Denim polo, NIMA | Butterfly high waist shorts, SM GTW | Boots, PARFOIS | Bag, CHARLOTTE RUSSE | Bobbies, GOODY

When I’m stressed – a state I find myself in a little too often of late – my default is to wear no-brainer outfits – hence my denim polo+shorts+boots+messy hair ensemble. Just make sure that each piece you throw in the mix has character to avoid looking sloppy.

The shorts, for instance, in this beautiful butterfly print, give the look a more romantic feel. While the authentic-looking polo offsets it with its ruggedness making the look – as a whole – unpolished and rough.  But obviously, there are so many ways to play with these pieces and you can just mix it up yourself depending on your personal style, of course. So here’s where to get them. 🙂

The shorts are from SM GTW‘s new back-to-school collection which is bohemian inspired. They offer pieces in florals, pastels, tribal and butterfly prints (like mine!). Different textures are also at play with lace, sheer chiffons and denims. Mix these up for a sure stand-out moment in school. 🙂

Oh, and when you shop at GTW, make sure to grab a copy of the GTW Shopzine at the department store to get a P100 discount coupon. 🙂

Now if it’s my polo that you like, you can check out ZALORA – they carry NIMA and a whole lot of other brands. And because I love you, I’ll give you a code that gives you 10% off total purchases from Zalora. 🙂 All you have to do is key in my code: ALAPID62 on the purchase page. And if you wanna shop more than the polo (now that there’s a discount!), I suggest you also check their Fashion Night Out page – made specifically for girls who are looking for that perfect night out piece. Happy shopping guys! Let me know if you’ve used my code! 🙂

sm-gtw.com | Facebook.com/SM.GTW |Twitter.com/SM_GTW  

 zalora.com.ph | Facebook.com/ZaloraPH | Twitter.com/ZaloraPh

p.s. me wearing these butterfly shorts is so apt for the butterflies I feel are making somersaults in my stomach. The competition on Saturday is driving me insane. I hope everything turns out okay. Update you soon. 🙂


Shirt, OXYGEN | Skirt, FOREVER21 | Boots, OLD NAVY 

Wore this outfit to a styling gig. I adore this top from Oxygen-  I felt so free in it unlike most cropped tops that make you extremely conscious about showing your belly. Also, I love how you can pair it with absolutely anything.

Speaking of Oxygen, here are some of my favorite looks from their recent PFW Oxygen Holiday 2012 show. I know I’ve mentioned this in a previous post but lemme share what I like about their most recent Mod-inspired collection.

Oxygen took a different route by fusing in colors such as tangerines, navy blues, & wines, offering styles like peplums & palazzos and painting different moods with eye-catching cosmic, geometric – even monkey- prints. But despite offering unexpected pieces and hues – the collection stayed very true to Oxygen’s image – clean, easy-to-wear &  youthful with a hint of androgyny.

To me, Oxygen can do no wrong. Really. The show was very well-styled; the pieces were beautiful.  I found myself saying “I want that” every so often. I am definitely looking forward to visiting their stores. My favorite pieces would be the pants (those wine palazzos and tangerine jeans), their draped cover-ups and sheer dresses. Even the pieces for men are to die for (aka, Imma get some of those boys’ stuff for myself). Congratulations to the Oxygen team for another amazing show. 🙂

And because I adore the brand (obviously), I’m giving away SEVEN pairs of Oxygen jeans this month for my giveaway. JOIN HERE

Of Dreams and Passions

No outfit poses. Just my two cents (aka long speech) on following one’s dreams.   Finally decided to post it. 🙂

This week’s errands included office hopping along Ayala Avenue. I must admit, I haven’t been there in a while. No, there’s no issue of avoiding the area ‘cause I used to work there. I just usually have no business there.

Thing is, walking those same concrete steps reminded me of alife I once had. I tell my friends all the time how happy I am now – that former life of mine seeming so distant the moment I left it. But earlier, seeing the buildings, the button downs, experiencing the underpass again, reminded me of how real that whole other life was. And wow, I really left it – stability, structure, pencil skirts and all – to follow a dream. 

Truth be told, I made that decision on a whim. Another secret? I have no idea what’s next for me. I went to school again, took up a short course in Fashion Design, tried a few different things on the side and am still trying out stuff. Now school’s over and I’m figuring out what to do next. And of course it scares the hell out of me! But I’m also excited. I might go back to a 9-5 and I might not. Who knows? One thing’s for sure. I have never regretted that decision to leave. 

