Mind the Gap [Bloggers United 4]

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Photos by Anton Aguila 

Bloggers United was definitely worth the 8-hour heel-prison. Meeting readers is always heart-warming especially when they affirm that they do read your blog. It makes me feel like these blog posts aren’t written entirely in vain (encompassing literal vanity, as they are all pictures of me.) I kid. Seriously though, the kind words (read “I read your blog”) are all very touching. It’s also quite awesome to be able to talk to people who can relate to my sartorial choices.

Tried to suck in my stomach every single snap of the camera (and all moments in between), but I couldn’t resist wearing this Proudrace top. To be honest, I prepared this top a week before like a giddy little girl. The rest of the outfit fell into place. But this top, this top was planned. Shoutout to Anton Aguila for the awesome pictures! (Check out his virtual portrait snaps here)

To everyone who dropped by my booth, bought something, said hi or just threw me a smile, THANK YOU. And to the readers I met, you made me real happy. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH. Here’s a short compilation of some of the (downloadable) pictures you sent me. You guys are awesome, I’m so lucky to have amazing (not to mention fashionable) readers. Til the next.

with readers

Turtleneck cropped top, PROUDRACE | Black asymmetrical skirt, SM GTW | Purse, MARGIELA for H&M | Heels, DAS

with (l-r:1) Jhair, Maricar, Enchie, (2) Mikae and friend, Argie, (3) Ashley, Aerielle and Monica. Lovely meeting you all! 

Oh! and hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Enjoy the rest of the holidays! :*

Siem Reap, Day 2

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And now, here are my tips for you all.

1) Seeing Angkor Wat at sunrise is supposedly beautiful. We wouldn’t know, we were about 20 minutes late. Honestly, I don’t think there’d be much of a difference. But if you really do want to get up at 5AM…

2) Don’t wear heels to temple visits. Each temple requires hours of walking on rocks, uneven steps and more rocks. Don’t wear kitten heels even if they are boots. Just don’t.

3) Visit temples at your own pace. We only had two days in Cambodia so we packed temple visits in one morning. To me they all look sort of the same. Again, rocks, rocks and more rocks. The three most famous though, acco. to our tuktuk driver, Kim, are the Angkor Wat (which is actually in my very short bucket list), Tapram (the temple featured in Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider with the trees coming out), and the Bayon, with the multiple heads of their gods (or aliens acco. to the conspiracy theories on History Channel.) They are breathtakingly beautiful but again, each temple requires TONS of walking. Be warned.

4) Ride the elephant. I wouldn’t know what it’s like though. We wanted to but we only had a day’s pass ($20) for the temples and were too tired to go back after that morning and too frugal to spend another $20 for entrance.

5) If the driver tells you he’ll meet you on the opposite end of the temple, he means he’ll meet you on the opposite end of the temple. Don’t be fooled by confusing signs and even more confusing passersby. Else you end up going back the way you came in just. like. us. Not cool.

6) If you want to learn about the history, buy the Siem Reap book (sold at the temples) or hire a tour guide. We did neither and ended up guessing stuff and trying to eavesdrop on the other tour groups. We didn’t get very far.

7) Always bring a bikini (applicable to all trips). Pools are always so enticing and my friends are easily enticed. And if you see a pool, swim and have a few drinks. Because, why not?

8) If you bring dare cards/games, make sure they work. The only dare we were able to scratch out was to walk like we were drunk – which, for some reason, we’ve been doing the whole time anyway.

9) Get a massage and pray you get a good masseuse. We got ours for $5 at a sketchy place but it turned out real good. Rewarding risk. Also, don’t laugh when you see your friends in deep massage momentum.

10) The night market is WAY MORE expensive than the Old Market. So if you do end up buying stuff at the night market, don’t ask for their prices the following day at the Old Market to avoid heartbreaks.

11) Book a nice hotel. That goes without saying, but props to ours – Memoire d’Angkor. The hotel was lovely, service amazing and the people -oh the people!- were the nicest! Although to be honest, everybody in Cambodia seemed very nice and very mellow. Gotta love them.

Also, a few other gentle reminders. 1) a mosquito repellent is a must, 2) wear sunglasses. The places, especially the temples, are very dusty, and 3) haggle like a madwoman.

A couple more Cambodia posts in the next few days. Not sure if my trip was vicarious enough for you to live through but I do hope it stirs some sort of desire to pack your bags and book the next trip to Siem Reap. or the next seat sale, at least.

Siem Reap, Day 1

Cambodia has always been in my bucket list. Trying to recall why but nothing’s coming up. My bucket list is quite short too so this country being in it is a bit mind-boggling for me.

Before going into the beauty that is Cambodia though, meet the beauty that is the ‘Superfriends’ (don’t judge, our Calculus professor was the one who coined that). These girls, I met 6 years ago and despite only being together for our freshman year, it’s these girls I run to still when in dire need of putting life into perspective. Keeping myself from bragging but failing – I need to mention that they are the most intelligent, beautiful and passionate people I have met. I can’t put into words how much they inspire me so here’s a pathetic attempt – bio-style- to show you what they’re about and hopefully, have them inspire you as well.


