MI Photo Diary

Posting pictures from my Michigan trip a couple months back because 1) I said I would and 2) I am in the dark as to whether I’ll be snap-happy enough this winter to fill another 33-square post-trip entry so it’s best to take advantage of whatever ‘summer’ shots I have.

Abused a few things during the trip – the food (obviously), the outfit shot-able backgrounds (which involved dragging my mom everywhere) and the precious time I had with my nieces and nephew. Would’ve included more pictures of my family and my favorite cousins in the universe but their being camera-shy didn’t really do this blog post good.

Another highlight, albeit quick, was the fact that my friend, Monette, flew in from LA to visit me. About to return the favor.

Very excited for December, actually. Haven’t been this excited to leave in years. Maybe I just need to step away from the crazy that is Manila and do some soul-searching. A bigger concern though, than whether or not my soul would be found, is my lack of winter-outfit-styling know-how. Add to that the fact that I do not have anything even remotely winter appropriate…I’m screwed.

Stay tuned. Looks like this will turn out to be very entertaining – for you, of course.

Pictures were either hipstamatic edited (back when I didn’t have instagram. I do now – http://instagram.com/alyssalapid) or awkwardly cropped. 

Beanies and Bras

What I’d rather be wearing: a beanie and a loose, bra-peeking tank.

Wore awfully ‘un-sexy’ pieces to a lingerie event – the La Senza Show-Off at Rockwell. Seriously. I don’t get my own outfit-event/background mismatches sometimes. I think the fact that I was surrounded by the laciest, skimpiest, and most coveted intimates – ones that could snag Mr. Christian Grey himself – was enough.

Why I am not donning an outfit like this now, I do know – I can’t find my beanie. I own but 2 pairs: a yellow one with the knits unraveling way faster than its supposed shelf-life and this grey one – a beanie I happened to buy in some random pharmacy in Chicago two winters ago. I was freezing and it was necessary. Now it’s just missed.

Saw a couple cute ones at Muji. Where else can I get nice (and affordable) ones? Need to buy a few before leaving for Michigan. Which reminds me, I owe you guys some sort of photo diary. This week, promise.

Pic taken from W/E  with a Vern Enciso and Dan Buenaventura cameo 😉

Imaginary Outfits

Thanks to the crazy traffic in Manila, I missed several opportunities to ogle pieces during Philippine Fashion Week. Sucks, I know. One show I was planning on watching was SM Shoes and Bags but never got ‘round to. So, like any other sane person would do, I stalked their new products. I’m semi-kidding (about my sanity). Happened to fall in love with a few pieces and figured I’d just come up with several polyvore-like outfits with them because, why not? My dream looks were quite easy to complete thanks to Net-a-Porter, a site I have a love-hate relationship with. Love ‘coz, well, it’s always nice to window shop the most coveted designer pieces and hate ‘coz, duh, I can’t afford them. (can’t afford them YET- don’t mind this, this is me The Secret-ing.) Anyway, here are the three pieces and the corresponding awesome outfits that, in my imagination, fit perfectly.

Leather paneled stretch crepe midi skirt, ALEXANDER WANG | Chunky knit sweater, THEYSKENS’ THEORY | Round frame sunglasses, THE ROW | Nail Lacquer in Moderne Red and Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Tamara Red, LAURA MERCIER | Love is All You Need canvass bag and Braided silver ring, FOREVER 21 | SM PARISIAN

Intarsia knitted skirt, MARY KATRANTZOU | | Pointed heels, VALENTINO | Tank, pink scarf and rhinestone earrings, H&M | Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Angelic, LAURA MERCIER | Black buckled boots with faux fur, SM PARISIAN

Cat eye acetate sunglasses, THE ROW | Lucy clutch, CHLOE | Bow earrings, FOREVER 21 | Tent tank and sweater, H&M | Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Deco Rouge, LAURA MERCIER | Cream buckled ankle boots, SM PARISIAN

Also, I do realize I wear/like/am obsessed with sweaters like I’m not by the equator but I can’t help it.

What do you guys think? Dreamy, right? At least some of the pieces there I can actually own – some of the accessories, the make up (Laura Mercier should be at any Rustan’s branch) and, well, those boots and that perforated cotton-candy pink purse. I’m heading to Megamall this weekend to shop SM Parisian. See you there?

Sunday’s Best

Drafting this post while still wearing the outfit is rather refreshing given my many pending entries in my never-ending backlog list (which reminds me, I think a self-chat re: prioritizing is in order.)

It’s been a while since I dressed up for church. The reasons for that mainly being 1) always rushing in the morning resulting to grabbing whatever’s in sight – hence a mismatched outfit about once a week; 2) running out of nice things to wear by Sunday thanks to, well, the previous 6 days I try to dress up; and 3) dress codes.

Getting tired of the past week’s shirts and denims, I got inspired to take into heart ‘Sunday’s best’ and look like a lady, for once – momentarily pushing my sandos and other laid-back gear to the back of my closet. The dress is huge, but I kind of like it that way. Not that I had that much of a choice – it’s a one-of-a-kind purchase (read vintage). Topped the look off with hair clipped to the side and my favorite weapon of choice – red lipstick (it’s MAC’s Ruby Woo, if you were wondering.)

I succeeded, right? No? Boo. I even threw on this chunky Twinkies necklace for good measure.

Dress, Vintage | Belt, PLATO’S CLOSET | Wedges, ALDO | Bag, THE SAK | Infinity necklace, TWINKIES INC. | Bobbies, GOODY | Lipstick, MAC Ruby Woo

From Bare Midriffs to Aladdin

My current addiction: circular skirts. I have this particular one in four colors -all from Sabrina. I seem to like pieces that deceptively require tremendous amounts of fabric. It may be short but this style eats up fabric like how I’d eat up a sizzling plate of sisig – quickly, relentlessly and with no remorse whatsoever.