I’m an advocate of clichés – my favorite one being ‘follow your dreams’. I know we all have them, some just choose to push them aside. Or worse, put them on a pedestal and think of those dreams as just dreams –ideas to play around with but never to pursue. 

I know some think it’s easier said than done. And you guys might be right – it might be really difficult to do, but it can be done. If there’s anything SoFA and the people around me have taught me, it’s that we can make things happen. 

Now I’m not telling you to shift courses all of a sudden or quit your high-paying jobs to pursue a passion. I guess I just want you guys to revisit those dreams – ideas that make you smile without you even realizing it. Revisit them with a newfound certainty that they can be achieved. And you never know, maybe that change in perception would lead to a change in action. 

Good luck.



Dress, TOPSHOP | Heels, CMG | Studs, FOREVER21 | Bag, ARANAZ | Bobbie Pins, GOODY
I caught an episode of Jane By Design earlier and there was a part she was down and her friend gave her new shoes to cheer her up. Then I realized I’m exactly like almost every other girl on this planet – I find solace in new shoes.
Oh, I wasn’t depressed or anything. I was just extremely ecstatic when I got this new pair. And these shoes (!!!) are just so beautiful I want to wear them out every single day. I’m not even kidding.
So when I do blog/post/tweet that I’m feeling a bit sad, well, you know how to cheer me up.

Jumpin’ Jumpin’

Sheer top, COTTON ON | Pants, sunglasses and floral maryjanes, FOREVER21 | Floral canvass bag, ABBY JOCSON | Ponytail, GOODY

Felt like adding a ton of tropical-inspired pieces  to my otherwise mellow ensemble. And no, I didn’t wear these shoes the whole day. My feet would’ve died. And yes, I love loose pants. They always make me feel like a hiphop dancer and they bring me back to my CADs days – which, come to think of it, were relatively few. oh, and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!

<—- This post is a preview of how my mind works – it jumps topics.

Last jump. See the bag I’m using here? That’s one of my giveaway prizes. So don’t forget to join HERE. 😉

Now, it’s my ass that’s gonna jump places. Off to run more errands today. Update you guys soon.

Walking on Sunshine

Actually, I was walking on the itchiest bunch of weeds and grass.

Top, H&M | Skirt, EXPRESS | Ponytail, GOODY

Photos by Hannah Reyes

I know it’s a sad day for the Philippines ’cause Manny Pacquiao just lost to Bradley (add to that the fact that Jessica Sanchez didn’t sing our national anthem). But cheer up, guys! I’m sure there’s good that would come out of this. Like a rematch, perhaps.

Cheer up, Philippines.

Joe, Joe, Calling Dr. Joe

Let me share my two minute encounter with Joe Jonas.

During the Joe Jonas for Bench press conference, I was one of the lucky ones given the chance to ask Joe a question. I went last.

00:00:00-00:00:10  A: Hi Joe! Why did you agree to become a part of the Bench family?

00:00:11 – 00:01:15 Joe answers. He said when they offered him the endorsement he checked the website and found that the clothes of Bench were his style. Acco. to him, it was a ‘no-brainer.’ He also mentioned that he has always wanted to see the Philippines  and all its wonders, so he said yes.

Picture taking time. I had an extra dose of luck and was one of the bloggers who got to take pictures with Joe.

00:01:16 – 00:01:22 Joe: Hi! It’s nice to see you again.

00:01:23 – 00:01:34 A: Hey! Thank you for answering my question.

00:01:35-00:01:38 He puts his hand around my waist. *i also think he mumbled something else like a ‘no problem’ or a ‘sure’. But my sense of touch was heightened thanks to his hand on my waist, so naturally, his words got drowned out.*

00:01:39-00:01:43 Cameras start clicking and we pose.

00:01:44 – 00:01:50 A: Joe, can you look there? *points to Tracy’s camera*

00:01:51-00:01:54 poses again, this time looking at Tracy’s cam so I have my own copy *which I never got, come to think of it.* 

00:01:55 – 00:01:57 A: Thank you so much!

00:01:58-00:01:59 Joe: Thank you also!

