50 Shades of Purple

Top & shorts, FOREVER21 | Jacket, SM GTW | Wedges, ALDO | Necklace, CHARMING CHARLIE | Bobbies, GOODY

Somehow ‘lunch out with the family’ translated to casual-wear. Wore a pretty basic outfit with my favored go-to, denim shorts, and layered purples – this easy sweater from SM GTW quickly becoming a favorite. Another new favorite are these Aldo wedges that are surprisingly very comfortable. Buying these was definitely a smart choice. I apologize beforehand, but you’ll be seeing a lot more of these wedges.

Speaking of SM GTW and, incidentally, colors, I would like to invite all you aspiring models to join the Redhead Models’ Search 2012 by SM Girls Teens’ Wear.

The search is open for girls 15 to 25 years old, single and at least 5’1” in height. 

From July 13 to September 6, simply purchase P399.75 worth of any regular priced item of the brand Redhead found at the Girls Teen’s Wear section at all SM Department stores nationwide to qualify you to register.

Redeem a unique registration code and application form for each P399.75 receipt. Fill out the form and include a full body photo and a close up head shot photo. 

There are 2 ways to join: 1 – submit application forms at designated booths at the GTW section at SM Department stores or 2 – online submission at www.sm-gtw.com or www.facebook.com/sm.gtw. 

Last day for submission of all application forms is on September 6, 2012.

The final three winners will get a modelling contract with Elite, a one year contract with GTW Redhead, P40,000 cash prize, P30,000 clothing allowance and a 1 yr Candy magazine subscription. If modelling is your dream, might as well try. Good luck!

For more details, log on to sm-gtw.com or  Facebook.com/SM.GTW. For inquiries or updates, you can also follow @sm_gtw on Twitter.

Shear Inspiration

Faith tank, FOREVER21 | Jeans, DIY | Platforms, PAYLESS | Fringe earrings, CHARMING CHARLIE | Ponytail, GOODY 

Took out ’em shears in a moment of (yes, I have to) sheer inspiration. Despite that awkward length in which my knee tends to pop out unwantedly during moments of (seated) rest, I like the result. Must resist the urge to start slashing all pairs in sight. I think you’d be interested to know that these jeans were the only proper fitting pair of pants I brought and I just had to butcher them. Not quite sure now if I should be happy with my obvious lack of self-restraint. You decide?

Unica Hija + ViseVersa

Spent a day store-hopping with DanikaLissaTinTracy and Pax. Well that, and taking outfit shots, getting mani pedis and everything in between.

Our first stop? Unica Hija. Here’s what we gathered from the enticing visual display plus the styling competition the brand prepared for us – Unica Hija is a store for the modern Filipina with their trendy, colorful and youthful pieces. The difficulty was in figuring out what to get – we were overwhelmed by the wide array of clothes and accessories. We worked it out though, yes we did.

Now the second stop. ViseVersa, with their multitude of blazers, pencil skirts, dresses and office tops, caters to the working woman. If you aren’t bound by a 9-5, like myself, don’t fret – they also carry casual pieces that the non-corporate woman in us can relate to. When you need to dress smartly though, this is definitely the place to visit. Bartney Stinson dressing for the ladies. 😉

We had a blast and obviously had our fill of amazing pieces. Thank you, Unica Hija and Viseversa for this wonderful treat.

All pictures from Danika, Tracy and Tin

Make It Work

Sweater, H&M | Skirt, SABRINA | Oxfords and socks, FOREVER21 | Stayput ponytail, GOODY

I’m not one to wear socks as part of an outfit. Felt like a walking F21 mannequin. But my feet hurt and needed cushioning so I bought the thinnest pair of socks I found. They were green and high and I tried to make them work. Although I was probably cheating with this skirt from Sabrina that I think anything worn with would look awesome. Here’s to making Tim Gunn proud. Or trying to, at least.

That 70’s Show

Top, jeans and sunnies, FOREVER21| Pelican necklace, JHAJHING FASHION | Wedges, CMG 

This outfit felt like a blast from the hippie past. All I needed to complete the look was a peace sign, really. For some reason, the necklace and sunglasses were drowned out by the sun. In real life though, they looked quite normal. Taking a deep breath and letting it go.  It’s the 70s I’m imbibing after all – bell bottoms, crochets, carefree attitude and all.

