Beach Ready

Lazy Sundays are meant to be lazy. Mine are usually spent hearing mass, having lunch, dropping by a book store to check the latest find I could lose myself in, then heading home and reading said book in the comforts of my bed.

As a result, I’ve been practicing an unspoken ‘no make-up Sundays’ rule. I like tucking my face behind my gigantic reading glasses not caring about mascara nor my vibrant red lipstick getting smeared all over my face (hey, it happens. Especially when in front of buffalo wings.)

Yesterday though, while browsing racks of magazines, I bumped into Onin Lorente, street style photographer of Style Anywhere and got my photo snapped. All I could think about was how messy my hair was and how immediate makeup application was rendered impossible as my beloved cosmetics bag was left at home. But I present my bare face still.


The lesson (also what my grandmother lived and swore by) : it wouldn’t hurt to put on some lipstick. Or concealer.

This summery outfit, acco. to Onin, is to blame for the prompting of this age-old lesson. (Told you I was beach dressing already.) I honestly can’t help but feel like a grade school-er about to go on a field trip. Heading out to Boracay in 3 days for the #SmartLiveAllOut event on May 3rd. I just saw the line-up of activities and I encourage everyone to try the dares and stations with me. Not sure what activities I could reveal as of the moment, but I assure you, they’re awesome – so much so that I’m already thinking of which stations/games to hoard. HA. There’ll also be a music festival come 9PM so I do hope I bump into you all there. Let me know if you guys are headed to Boracay! See you at the beach?

LAO 650 TeaserLAO 650 Sunset-1

Cropped top, TOPSHOP | Maxi skirt from Cambodia | Sandals, MOSSIMO | Bag, MARGIELA for H&M

p.s. if you were wondering if I wore this to mass, I had a jacket.


Barbie Girl

IMG_4295 IMG_4310IMG_4303IMG_4314 IMG_4322 IMG_4323

If you read some recent rambles, you would probably already know that I have no clue how to wear my hair anymore. I liken my mane to a Magic 8 Ball – so unpredictable and insanely bipolar I never know what type of hair day I’ll be having ’til my hair actually dries. Found a quick solution: headbands. Been wearing garter ones but they sometimes pull too tight. My new obsession is this vintage style top-knot headband. Makeshift fabrics are currently being abused ’til I find the perfect purchase. My safest makeshift suggestion would be a thin scarf you can twist and knot. (Just tie those loose ends at the top if you’re not into those bows flailing around.) 

It was only appropriate to commemorate my newfound dainty bad hair day remedy with an all-pink ensemble. Maybe it has something to do with my recently downloaded 90s playlist complete with Aqua, Spice Girls, TLC, Michelle Branch, The Corrs and a bunch more. Aqua’s Barbie Girl is probably to blame for this sudden burst of blush. Apparently life in plastic is so fantastic, how in the world could I resist? Barbie can get pretty convincing. Coincidentally, I bumped into a bunch of Golden ABC designers, a few of which happened to be the same ones who designed this ForMe top. It was nice getting to see the people whose creativity you sport. Hopefully they enjoyed seeing (me?) their creations worn by a complete  stranger.

I would like to end with an announcement: I am now a newly converted headband person so you’ll be seeing more of this (probably with less pink). Or I could always just chop my hair off. Again.

Also, I should probably share my playlist with you next time to remind you all of the decade of boy bands, fully exposed bellies and interestingly choreographed music videos. I shall refer back to my iTunes and update you. Meanwhile, enjoy this!



Vacation Projections


Blogging from a place I really don’t want to be in (physically. But you can probably drag other non-physiological conditions in the mix too.)

Given that rather elusive (and maybe slightly disturbing?) intro, I think this outfit was a result of my subconscious manipulating its gullible, actual acting self into wearing some sort of projection of what I’m looking forward to – a breather. Seriously. I can’t wait to hibernate/relax/leave everything behind. I’ll have a quick one real soon (in a week I’ll be off to Boracay!). Been pre-packing since last week which says a lot because packing tops my Most Procrastinated Activities list. I discovered though that this trooper tendency has a downside: instead of dumping everything in the actual luggage, I tend to grab and wear them instead (see: dress and sandals). So if you do bump into me at the beach, I warn you that my outfits will probably be exact replicas of those already posted here. And because you love me, even if you know full well I repeated outfits, you’ll blame everything on dejavu (every. single. day). Deal?