Also, I noticed that while normal people take more things off towards the end of the night, I cover up. My peek-a-boo midriff only stayed that way for about an hour, Genie and Aladdin embracing it the rest of the night. I wonder how bouncers would’ve reacted had I tried to get in party places -“Ma’am, ID please.” Seriously, I don’t know if looking younger than my age is a good thing. Maybe when I’m 40? Sporting Disney personalities doesn’t really help, but resisting takes too much effort on my end so I vapidly outweigh cutesy over age-appropriate.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to test bouncers’ age-gauging prowess. Will definitely keep you posted.

Cropped tank, TOPSHOP | Aladdin sweater, FOREVER21 | Circular skirt, SABRINA by TEENA TAN | Studded flats, GUESS | Floral earrings, FOREVER21 | Bag, COACH

Business In the Front, Party In the Back

I haven’t really fallen for a trend quite like this but oxblood is special because 1) it seems to make things a bit more vampiric and 2) it prompts special NCIS memories. And yes, those were supposed to win you over.

As an (occasional) impulse buyer, trend-fanning is quite detrimental to my funds; especially when the things I find are faux-fur vests I have no use of – which, if you were wondering, I did end up buying. Luckily, one spending was easily justified – this pair of shorts I seem to have worn four times since finding it at Cotton On two weeks ago. (FYI, my spending formula is: Price/# of times worn = cost per wear). So considering my forecast of this piece being overused, I can proudly say this piece is a steal. I can also say, albeit not-as-proudly, that my spending logic is quite defunct.

Also, this outfit accurately sums up all things I splurge on ridiculously – asymmetrical anything, anything non-restrictive, boots, and, currently, oxbloods and barely there necklaces. The only thing lacking would be a character/Disney shirt, but you know that already.

On a completely unrelated note, my top’s train reminds me of Vegas. Still deciding if the pleasant surprise is in the front or at the back but I promise you, there is one.

Asymmetrical leopard top, SM GTW | Oxblood shorts, COTTON ON | Boots, OLD NAVY | Cross necklace, FOREVER21 | Pony pouf, GOODY 

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Nudos: Rags 2 Riches by Aranaz

Waking up to a certain message from Amina Aranaz is probably the closest I’ll ever get to – as Kesha so eloquently put – “feeling like P. Diddy.” You have to understand, as Amina’s student, she was a figure I looked up to since her very first lecture on dreaming big – with every subsequent meeting with her much awaited outfits adding to that sense of awe. Imagine getting an invite to be a muse of her newest Aranaz collaboration with Rags 2 Riches. Muse! I quite like the title. Replying like I was asked out on a date probably wasn’t necessary, but…muse!

The collab’s theme, Nudos (or knots), made much sense especially since Rags 2 Riches is known for its rag-crafting abilities – knotting and twisting fitting right in. Aranaz being their partner also made sense with the brand being known for creating beautiful designs from indigenous materials. Perfect match.

Frankly, groups that create livelihoods for communities that need it most will always be respected in my book. How Rags 2 Riches differs from the rest of the bunch, I think, is due to them not resorting to pity-buying, or what I have dubbed (just now) “good citizen marketing” (read: equating buying to helping). While I very much appreciate the goodwill behind R2R, I also appreciate the actual products – pieces I know people would buy regardless of the charity they’re for. The designs can, and do, stand alone.

Also, it’s quite interesting that I got orange and green pieces to a gold and black-themed event with my go-to lipstick being an intense shade of red. While I risked looking like a completely off-mark rainbow, I think I partially avoided it by wearing an all-black ensemble. Although, I admit, my kitten-heeled boots didn’t do much to help my midget-status with co-muses Danika Navarro, Tricia Gosingtian, Patricia Prieto, Camille Co and Kryz Uy who were all, as usual, several inches taller.

Not sure how I did as a muse, but I’ve been doing quite well as a bag owner  happily lugging my goodies around since (see post here). I highly recommend you check out their collection and be a happy bag owner yourself.

Dress, H&M | Belt, FOREVER21 | Boots, OLD NAVY | Ponytail, GOODY| LAZO Orange necklace with floral cotton pendants and AMARO green wooden clutch with removable straps, both from RAGS 2 RICHES BY ARANAZ Nudos Holiday Collection

Outfit photos by Danika Navarro | event photos by Martin Yambao [bloggers pic: Patricia,  Camille, Kryz, Tricia, myself, Danika | bloggers with Amina: myself, Danika, Amina Aranaz, Tricia] | collection picture from R2R facebook page

I heart GTW, GTW hearts YOU

It’s a circle of love, really. Assuming you ‘heart’ me back, of course.

Already posted a few times about being an SM GTW brand ambassador (a blessing I’m thankful for to this day). However, inviting you to go check out their stores, and not-so-subtly hinting to consequently check out my photos, completely slipped my mind. My vanity is terribly out of place sometimes. 

Discreetly tried to take pictures of myself but failed with the buzz of salesladies over my shoulder probably trying to figure out what it was exactly I was snapping photos of. Brilliantly, albeit slowly, came up with the idea to ask for the photos instead. Posting a couple pics in the hope that your interest would be piqued enough to go the actual store to view the rest (and shop while you’re at it). Find them in any SM GTW section.

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Giveaway runs from today til the 30th of November. With tons of my outfit posts wearing GTW stuff, you probably already know how awesome their pieces are.

Now, do you ‘heart’ me?