Unexpected Evenings: Bench Mastercard

A few nights ago I attended the Bench X BDO Mastercard Launch at Salon de Ning and got to hang out with lovely ladies Pat, Vern and Tracy.

The event was star-studded, a common thing for Bench, and presented the very first mastercard for the retail giant. Bench teamed up with BDO to present a card that offers numerous benefits like earning double rewards points, 0% installment for up to 6 months, birthday discounts, sale perks, and invites to Bench events and shows.

Here are some pics from that night. 😉

with P-R-E-T-T-Y girls Tracy Ayson, Vern Enciso and Patricia Prieto
And because we were having too much fun, we stayed even though everybody was already heading out – and this was the best. decision. ever. Ben Chan appeared while we were taking pictures so we got to take pictures with him and Mr. Ogie Alcasid. But more than that, we actually got to talk to him!!! Imagine how starstruck I was. It was THE Ben Chan and I was actually conversing with him!!

So I just had to ask…”how did you do it?”  [build a retail giant].

And he replied, “I just do what I love to do.” #inspired

then I asked about Cotton On, because Suyen is bringing it to the Philippines and just talked about when they’re opening – the answer being July/August.

We also got to talk to Ogie and he gave us sample pick up lines as he is “Boy Pick Up”.

Events that night were so unexpected but it was awesome.

Group pic! Myself, Patricia, Tracy, Ogie Alcasid, Ben Chan and Vern 🙂

Winter Dressing

Michigan Ph0to Diary Part 2!

Here are some outfit shots I took while I was there.

If you were wondering why there’s no snow in the pics well, I shall give you two reasons. 1) Snow was rather late last year thanks to global warming and 2) I don’t like the cold, so I didn’t take outfit shots whenever there was snow.

Hope you like em! Beach pics coming next week 😉

Family Affair

My thought process: It’s so hot outside –> I miss winter. –> oooh, winter! Michigan! —> oh. I still haven’t shared that.

Hence, this Christmas photo diary with mi familia when I visited MI.

1) Baby girl of the family, Kiara 

2) Myself with my girls, Kiara, Kennedy, Jordyn and Mack

3) My momma

4) my cousin’s bake.

5) family pic! The grandkids with their grandparents

6) cherry coke! I missed this!

7) With my cousins (who are way more gorgeous live.)

Green Velvet

Asymmetrical hem shirt, OXYGEN | Booties, ALDO | Mesh fringe necklace, ANTLER ACCESSORIES

…Because obviously, velvet’s worn on normal days. Kidding. This is actually a dress I got when I was…um…twelve. and no, I can’t wear it as a dress anymore coz the armholes are way too tight (that’s if you were wondering). It does make a cute skirt right? I think it’s time to revive old clothes.

p.s. Title? Yes, I was thinking of food. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to come up with a post entitled Mochi Balls. Yum.

Commercial Hair

This is a hair post. Be warned.

Cutout sleeveless button down, H&M | Skirt, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE | Oxfords, SOLE SERVICE | Snake necklace, LOVE DIVA | 4 finger ring, NAVA

Photos by Paul Mendoza

Here is the outfit I wore to Cream Silk’s blogger event. I am the ambassador of lazy dressing but since it was a blogger event, I thought I might as well throw on some accessories to avoid being under-dressed. I kid. But I really am falling madly in love with flats.

Enough of me and more of my hair. or Cream Silk. Truth be told, that was the most relaxing event I have ever been to. Well, it helped that the event was held at The Spa with a matching massage …aaaaand ‘salon’ hairstyling after. Oh, the joys of being pampered. It was a real stress-reliever in the midst of all the deadlines and the chaos.

Well the point was  for us to get to try Cream Silk’s new range called Perfection. You know those nano-particles that seep through hair to replenish the damaged cracks? Cream Silk developed a range with even smaller particles. It is more expensive than their normal products but that’s just because you benefit more from it. They have a daily conditioner, treatment, a leave-on and a detangling spray in the line. We tried it and, for real, felt like we had commercial hair. I think this new range is awesome – and this statement coming from me, ms. dry hair, means a lot. Try it yourself.