The upside: bikinis that I hoarded – and recently rediscovered-  will finally be put to use. I go to the beach about once a year but go bikini-shopping a lot more times than I care to admit.

I honestly cannot wait to feel the sand on my toes, head over to Jonah’s at least twice each day, decide on henna tattoos and eat until I feel the need to actually use the cover-ups I know I will lug around. Sigh. ‘Til then, I hope my sanity stays intact. Wish me luck?

Dress, COTTON ON (which I got 50% off btw) | Fringe sandals, MOSSIMO | Sequin purse, MANGO | Lipstick, BOBBI BROWN in COSMIC RASPBERRY

Summer Theories


I have discovered (much like the greats) a summer law/principle/truth: The more you bare, the more you breathe.

Okay. Fine. As much as I would like to own this Manila Summer theory putting me alongside the likes of Einstein and Newton, I refuse to experiment on myself – via testing & observing the effects of different garment lengths on different days with a highly likely risk of heat stroke, an extensive formation of freckles and different degrees & patterns of my most despised summer by-product: sunburn.

Still, I believe it has to be said to save the sweater/black-wearing population of Manila (i.e., me) and encourage them to change their ways, go out, wear less and be slightly happier/more comfortable. I have my wishy-washy ways to thank for – after tons of outfit changes – sticking to this outfit instead. The back of this Oxygen tank is cut out (more evident when untucked) while the shorts from Sabrina are exactly that – short. I could not possibly ask for more hubadera pieces.

So this summer, I highly suggest grabbing all peek-a-boo/short/sleeveless items you can find. (Although make sure you have something covered for church. That’s always a problem of mine.) 

Seriously. Next thing you know I’ll be sporting bikinis in populous places that have neither sand nor salt water. I am really hoping it doesn’t come to that but if you’ve tested this theory- and in bikinis no less – let me know. I might just follow suit.

Top, OXYGEN | Shorts, SABRINA | Bag from Cambodia 


(Also, in other more serious matters, I do not, can not, and will probably never understand why people do the evil things that they do. My heart goes out to Boston. Let’s pray for it?) 


Not knowing where (nor how) to start this blog post, let me just introduce a furry friend I made. Everyone, meet Sebastian.


Sebastian, my friend Cola’s puppy, is probably the cutest puppy to drop by yesterday’s impromptu open jam, KickIt360 at the BGC ampitheater. I promised to talk more about work so this is me keeping that. Us crazy folks from Platform 360, being at the Fort, decided that throwing some sort of open jam was a logical thing to do. I personally feel that the impromptu session was brought about by 1) having absolutely nothing else to do but drink Jamba Juice and eat (widening waist lines and, by contrast, slimming down wallet bulks – both of which I frown upon), 2) being able to tweet and ultimately convince apparently very agreeable (not to mention very talented) DJs and 3) (this I pin entirely on them), probably a delusion/seeing the fountain as a mirage for the beach and thinking that, like Boracay, an outdoor, random day party was not only plausible but necessary.

But hey, it worked. Deuce Manila, Nix Damn P, Motherbasss, Wreck-One and Euric played (in that order) while hip-hop kids were Step-Up-ing their way from 4pm til 10pm drawing the crowd to the periphery of – and sometimes in-  the actual circle.


On a fashion blogger note, this outfit seemed reminiscent of what I would probably wear to a Coachella. Minus the sparkly headband and the (unseen) heels. Wouldn’t want my heels to get swallowed by dunes nor rid of its leathery goodness via sand scrub.

More than music festival outfit musings though, I actually wanted to pose a question. I had tons of fun at the pop up party and if I let you know when we plan a next one, will you go? Will you? The event totally hinges on your answer.

Dress, H&M | Bejewelled headband, FOREVER21 | Sunglasses, FORME 

kictit360Meet the crazy team behind it. (l-r): Banj Albano, Nikki Viola, Gerry Robinson, Ericka Bugia and myself

P.s. the consecutive hashtag titles have come to my attention, don’t worry. Think I’m too in tune with the Twitter language I might just be forgetting how to converse in real life. 

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#OneDayIsNotEnough [GIVEAWAY]

It’s already 6PM and  still can’t bring myself to let go of that short but sweet break we had yesterday. I am desperately counting down the days ‘til the next holiday – 21, if you were wondering. Holidays are the absolute best – they provide breathers when they are much needed (read: always) and are the perfect excuse to disappear from the world. I kid.