00:02:00 *last look*

There you go! My two minute rendezvous with Joe Jonas. I should’ve worn something more…seductive. Kidding! But I probably should’ve worn something that spelled ‘event’ more. In my defense, that was the day we were walking fashion week and I wanted to wear something comfy. Model off duty ang peg! Sorry Joe.

Thank you so much to Bench, Ben Chan and Lawrence Cua for this. Lemme just say, other brands may opt for the hype, but you, you guys deliver. Congratulations!

Walking Phil. Fashion Week: SM Ladies’

What. an. experience. If I could designate a theme song for this, it would be Moment 4 Life by Nicki Minaj. Here are some things you need to know about how insane this experience was for me:

1) I have a dream book – a compilation of dreams I want to achieve in my lifetime – and a huge ass ticket from PhFW 2010 is glued to one of the pages. I’ve always, since the moment I set my eyes on my very first Fashion Week show, wanted to try walking for Fashion Week – which was completely absurd coz I stand at about 5’2″.

2) When SM told me that I was gonna walk the runway for the SM Ladies’ show – along with Patricia Prieto, Lissa Kahayon, Camille Co and Laureen Uy – I was jumping for joy. That and one helluva crazy dance.

Oh, if you were wondering why we’d walk for SM, well, I’m happy to announce that we’re the newest brand ambassadors of SM GTW – Girls Teens’ Wear. (There’s another ambassador joining us, but can’t announce it yet, that’s a surprise.)

3) Two hours before the show I was terrified. Really terrified.

4) One and a half hours before show, I had to change outfits. The rest of the bloggers got to style themselves but since my picks were too big, SM’s stylist Millet Arzaga gave me a new outfit.

and next thing I know, we were walking Fashion Week!

The experience was so surreal. Definitely #BlessedBeyondBelief.

Here are some pics after the show with the people I love. 🙂

A pic with my ever supportive Momma (who usually takes my outfit shots!)

a pic with my other momma! haha meet my boss, Sarah Meier-Albano, who helped me get through that day (and who stayed after her PFW show to watch mine. Best boss ever. *sigh* )

and a pic with some of my closest friends, Danika Navarro and Rocky de Castro

and loooook! We had no idea our pictures were gonna be put up, much less how HUGE the pictures would be. See how pint-sized I am compared to the pics? (p.s. that’s Patricia walking on the left )

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS, SM GTW and Justa! No bias, they had a lot of great stuff that I’m definitely looking forward to owning. Prints- florals, paisleys, scarf-prints, pastels, and bold colors are just some of my favorites from their collection. Do check them out at their GTW facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/SM.GTW and GTW website http://www.sm-gtw.com/ 🙂

Also, here’s a link if you wanna watch a one-minute version of the show (c/o Yahoo She!) :


And here’s a link for the whole SM Ladies’ show:


Lucky Me

Macrame top, RIO | High waist denim skirt, DAN CONCEPCION | Boots, OLD NAVY | Leopard print sunnies, FOREVER21 | Ponytail, GOODY 

Let me gush a bit about how talented my friends are. See this top I’m wearing? It’s by my good friend, Danika Navarro. Aside from being a fashion designer (and a blogger), she’s also a skilled graphic designer and has bagged several awards for both design fields.  This skirt I’m wearing is by another Dan, Daniel Concepcion, one of my closest friends. Daniel, is one of the most skilled dress-makers I know. A closer look at the skirt would reveal its lack of side seams. I personally can’t even sew side seams straight and this person decides to ditch side seams altogether and cut the fabric several times in this curved pattern (or whatever it is he did, my point is that it’s difficult.) They are both insane, I tell you. Insaaaane.

Lucky me, I get to wear their stuff.


Beatles shirt and boots, FOREVER21 MEN | skirt, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE | Earrings, CHARLOTTE RUSSE | Ponytail, GOODY 

Photo by Hannah Reyes

I really do find comfort in menswear. Actually, of all things loose and flowy. There’s something about a loose piece that decreases self-consciousness – 1) it lets you breathe normally without need for constant belly-sucking and ab-flexing; 2) it lets you salivate over the fattiest of foods and actually give you enough guts to eat whatever cholesterol-induced meal you wanted; and 3) it makes you feel extra skinny for the sole reason that it seems big.

So there you go. Truth is, I made all those up just now. The real reason I like them? They remind me of blankets and, consequently, beds. HAHA kidding! those were legit reasons.

I find comfort in all things loose. This is a (very short) testament to that.