The bloggers! Vern, myself, Shen, Nikki and Marj with Cream Silk’s brand manager, Sarah in the middle!

Thank you Cream Silk! Had tons of fun! 

Oh btw, guess what. Just got a bob.

Off the Radar

Yes, I know. Bad blogger. Not blogging for days just aint right. But, in my defense, I’ve been really busy recently. Aside from the fact that it’s finals week hence projects/presentations piling up, I also have other activities on the side. (not complaining, I love my sched!)

Let me share something I’ve been up to this past week because I actually am really proud of myself for this. I tried to join a design competition for the first time! Key word: tried. This is something out of my comfort zone so it quite is a big deal for me. Yay! Won’t tell you what it’s for though haha Point is, I tried, and that mere act of trying made me happy.

That’s just me on one of the very first steps of the design process – designing! But there is a fashion show tomorrow, Friday, April 20, 2012 by SoFA students if you want to witness their creations come to life. I heard there are guest designers too. Ticket’s Php100 but it’s for charity so you’ll be giving as well as receiving. See you there!

I Miss. [Unscripted Blogger Dinner]

Super late post, I know. Was just checking out some old stuff and saw these pics. I miss the Unscripted team! Sarah and Vicky inspiring people together, Flor and myself being inspired. HAHA 🙁

So here I am sharing a few snapshots from the Unscripted Blogger Dinner at Big Bad Wolf last December (eep! super backlog). Thank you again to all the bloggers who came: Pax, Vern, Tracy, Cheyser, Danika and Rocky. You girls are awesome.

Group pic with Kaya and Louie! 

Vicky, who is now in Singapore, and Flor (Flor, was your hair shaved here already?)

and myself and Sarah, who is in Bora. 🙁 (look we had matchy matchy peek-a-boo tummies!)
I miss everybody. 🙁

Little Girls Come Out To Play

And now the whole outfit. haha!

Gray top, PENSHOPPE | shorts, FOREVER21 | Coral oxfords, SOLE SERVICE | Double belt, NAVA | Pink necklace, PAPEMELROTTI | Orange necklace, PARFOIS | Barrette and Spin Pins, GOODY 

Photos by Mimi Garbo

The elements in my outfit, I believe, are the same ones that my mom used to make me wear for church back when I was a scrawny little kid – the exact same ones that a 4 year old girl would find pretty (i.e., pinks, color, tons of necklaces (most little girls I know love bling), embroidery and that matching twirled hairstyle using Goody ‘clips’ – yes I used them then, and I use them now.) 

It’s kinda nice to reminisce and think back on days when I didn’t have a care in the world, when my only concerns were ice cream flavors and Barbies I ordered from Santa. Well, it’s not like I carry the weight of the world now, just saying, it’s nice.

Flowers In My Hair

I am a homebody. The long weekend was spent at home (seriously. the whole time.) so I got to do a bit of organizing and cleaning, with hours dedicated solely to accessories. I know I don’t wear that much bling but I do have some awesome pieces, including those which I already forgot about. Then I came across two floral hair pieces, itched to wear them out, and did as the first opportunity presented itself – the opportunity in this case being running errands in megamall. So now, I would like to present to you, Rosalinda – the Filipina version.  Okay, I kid. But I did feel like Rosalinda.

Wonder Women top, ZOO via ZALORA | High waist skirt, H&M | Booties, ALDO | Floral hair piece, FOREVER21 | Spin Pins, GOODY

Photos by Paul Mendoza

Next time around you’ll be seeing me with real flowers in my hair plucked from the neighbors’ gardens. Kidding. I won’t. But I’m probably gonna be sporting the romantic side bun more often thanks, of course, to my trusted Goody Spin Pins.

On a totally different note, if you guys are looking for awesome music blogs, check out http://bropm.blogspot.com/. It’s about time we get a decent music blogger.