Easy. Breezy. Black.

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Snaps of a recent outfit I wore on a day when thinking wasn’t an option. Black makes life (especially that of a gemini’s) so much easier. Although, there are times when I have to remind myself that lack of color does not equate to 1) the wearer’s lack of a personality and 2) depression. It’s pretty obvious, I agree, but when you are in a room full of neon-clad folks you tend to wonder. Then again, that’s probably just me. Hence, a pathetic attempt to comfort myself and my perpetual ebony-obession.

Color was a no-brainer in this outfit and so were the elements. Ankle boots? Aviators? Some sort of comfortable bottom? Sta-ples. A normal black button-down would’ve been too but I felt like the asymmetrical hem of this particular one from ForMe was a subtle yet sweet surprise. And I’m all about surprises.

Including springing these somewhat over-exposed photos on you! Yes, that was a surprise. It probably wasn’t as good (nor as noticeable) as surprises generally should be. But since my extravagant surprise-throwing capabilities are limited, bear with my meager attempts at spontaneity – necessary to prove my earlier contention that black need not mean boring and that, therefore, I am not boring.

…and I probably convinced absolutely no one.

Button down, FORME | Leggings, FOREVER21 | Boots, ALDO | Bag, COACH | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN

Nescafe Gold Picks

It’s not love, motivation or drive that gets me going each morning – it’s coffee. I (semi) kid. But coffee really is my best friend especially in the wee (and not so wee) hours of the morning.

NESCAFE has been my go-to coffee brand since forever (or at least since I started drinking coffee – almost out of high school unlike kids these days who sport Starbucks venti cups at 8 years old). Releasing a premium 3in1 coffee, NESCAFE GOLD 3in1, as a next step for NESCAFE was really no surprise. An upgrade, if you may – it’s richer and definitely more satisfying (thanks to the blend of smooth Arabica and bold Robusta).

I’m probably getting too technical so if you want to try it (and I suggest you do), head on over to Zalora (http://www.zalora.com.ph/nescafegoldpicks/). NESCAFE GOLD 3in1 made a few “Gold Picks” – from women’s apparel, men’s, accessories, beauty, home and living and sports – AND if you guys buy anything from their picks they will send a free sample pack along with your free delivery. PLUS, Zalora will be giving a Php500 voucher for every minimum Php1000 purchase on the “Gold Picks.” It’s like getting paid to shop.

NESCAFE Gold Picks Zalora carousel banner ad

I browsed through the picks and had fun coming up with several outfits using the items. Hope you like ‘em.


A Letter to My Shoes



Dear Sonja (A. Wang),

Because I scoured three different cities in LA to find you, in the end ordered and had you delivered to meet me in Michigan, and have been keeping you wrapped up in your box in fear that the snow will do terrible things to your skin (aka beautiful leather), I feel inclined to celebrate your (literal) coming out in the best way I know how – a blog post. Here’s to fun times, chill times, amazing times, hell, even not so good times – I know you will elevate me literally and metaphorically (maybe even metaphysically?)

And I promise to make you my favorite pair – to be worn ceaselessly until you crack and wither.

I now pronounce us better than Brangelina.


(I had to.)

Shine Bright

af eb c

All dainty in my admission that I actually do not have that much swag – I didn’t want to deceive you (if you ever were) with all those beanie posts. Not to mention, I had time (way too much) to dress up the other day. Jetlag is 100% to blame. Btw, since we’re on it, this post is being written at 4 in the morning. Although, more and more I’m realizing my side stories are probably of no interest to you. So…

Tried a couple of new things – 1) a bejewelled headband – which I would’ve been sporting sooner had stores offered me a palatable enough selection. I’ve been on the lookout for ages and 2) a middle part. Still assessing how I feel about my baby bangs being severely exposed so I’ll post this now, hurriedly, before I decide I hate the look.

Also, this beautiful Oxygen top would’ve gotten more vanity photos had it not been for the intense wind screwing everything (including me) up. I am telling you, had I stayed longer I would’ve flashed everyone – both top and bottom. I guess it’s just the universe’s way of saying I need to wear it out again (and if you read a recent post, ‘again’ means 10,000 more times).

I guess waking up early does have its sartorial perks. But honestly, jetlag’s still a b****.

Top, OXYGEN | Skirt and headband, FOREVER 21 | Bag, COACH | Pumps, ALEXANDER WANG (I love typing that)

Age of Innocence


Resisting the urge to talk about innocence and how to bastardize it by…There. Resisted.

Instead, let’s talk about innocence and how to re-create it. Sort of. This might sound more serious than it should but having read three children’s letters to Obama about gun violence (nothing too tear-provoking) and after eavesdropping on a whole party-bus conversation where the older kid points out a pole in the bus and the younger kid answers, quite knowingly, that it’s a safety feature for people to hold on to when the bus stops/turns/swerves abruptly, I found myself smiling, looking back on all those days when my only concern was Barbie’s outfit and my outlook wasn’t tainted by everything it’s tainted with now. My taints shall remain unshared for the time being. Innocence is beautiful and it seems so much clearer (and kinder) a perspective.

And it’s probably naive of me to try and capture that innocence or, at the very least, remember by donning this beautiful white lace dress. Especially since it didn’t work, trust me. What I did achieve, however, was turning that purity into something a bit more feral – black boots, black sunglasses, a black purse (well, did you really expect otherwise?) 

But can you blame me for trying? Oh, what I’d give to see the world with (re)fresh(ed) eyes.

…and curl up with my Barbies, obviously.

Dress, bag and rings, H&M | Boots, ALDO | Earrings, LAUREN CONRAD | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN 

Got Skills?