Been feeling just a tad bit overwhelmed lately with everything that’s been going on with work.  As a result I have been googling time management tips with a fervent passion. Again, #truestory. (One of my favorites- Gretchen Rubin’s excerpt on time here from Happier at Home.)

Oh, if only there were more hours in a day.

Hmmm. But what would I do if there were?


While most of my day is spent attacking my keyboard, here are some of the rather fun things I can (and probably would) do given the chance.


Leisurely lounge around with a good book TIL I FINISH IT. I kid. Leisurely reading + an average of 300 pages would probably entail a 24hour marathon to complete.

smart7 copy

Bike around. OR actually learn how to bike – minus the training wheels.  More time would also equate to time to remove the knee pads I’m most likely going to wear. Braving the pavements without them would be so uncharacteristic of me. Another option – bring out a good CD (preferably a vinyl, though I don’t have a player nor a clue how to use one) and dance like the madwoman that I am.


Play hide and seek. Yes, that’s an option. Although, as an only child it would probably be to no avail. A better idea? CANDY CRUSH.


Take 3 rolls worth of outfit shots and blog them…immediately.

A few more awesome (and slightly weird) options include changing nail polish every so often, reading random chapters of The Secret, finally getting a bedtime ritual and maybe even cleaning my room? I have about 21,000 other ideas because honestly, sometimes, one day just really isn’t enough.

And while I may not get more time, I will definitely get more value with this new Smart promo. I recently made the switch to Smart and I’m loving their buffet of promos.

Their most recent one, the Smart Prepaid All Text 30 Plus entails unlimited All Network Text + 30 mins. worth of calls to Smart & Talk ‘n Text. It’s valid for 2 days – easily doubling the number of maximum texts you can send – I can just imagine how sociable I’d get. Just text AT30 to 2827 to avail of the promo.

AND to commemorate my big move – here’s a quick giveaway. I’ll be giving away Php 500 worth of Smart load to 4 lucky readers!

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 And I know below photo says “Live Happy” but shouldn’t we also #LiveMore? 😉

smart19  Special thanks to Heima for acting as my playground. You’ll see more of them in the coming posts. Visit them at #3 Brixton St., Kapitolyo, Pasig

Also to Gerry Robinson for the photos. 

Summer Frame of Mind


Argument 1: Summer equals romper.

Argument 2: My only romper is black.

Conclusion (which was, by the way, proven after hours under the sun): I sometimes make regrettable shopping choices.

Aside from the fact that my argument rhetoric needs serious overhaulin’, my summer wardrobe does too. Prickly heat in my current staples – blacks, knits and a hefty amount of fabric – just isn’t bearable. Shoving ice cubes down my spine is, although tempting, something I would never torment myself with.

But I digress. Let’s go back to said romper in trial. Although the fabric’s pretty much thin and the shorts foldable (yes, they were folded for maximum thigh exposure), said garment still is black. I got it about two years ago and only wore it out now mostly because I never really figured out where to hang the garterized waist. #truestory
Okay fine, the truth is that it wouldn’t have been so bad had we removed an outdoor shoot from the equation – which is really the only reason I’m complaining about shopping discretions. Hours spent under the sun (some of it under the shade of whatever palm tree/lamp post I could find), brought about a slightly ridiculous fear of getting a romper-tan. Jamba Juice made my life a little more bearable. And if you were wondering, although I wouldn’t mind (maybe even wish?) given the chance, I am not endorsing Jamba Juice in any way. I just happened to hear about their Secret Menu and have been obsessively ticking fruity mixes off that checklist one drink at a time (much to the dismay of my wallet, really.)
Seriously though, I need to get in a Boracay-frame-of-mind (and body?) stat.

Romper, FOREVER21 | Color-block pumps, CMG | Sunglasses, FORME

ph by Gerry Robinson

A Different Eagle (Pt. 2)

atka atka2 atka3 atka4

Been finding myself in jeans a lot lately, not because they’re comfortable. They’re not. At least not in this heat. They’re especially uncomfortable when you’re sitting on your car’s leather seats (but don’t worry I’ll spare you the rather graphic sweaty details.) But that’s usually the case with fashion – very rarely does comfort come before anything. (HA. coming from the same girl who’s actually wearing a shirt.)

