Sartorial Handcuffs

vest3vest2vest1vest4 vest6 vest7 vest8

Originally planned on taking these photos at Ateneo’s grade school playground area ’til I realized my minimal fabric count might be too scandalizing to a child so hopping off to a different building was a must.

It felt very rebellious to have maximum skin exposure at a place with so many sartorial boundaries. I despised dress codes, you see. So a no sleeveless, nothing shorter than 3 inches above the knee, and – at the time this was deemed with utmost importance -a no slippers ruling in college made it very difficult to dress up daily. I had to resort to throwing long skirts (even pants, sometimes) over whatever skimpy bottom I was wearing to enter certain buildings – most especially faculties.

I guess to some extent I will never fully recover from feeling momentary panic at seeing a Manong Guard (aka violator-catcher) so I tried to inject a proper dose of formal into my outfit – just in case I get hauled to some office (yes, three years after graduation I still have these delusions.) So thanks to my ForMe vest for being the sole garment I found comforting and, come accusation-time, probably even redemptive?

Seriously though, I missed Ateneo and shooting this there wasn’t some vengeful, in-your-face act. Still, it was rather fun parading my behind to heavily clothed kids. Must go back. I rather enjoyed the (s)troll.

Vest, FORME | Inner top, OLD NAVY | Floral shorts, SABRINA by TEENA TAN | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN | Metallic sandals, ASOS 

Sumthn’ Sumthn’


In love with how this top from ForMe makes me feel – like a dainty lil’ lady. With all the beanies and tummy exposed outfits I’ve been wearing, the term “lady” rarely escapes my mouth (or, in this case, fingers) but there’s something so delicately elegant about this top that seems to command just the word. Unconservatively conservative (that triangular cutout so perfect), intricately simple – there’s just a paradox I can’t quite pin down. What I do know is the novel feeling is quite nice and will now always be welcome.

Also, if you were wondering, my jeans do have rhinestones. This pair was purchased in high school (about 8 years ago? I, at this exact moment, feel very old) when Nava was still Babo. Kept them since and once in a while I do bring them out. It is rather timely that there seems to be a resurgence of rhinestones on Fashion Week but in no way is this post a consequence of. I really just happened to have bejewelled pants (and I’m sure at some point you did too.)

There goes today’s post – with something new, something old (which I think sounds an awful lot like a Kris Kringle theme.)

Top, FORME | Jeans, NAVA | Heels, ALEXANDER WANG | Sling bag, MARGIELA FOR H&M | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN 

LA Photo Diary

LA post1la_2la post 3

Trying not to lose sight of things even if they aren’t that clear (yet). So here’s a gentle reminder for me and mostly eye candy for you – a picture-packed post of my recent trip to LA. This is a city quite close to my heart tied with emotions difficult to put into words.

So let me just paint you a picture. You know how Katy Perry said she knows a place where the grass is really greener? (read: California Girls) I didn’t really notice the grass but, oh, that city. I am on all levels smitten by it.

Defying Gravity


Admiration from afar, somewhat literal paralysis up close: my usual emotional (sometimes physical) cycle with heelless shoes.

Bumping into girls in 5 inch versions of them – at escalators of all places – turns me into the social retard I sometimes am – complete with a matching, impossible to miss, gaping mouth. Now that I finally own a pair, I realize they aren’t so terrifying – sturdy even. So I wore these new babies out with another sturdy material I know – denim. Maybe it’s a frantic attempt on my part to soothe my nerves by balancing the unknown with the familiar. Then again, it probably just seemed cute. Which, come to think of it, isn’t such a bad measure in choosing outfits.

If, by any chance, you see me out in these, I am already forgiving you for the future gape sins you are bound to commit. Don’t treat me like a spectacle like I do others (golden rule flying out the window.) But if you must, fine. Do know that you’ll probably get tired of pushing your jaw back up as I’ve already decided (just now) that these heels will be on regular rotation.

My escalator issues I still have to work on so I’ll most likely just be in one floor. But whatever. At least I’ll have pretty shoes.

Shirtdress, TOPSHOP | Denim Jacket, LEVI’S | Strappy platforms, CMG | Skull necklace, ANTLER 


beanie1beanie2beanie3 beanie4 beanie5beanie5

As a freelancer, “dressing down” has been one of my favorite concepts and, sometimes, best(est) friend. Sweaters, denim, oversized comic shirts – name them, I embrace ’em. Once in a while I need to meet at corporate offices and I lose all sense of style I feel I previously had. Tried to harness corporate sensibility with a few casual undertones, hence, dressy pants with beanies. Fortunately for me the meeting got cancelled. Something tells me had it pushed through I would’ve been kicked out of the building. Okay, probably not as brutal as that but I would’ve been forced to remove the beanie (presumably) leaving me with the worst hair ever known to man.

In love with this top a few sizes too large. At some point I got tired of trying to pull it up so I just let it fall – my dignity with it. Still trying to figure out this print – some sort of cross between galactic-a and the earth post-UFO attack – but I really do like it. It’s a fresher take on the (borderline trite) galaxy print I’ve been seeing everywhere. Although, ironically, this “freshness” was on sale and, therefore, technically not very fresh.

Unless otherwise needed, I’m probably keeping the dressy pants back in my closet and sticking to casual wear. Although it is the month of love so…maybe dressy dresses? That might just lead to a post-Valentine’s entry. We’ll see. Happy (post) Valentine’s, everyone! Kisses from my screen to yours. :*




Frankly, “to wear or not to wear?” was the predominant question the day we drove off to Intramuros to be inspired.

Above statement probably didn’t make much sense so let me explain things further. Lovely Intramuros was our (rather far) destination to listen to a talk of interesting “game-changing” people. I can’t fit in two sentences who these people are nor what they’ve accomplished but I guess, to try, one, they are influential folks in the Philippines who try to change the way things are done and two, they are probably influential folks precisely because they try to change the way things are done. Does that make sense?

Anyway, felt very hesitant about adding on this hat mostly because it’s meant for a man’s head. So there was quite a long narcissistic staring contest between real-life Alyssa and mirror-image Alyssa where real-life Alyssa was pretty wary of mirror-image Alyssa’s look. In the end, real-life Alyssa was convinced to keep the hat on. Obviously.

Honestly, that whole day I  thought I was channeling Tom Sawyer. The outfit (well the hat mostly) seemed very peasant-like despite the fact that my pointed pumps were very evidently metallic and my sling purse was all sequined. Upon further research (for this post) I realized it, in fact, wasn’t Tom Sawyer I was dressed like but Eponine from Les Miserables.

So signing off now to either 1) start belting out “On My Own” or 2) start crying Les Mis style.

Or, actually, knowing me, I’d probably do both.

Dress, H&M | Pointed pumps, RIVER ISLAND | Sling bag, NINE WEST via PURSE OF ALL | Beret, ALDO