2a4a 3a 1 5

Photos by Bjorn Bedayo

Having ordered them just a couple weeks back, the cost per wear on these Aldo boots is already getting pretty low. Just goes to show I am either 1) a brilliant shopper or 2) an overabuser. And everything points to the second with the strongest evidence being this Margiela H&M bag that has been on every post here since purchase.

A quite similar outfit has been Instagrammed (read: beanie + top) but I found the need to wear a sister outfit for the sake of having it photographed because, yes, my need to take outfit shots occasionally governs my days. Looks like 2013 = dedicated blogger Alyssa. Let’s see how long that will last.

Also, if you must know I happen to love all the pieces in this outfit – for different reasons that will probably be unveiled in different blog posts. Two elderly ladies stopping me mid-shopping to ask where I got my beanie (Cotton On, girls) is affirmation enough. Looks like by the end of the year (or month) all items will have incredulously low costs per wear.

I, therefore, take above statement back. I am a genius shopper.

Top, KASHIECA | Skirt, SM GTW | Boots, ALDO | Beanie, COTTON ON | Bag, MARGIELA for H&M | Rings, H&M

Bookstore Blues

mi1 mi3 mi4mi2mi5

Taking outfit shots in front of a bookstore, my haven, seems to make sense. Maybe not for the passersby though, nor for those who were trying to park but couldn’t coz I was greedily occupying spots. I spend hours (and even more money) in them, the least they could do is indulge my outfit shot needs.

I had to take the opportunity to snap photos despite the many weirded out onlookers – this was the ONLY day I wasn’t all bundled up like an eskimo. The snow and I don’t really do well together. And since I refused to be reduced (entirely) to the Michigan way – sweatshirts and sweatpants – I brought flimsy pieces like this maxi skirt and forced myself to wear them – only half-a-Michigan-girl in my sweatshirt.

If you follow me on Twitter (and I hope you do, @alyssalapid), you’re probably vaguely familiar with the details of my Christmas trip and I’m most likely confusing you a bit by starting off with an MI post. Do expect an LA photo diary soon.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back, sans the cold, happily (and heavily) typing away on my laptop, drafting outfit posts for you guys.

Yes. This is just perfect.

Hoodie, H&M | Skirt, Cambodia | Boots, ALDO | Purse, MARGIELA FOR H&M | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN 


nima1nima3 nima4

Snakeskin will probably always be my favorite animal print. It’s intoxicating how both sinister and delicate the scales seem – on garments, of course. I wouldn’t go anywhere near the real thing.

The moment I laid eyes on this dress I knew I had to grab it, and grab it I did. How perfect is it? It’s snakeskin, it’s red and it’s tiered! Okay, I probably was a bit biased because it’s from Nima. Add an extra ounce of bias because I got it at Platform (too many favorites in one post.)

On a different note, flying back to Manila in a few. I can finally fulfill my intense longing to wear flimsy pieces again. That, and to take outfit shots in the sun. Definitely more outfit posts when I get back – and nope that wasn’t just some January-resolution. 😉

Dress, NIMA Manila | boots, OLD NAVY | Sunglasses, FOREVER21

Siem Reap, Day 3

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Yes, it’s a bit late (okay, maybe about 3 weeks late) but better late than never! (Which reminds me, changing mottos this 2013 is a must. How does ‘the early bird catches the worm’ sound?)

Anyway, here are some of my quick tips from my Siem Reap misadventures Day 3:

1) The Old Market is WAY cheaper than the night market. Have I mentioned this in the previous post? doesn’t matter, it’s important I’ll say it again. And anything you’ll find at the Night Market will be available at the Old Market. For real. To me the night market is like a nasty hangover. You have loads of fun at night but regret it in the morning.

2) Shop. Because if you don’t, you’ll end up like me and my best friend fawning over how cheap everything was and smacking each other for not buying enough. Frugality certainly has its disadvantages.

3) Hoard. (just to emphasize #2 and how cheap everything is. Just hoard)

4) Research about the tourist destinations in Cambodia. We didn’t and I just saw Jeopardy (yes, that Jeopardy) with a whole column of questions on Cambodia – about houses on stilts, beautiful buildings and the like – none of which, I saw.

Must go back, if not for number 4 for those cutie patootie elephant pencil cases/pouches I should’ve hoarded.

Top, ForMe | skirt, H&M (feeling inclined to mention a top like this to whatever trip is a must – soft enough to feel delicate, striking enough to get noticed; a no-fuss top that instantly makes you feel dressed up. I did feel that despite me having to borrow sandals from my friend because of the untimely demise of my favorite pair of ankle boots. Oh, another Siem Reap misadventure. I did tell you I had lots.) 

Dear Santa

Santa made his list, probably checked it twice, unfortunately for me he skipped my stocking altogether.

And he’s been doing so for more than a decade now. If Santa wasn’t in hibernation, these are probably what I would ask for – heaps of shoes. Come to think of it, maybe it is precisely because of my wishlist that he refuses to see me year after year.

Been finding myself on shoe pages a lot, not that I buy them. I ogle, I save images and I keep them in a precious little folder, knowing full well that they will never see my feet, never have me experience blistering pain (or comfort, if there is such a pair), nor will they be my partners in facing my escalator fears – or just the escalator. And I’m only half-kidding. Here are  some of the pairs I’ve been lusting over. Feel free to experience deep longing in about 10 seconds.


1) Charlotte Olympia Paris sandal, 2) Lanvin pumps, 3) Prada quarter strap sandal, 4) Prada glitter pump, 5) Chloé two tone leather sandals, 6) Alexander Wang Liya pump, 7) Lanvin Lucite wedge sandal, 8) Valentino Rockstud leather pumps, 9) Marni wood wedge sandal 

See what I mean? It probably doesn’t help that I eat all his cookies either.

Also, Happy New Year  everybody! Hope you all have an amazing 2013! :*