printed cover and JIMMY CHOO snakeskin case

Just take a look at that neon Proenza case. I’m not a big neon girl but that elevates the term “case” to a whole other plane and could easily fool the untrained eye – which I’m all for.

Back to the actual device: SMART is actually releasing the iPad4. No word yet whether there are data plans but if they release anything even remotely LTE-based I think this iPad could possibly be my new best friend replacing all human interaction with mere swipes.

Currently plugging a trip to the Smart Jump Experience Centerlocated at SM Cyberzone (twitter, FB) in my calendar to check out the gadget first hand. I’m 99% sure I’ll fall in love with it.

And then it would totally be a happy birthday.

Swimsuit #1,302,934


I present: swimsuit post #1,302,934.

I’ve actually never really posted bikini photos prior to this recent Boracay trip but now I can’t seem to do otherwise nor force my body back into clothes that are meant to stay dry. Don’t worry though, the next stops in my itinerary consist mostly of concrete and would therefore demand I step out of the string-ed things I’ve come to love so much.

This particular one from Cesa is a little bit different though – it’s not cut in two. I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore a one-piece. It was probably in 1997, I was in grade 2 and my only pool outfit option was a hot pink bathing suit pretty much similar to every other 7-year old’s. I then graduated to a tankini and finally, the bikini variation we’ve all been seeing (too much of, I think).

Now it’s back to regular programming, boys and girls. Expect more clothed outfits ’til I get another taste of sun and sand. Or chlorine. I’ll take whichever comes first.

One-piece, CESA | Denim jacket, LEVI’S | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN 

For Your Creative Juices

inspiration1 inspiration2 inspiration3 IMG_0379

ph from

Sharing some of the photos that have been recently contributing to my rapidly decreasing hard drive space. Will probably do more posts of this kind under the new category “For Your Creative Juices.” They definitely help mine and I was hoping they’d have the same effect on you as well. Here’s a quick round up of some of the things I love about summer – color, allusions to water activity, flowers and ice cream (although this I love year-round.)  These elements may or may not find their way into my wardrobe but feel free to tweak them into yours as you wish. If sugar cones make an appearance in yours, even better. Just don’t forget to tag me (@alyssalapid) so I could revel in your cone/ice cream-print hunting ability.

Bikinis of Late


There comes a time in a blogger’s life (called summer) when a blogger faces the dilemma of posting things far too reminiscent of underwear.

Remember in Mean Girls when the Plastics taught us Halloween is the one day in a year girls are allowed (sometimes even expected) to dress like sluts? Well, I think Regina George’s logic is getting a bit outdated ‘coz summer is even worse. It’s a three-month-long excuse to parade one’s behind around in the pretense of wearing a “bikini.” I do not know  (for lack of motivation to research) precisely when bikinis started looking less like decent cover ups and more like your typical under-wired, push-up-ping devices much more akin to a Victoria’s Secret angel’s wardrobe than, say, 90210’s. (Okay, terrible reference, but it would have to do.)

Maybe the likes of Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum are really to blame for instilling in our minds that the more we look like we’re strutting on a VS catwalk, the better. The idea of becoming a beauty queen – once the dream of every girl (still is for Honey Boo Boo, but she’s a special case) – has now been replaced by a dream to walk the infamous show decked in whatever themed/seasonal costume that most likely has the word “PINK” slapped across it.

Now, as a bikini-fan, I embrace the many, many bikini options thrown my way. I also embrace and allow myself to be embraced by ones with wires and pads though, admittedly, most of them are starting to look more like brightly-colored bedroom-exclusives to me. I guess it all boils back down to the unrealistic standards set by these super-hot supermodels though. So lingerie-looking or not, I’m pro-anything that makes a girl feel beautiful and proud of the skin she’s in.

But for this blog’s purposes, we go back to said conundrum above. There comes a time when a blogger feels that posting things reminiscent of underwear is a dilemma. Then there comes another time (called the after-math of Boracay), that she just does.

Bikini, AEO | Skirt, SM GTW | Sunglasses, FORME