Completely disregarding comfort and the idea of air ventilations in my lower regions, I’ve been on the look out for the perfect flared jeans for a while now – those that actually fit and don’t expect the wearer to have mile-long Barbie legs that can’t be made flattering lest I wear stilts. Most of the time they just make me look like a) I shrunk, b) a child in my mom’s clothes, or c) a hobbit.
Glad to have found these jeans in the newly opened American Eagle Outfitters after months of shopping disappointments. The length is perfect for a sturdy, non-threatening heel (non-threatening being anything ≤ 4 inches. Anything longer drives me off escalators and, well, steps in general.)
Also, I find it very amusing (I hope you do too), that I’m wearing a puppy’s face in a post entitled eagle. That’s actually Sassa Jimenez’ puppy Atka. I’ll save more details for a later post.
And because I couldn’t resist posting an ass photo (I am talking about jeans), I’ll leave you with a rather unflattering one.



A Different Eagle.


Play a game with me, will you? Mechanics: 1) Guess the answer based on below clues and 2) forget that you just saw above picture. Okay? Let’s do it.

The eagle has landed. Question: Which eagle?

clues: a) it’s blue. b) it starts with an A. and c) (probably a little more difficult to get) we have the same origins.

If you answered Ateneo, you are wrong! Though Ateneo’s blue eagle will always be my first love, I’m talking about a whole different eagle here.

Correct Answer: American Eagle Outfitters! (duh) a) it too is blue that everytime I see it in the Fort I am transported back to Katipunan. b) again, duh. c) it’s from Michigan. I actually didn’t know ’til I saw the press release but interestingly, at the store opening I remember saying, “this reminds me so much of MI.” Michiganders are serious casual dressers – I should’ve known.

Here are some photos from the launch/store. Highlights included seeing (and ogling) Pretty Little Liar’s Shay Mitchell (who hosted the show), me falling in love with jeans all over again (especially those you can fold ’til mid-calf), and my favorite, finally being able to dress-down at an event.

AE1 AE2 ae3 ae4 ae5 ae6 ae7 ae8 ae9a) hosts Shay Mitchell and Raymond Gutierrez b) models rocking AEO outfits c) what I want to wear but wont for fear of heat stroke c) sandals I came so close to buying d) photo with Sam Potenciano (always nice seeing you!) e) inspiration for next DIY, perhaps? f) stubs g) a rack of crumpled jeans I desperately want to put on display in my room h) a take-home photo of me with them girls Patricia Prieto and Vern Enciso. 

What I ended up getting is reserved for part two of this A Different Eagle post. I promise you though, no more contrived games for the next one.

The ‘What I’ve Been Doing’s

As a testament to recent entry’s fairy tale/excuse, here are a few pictures of some of the things I’ve been up to lately. A majority of which have been left undocumented due to a bunch of factors, mostly my phone dying on me. (I know. Bad phone. It should’ve charged itself.)
Here are some of the more memorable events: a) a quick #selfie of a recent shoot outfit (items from Oxygen), b) My first (co)styled (note: international – Dubai) cover – Yipee! Let’s both grab a copy of Illustrado magazine’s March-April issue, yes? c) Steak at Antonio’s. So. So. Amazing. Also, not diet-friendly.
A whole slew of photos from G-Star Raw’s event/launch where my whole team was present. (I probably should talk more about my work/team, huh? Okay. Soon.) a) expensive but interesting denim. I’d wear those yellow jeans. b) SINYMA performing. c) ummm. more denim?
Now, a strip of some of the things that get me going: a) one (of a hundred, really) “positivity” quote. b) the idea of summer just around the corner. Although, it is getting harder and harder to get that beach body. (see: steak photo above). c) a random heart wall I saw last Valentine’s – a reminder that I too must fix my dream wall.
Lastly, a strip of things that make me happy: a) high fashion crossing over to streetwear in the form of this Sassa Jimenez x THE collaboration top. b) Confetti-bombed wine, rendering it undrinkable yet highly photographable. c) a whole slew of items I got for myself (all from Oxygen). fyi, I am a stress-shopper/eater. Also a stress-crier.
Been jumping in and out of events/meetings/unintentionally crazy sessions recently. Stay tuned via Instagram (@alyssalapid) for real-time updates.) And stay tuned here – more posts to come. 😉