Vintage Cars

Tank and sunglasses, FOREVER21 | Leatherette skirt, H&M | Platforms, PAYLESS | Ponytail, GOODY

I couldn’t find it in my system to resist taking outfit shots with this vintage Corvette. *sigh* If I owned this baby this outfit would be my daily uniform -knotted tank, leather skirt, men’s sunglasses and 5-inch platforms. There might not be enough space for my heels though so I’ll throw them in the back and very discreetly wear them post-parking in an attempt to look ala Megan Fox going out of the car.

A girl can dream.

Your Attention, Please

Tank, H&M | Pants, BAYO | Wedges, CMG | Mesh necklace, ANTLER | Mini spin pins, GOODY

Today’s activities included shopping (finally). Flocked from one store to another in these red pants that screamed for attention. Interestingly, what people noticed was this fringed mesh necklace of mine from Antler Accessories. With each compliment from a random stranger came some sense of nationalism. #itsmorefashowninthePhilippines Pinoy pride though. Frealz.

By the Lake

White tank, TOPSHOP | Vest, SM GTW | Floral shorts, SABRINA | Booties, ALDO | Pearl necklaces, FOREVER21 | 4 finger floral ring, NAVA | Spin pins, GOODY

Felt like dressing down with this vest from SM GTW that I tucked in at the last minute. But, of course, being the wishy-washy person that I am, decided to dress the (already dressed down) outfit up a bit with this heavily layered necklace. It goes so well with the subtle sweetness of these floral high-waist shorts from Sabrina by Teena Tan. Got a bunch of stuff from Sabrina the day before I left for MI which, to my delight, gave me just enough time to squeeze everything into my already bulging luggage. Can’t wait to show you the rest of her pieces.

Also, I think this lake of a backyard is divine. I am definitely abusing this while I can. What a backyard. Can I put this in my pocket and take it back to Manila? Please?

OR. I could just take pictures of the lake and photoshop myself in it every. single. outfit. post. Better ideas are absolutely welcome.

Here Comes the Sun

Tribal maxi dress, SM GTW | booties,  ALDO | Necklace, VISEVERSA | Ring, FOREVER21 | Bobbies and ponytail, GOODY

Can’t remember my last summer in Michigan – my last few trips have always involved me freezing. So imagine my delight that I got to pack shorts this time! Unfortunately, the weather here is also bipolar. It’s been raining non-stop so I took advantage of what little dryness I got. Day 2 and I’m already taking outfit shots. 😉

Saw this maxi skirt from SM GTW last Fashion Week and I knew I had to have it. It’s beauuutiful. Although, the fact that it is body-hugging is making me want to run up to my room and do a hundred sit-ups. Not that I can. But still. Paired it with this necklace from Viseversa. I love its simplicity in contrast to the head-to-toe print. That’s all for now. Definitely more posts to follow.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Lace cropped top, crochet vest & belt, FOREVER21 | Maxi skirt, H&M | Earrings, LOVE DIVA | Flats, YLLA | Bobbies and ponytail, GOODY

Have you guys noticed my awesome new header? It’s by Soleil Ignacio, an AMAZING artist. You can check out more of her jaw-dropping illustrations at http://choleil.tumblr.com and get green-eyed with jealousy. Seriously though, her stuff makes one want to whip out watercolor sets and paint-splattered overalls (stereotypical, I agree. But it does paint a pretty good image of an artist. teehee.)

Funny how my outfit seems like a tribute to this new header of mine. It’s overflowing with girliness. *giggles* Florals, crochets, lace, messy updos and dangling earrings? Yes, I threw on sugar, spice and everything nice – unintentionally, really. What was deliberate though was my choice of flats. For some reason, my feet gave up on me that Preview Ball and my left foot’s been aching since. Luckily, I have these pig-skin leather flats from Ylla for comfort. Will steer clear of heels for a (short) while.