Pajama Party

Top, RIO by DANIKA NAVARRO | Pants, BAYO | Clogs, PARISIAN | Bag, COACH | Necklace and gold cuff, TWINKIES, INC. 

Reminders of my bed/sheets/pillows and any reference to sleep are always  welcome. It should come as no surprise then how much comfort I find in drawstring pants – quite a lot. And as much as I would want to deceive you and conjure some lingerie/nightgown-wearing perception of me, that just isn’t the case. With drawstrings though come the risk of looking too casual, so shoutout to Twinkies Inc. for these gold goodies I ornamented myself with – this necklace+bangle combo probably the closest I’ll ever get to being ‘bling-ed out.’

To keep from blathering on lemme proceed with the real reason of this post: announcing the winners of the Rajo! for Parisian contest. Congratulations to Chinnie, Jilliane Bulatao, Valeree San Juan, Isabela Seciliano and Jaz Chan! You all win two tickets to the launch of Rajo! for Parisian. Check your DMs for details. Also, contest ain’t over as Rajo will still be choosing 3 lucky ladies (from the bloggers’ collective picks) to win 2 free pairs each. Winners will be announced on Friday, so cross everything you can cross ’til. Good luck and see you next week. 😉 And thanks to everyone who joined. We had a hard time choosing entries, they were all so good. ‘Til the next giveaway, yes?

EDIT: Here are the final winners of the Rajo! for Parisian contest! You girls win two free pairs of your choice at the show. Congratulations Jilliane Bulatao, Jasmin Chanand Charmaine Manlangit!! 🙂

Gushes and Roses

Peplum dress, BENGT ENRIQUE | Heels, RENEGADE FOLK | Sidebun, GOODY

Not knowing where to begin, let me tell you how fantastic the Bench Universe show was – extremely. Production was insane – boats flying from the ceiling, a huge-ass ship on stage, people dancing on stilts, ANTM girls on the runway, the biggest designers, the hottest (naked) bodies. And the costumes! Witnessing such amazing craftsmanship, intricate details, vivid concepts that translated so well on the runway gave me such joy. For real. Shoutout to my favorites – Furne One, Michael Cinco and Cary Santiago. Sigh. Unfortunately for all of us, I have no pictures to share. So I have to rely solely on my faulty memory and you on sheer imagination. Or other sites. My bad. But seriously, you should check it out. Stylebible has pictures.

What I do have are a couple pictures of myself in the outfit I wore – a Bengt Enrique original and some Renegade Folk heels. Turning a random Starbucks bathroom into a dressing room is quite the experience especially with some strong air-spray stench seemingly meant to choke restroom goers.  But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Or maybe a girl’s gotta dress at home instead.

Egg Yolks and Things

Top, PENSHOPPE | Shorts, SABRINA | Heels,  SM Parisian | Vest, LEVI’S | Beanie & ring, FOREVER21 

Props to my outfit’s inspiration – B-Side-going dudes who don Coldplay-like beanies plus rock n’ roll denim vests. Uh-huh. I’m in a beanie funk. I discovered in today’s shoot – after multiple q’s and even more takes – that my fashion philosophy is to “dress the way you want.” So who cares if my head is reminiscent of an egg yolk? Then again, trust no judgment of mine when food is (sorta) involved. Egg yolk or not, this outfit is actually part of the 7 menswear tips I’m giving at this month. Not to coerce you or anything but you should probably check it out. Just saying.

All Smiles For You

Tank, H&M | Skirt, Sabrina | Boots, OLD NAVY | Sunglasses, FOREVER21

Photos by Danika Navarro

My way of apologizing for not posting often? Bombarding you with smiling/laughing pics of myself. Crossing fingers that you’d forgive me once you get a glimpse of that grin ‘coz really, how can you stay mad at somebody who’s all smiles for ya? Went all nautical on a day filled with meetings. Topped it off with a seashell+starfish printed bag which I unfortunately forgot to bring out during this quick ‘photo op.’ I might just be losing my touch. Or my mind – that’s likely. I will try to be a more active blogger and keep my sanity at the same time.  An unlikely feat, I know. So no promises on either one.

On second thought, the former’s much much easier. The latter? Cue Joker’s laugh in 3…2…

Rajo! For Parisian Contest

I daresay you’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t gotten wind of the previous Rajo Laurel collaboration with SM Parisian. Giving you time to keep up and informing you weeks in advance that he is doing another one. Eeeeep! To understand how exciting this is for me, imagine me going all fan-girl on him that time he gave a talk in SoFA – yes, complete with a “can I take a picture with you?” moment and a stab of disappointment by not bringing anything he could’ve signed. Yes, an autograph would’ve been great (Universal Studio/Disneyland characters suddenly coming to mind.) My arm would’ve been an okay canvass, I do not get how I did not think of that.

A big leap from my rambling, let me just say that, like me, you also have that chance to be a fan-girl! Or if it isn’t your ‘thing’, I’m sure 2 pairs of shoes from his new collection would do. Sets of 2 tickets to his launch are also up for grabs. And you know what, to be quite honest with you, this is the easiest contest I’ve done so far.

Contest Mechanics:

1) Follow @SMParisian on Twitter

2) Follow @alyssalapid on Twitter

2) Tweet a photo of yourself in your most stylish Parisian shoes, use a short photo caption and tag @SMParisian (using twitpic, Instagram, lockerz, etc.) You can post as many entries as you want starting September 3 until September 16 only.

*The contest is open to all Philippine residents with a Twitter account

All entries will be aggregated in the official Facebook fanpage of Parisian. I will be choosing my top 5 picks. The top 5 that I choose will receive 2 invites each (for the winner and a friend) to the launch of Rajo! for Parisian on 25 September 2012 at the SMX Convention Center.

Rajo and the SM team will then choose the top 3 winners (from the different blogger picks). Each winner will receive 2 free pairs of shoes (of their choice) from the new collections, which they can get from the launch event. Winners who aren’t able to attend the launch may pick up their prizes from SM at a later date.

The finalists will be announced on September 19 2012 and the top 3 winners will be announced on September 21, 2012 on all the SM Parisian accounts.

Start tweeting everyone.