This recent trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia was a trip of firsts for me and I will try to chronicle my experiences per day giving you tips that I assume would be relevant to you. This first one should be short – we flew in at 11:00 pm and didn’t have much to do to wake up in time for the temple tours the following day. Enjoy!

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1) don’t fly in at 11:00 pm like we did, unless you’re only goal is to party, then you’d land right on time.

2) Head to Pub Street (shoutout to Deej Fabian for the heads up!). What better way to get a feel of their night life than by going to the famous Pub Street where locals and foreigners alike hang out and let loose. Draft beers go for $0.50 (it goes without saying that this should be tried.)

3) Bring cameras at your own risk. The guards at the hotel advised us against bringing cameras hence the few and poorly taken pictures via phone. If chronicling your night is important to you (or if you don’t plan on going draft beer crazy) then bring em, by all means.

4) Don’t panic if one of your friends frigidly says that a woman is following you. You’ll probably find that it’s just a 7 year old kid begging for money. No need to have mini heart attacks like us.

5) Dance. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the street by yourself, if it’s in the street with  a random kid vendor teaching you her moves, if it’s in some club where you form a circle and go Gangnam crazy, or if it’s on some platform in some club with people with genders you aren’t quite sure of. Dance.

Number 5 is applicable anywhere, btw. Til the next.

Bloggers United 4

Yes, I’m alive. Been in Cambodia for a few days & left my laptop and all reminders of work in Manila- a much needed break. Sharing that trip with you should be fun but meanwhile, I have an announcement to make.

So ecstatic that I’ll be joining Bloggers United again this December 15-16 at the World Bazaar Festival at the World Trade Center! I’ve (finally)  learned to let go of my clothes so expect lots and lots of favorite pieces of mine to be there. Prices will be cheap too so please do visit the bazaar and, of course, my booth!

Had an amazing time meeting my readers last June and I want nothing more than to experience that again. So swing by, shop, or just have a little chat with me. I would love to meet all of you. 🙂

Tickets are Php50 which you can avail of at the entrance. I will also be doing a quick Twitter ticket giveaway soon so stay tuned for that. 🙂

BU4 Poster

Here’s a sneak peek of SOME of the MANY MANY items I’ll be selling. I swear, as an emotional clothes owner, I feel like I’m selling about half my closet.

Doors open at 10AM and close at 12 mn, but I probably won’t be there til that time so drop by earlier, k? See you!

Bloggers United is in partnership with: World Bazaar Festival

Wounded Soldier

proudrace1proudrace4 proudrace5 proudrace6 proudrace7 proudrac2

I wasn’t quite the ‘trooper’ at the Status Scout Trooper party. Whereas everybody else was in some camouflage/army green/khaki outfit, I was in my usual dreary black and gray color scheme. Mentally rehearsed an outfit explanation in my head (just in case) which goes something like this – I was dressed as a wounded soldier as evidenced by the strategically-placed chiffon-lacking-areas in my dress. Explanation to be followed by an eye-roll and a silent but very lip-readable ‘duh’ to make the question-asker secondguess his/her ability to pinpoint references. Well, that, or that I was a spy- which would’ve fooled absolutely no one.

It wasn’t that I was trying to be a rebel not following themes. I searched and searched but all camo/army inspired pieces I used to own, I let go of. (Again, this is me pushing back memories I’d rather not remember. For your entertainment purposes – one includes a sprained elbow from a dive I took in some CAT obstacle course in high school. Yes, that happened.)

Upon further inspection of my messy closet post-event, I found a handful of army green skirts. Oops. Maybe I was blinded by my unconscious to be able to wear this Proudrace dress I’ve been dying to since I laid eyes on it at Platform.

Then again, maybe I just wasn’t wearing my glasses at the time. On purpose. You’ll never know. And I definitely don’t remember.

Dress, PROUDRACE | Boots, OLD NAVY | Upside down purse, MARGIELA for H&M 

Things Undone

rajo beanie3rajo beanie2rajo beanierajo beanie4

The only remnants of a former corporate self – my black pencil skirts. Not quite ready to reminisce energy-sucking cubicle colors and my Microsoft Outlook chronicles, I reared memory lane’s ugly head to an entirely different direction – one that involved beanies and casual tanks.

While this outfit – a beanie and a half-tucked oversized tank from Oxygen that readily showcased a piece in my lingerie collection – would’ve landed me a cold, hard sanction in an office setting, it was rather refreshing wearing it to brunch at a quaint little place where every girl is expected to dress like a lady. Felt a bit like a rebel seeing the rest of the women daintily clad – that feeling immediately offset, however, by the realization that to me a beanie is but a cute accessory and not some street/skatergirl/hipster statement/lifestyle. Boo.

Tried to combat how undone everything felt by wearing my Rajo! for Parisian heels – those subtle bows on each side making all the difference. (Incidentally, Nix happened to be in a table nearby so I met him thanks to my choice of [Rajo] footwear.) Also, glad I finally got to showcase this Margiela for H&M bag in an outfit post. Been using it literally every single day since I got it. Maybe a separate entry on it is in order. Maybe. But don’t hold me to that just yet.

HYPE Tank, OXYGEN | Pencil skirt, FOREVER21 | Floral platforms, RAJO! for PARISIAN | Upside-down bag, MARGIELA for H&M