90s Baby

Denim jacket, GAP | Dress, TOPSHOP | Tights, FOREVER21 | Booties, ALDO | Stay Put ponytail, GOODY

photos by Flor Trinidad

How shocking. this is actually an outfit I was wearing this afternoon! Ha! It ain’t always backlogs! Hahaha Anyway, today’s look was 90s inspired. I dunno if you remember the 90s but I grew up then. Okay, more of born in the 90s, 1990 to be exact. But still. I grew up listening to NSync, Backstreet Boys, that Dr. Jones song and other more colorful – although not necessarily good – bands, songs and memories alike. Power Rangers and Spice girls? My two favorite things. And those scream 90s to me.

that’s all for tonight. Have to wake up early for yoga class at Bliss Yoga Manila tomorrow. goodnight, everybody!

PDI A-Line: Filip + Inna

“Do you wanna help style for Amina’s Inquirer Column?,” asked Mads, the extremely fabulous (there really is no better fitting word) SoFA student affairs head.

“Ummm. Sure!,” was my reply. I never really thought styling would be my chosen field but since it was for THE Amina Aranaz, of course I was game to help. And the whole time I thought ‘help’ meant they needed manpower. So I came in the set day wearing (gulp) rubber shoes.

Turned out, it was a meeting and apparently, I didn’t sign up for mere manual labor, or to be a julalay, as my friend Dan Con and I like to call it. They were letting me style style. for an actual column. For Amina’s column. (That doesn’t happen!) So of course I was ecstatic. and not just that, but extremely lucky too because I got to work with friends (more on that in a tad bit).

The first article was about Filip + Inna, a clothing brand that takes inspiration from the different tribes in the Philippines. The products are somewhat pricey to be honest, but the quality is good as each piece is hand made/embroidered and boasts of our great Filipino workmanship.

The pieces: 1) Denim shift dress, 2) high waist embroidered shorts, 3) Metallic a-line dress and 4) white cotton chambray dress. 

Model: Nicole Ramos

Photographer: Paelo Pedrajas

Make-up artist: Lawrence Garbo

Yup, I got to style the gorgeous Nicole Ramos, who is actually a stylist herself, with way more experience than myself. (the other model I had the opportunity to work with was the amazing Patricia Prieto, who we all know is another professional stylist.) So you can imagine just how nervous I was. Styling stylists!! But because they’re extremely humble and real gorgeous that anything you make them wear looks good, everything went well.

We just wanted to showcase different ways of wearing the pieces. The looks probably would’ve made more sense if the last layout was included but I don’t know what happened to the pics from that set. Anyway, I had fun. And seeing the article come out was just an amazing feeling altogether.

Read the article online here.

Crossing fingers for more gigs in the future!

Thank you so much to Ms. Amina and Mads for this. 🙂 

Zalora Style Buy

My first ever online shopping experience? Awesome.

Well, yeah, it was with awesome friends (blogger friends who share the intensity when it comes to shopping!), there was good food (Bon Chon to be exact. thank you!) and yeah there was also a post-shopping photo shoot with our new stuff, but still, I bet without those I’d still enjoy shopping at Zalora.com.ph

I’m sure I’ll be talking about Zalora a lot but just to give you a brief intro, Zalora is the biggest online mall in the Philippines and the only one so far that offers all these amazing benefits:

1) 3 hour delivery within Metro Manila (1 day otherwise)

2) No shipping fees

3) Free return/exchange!

4) Cash on Delivery is allowed! (it’s like ordering pizza. seriously)

Plus their brands and pieces are awesome to boot!

The truth is all this time I’ve been so hesitant to shop online. The main reason being you can’t return/exchange the items you buy. I’m such a sucker for the right fit that if I shop and it doesn’t fit right, I want to be able to have it exchanged/returned. (Actually, I wouldn’t wanna buy anything in the first place if it doesnt fit right.) But with Zalora and their free return/exchange policy, how could I have said no to shopping??

They had us come up with a wishlist and here are the three pieces I wanted: 1) Sequined cropped top from Style Hub, 2) Wonder Women tank from Zoo and 3) Lace espadrilles from Sueno de Espadrilles.

And those are what I got! 😉 

With Tracy! She bought the gold top and the gold bag.

With the gorgeous Ari of Zalora and Lexi, seatmate of the day 😉

The Z Team! Ari, Martin and my awesome kabarkada, Kat! 🙂

Tin bought that leopard print dress. It’s so her, don’t you think?

with Pax this time 🙂 You should see her post-shopping outfit, she looked like a model for Ensemble!

After shopping outfit: Wonder Women top, ZOO | Black maxi dress, H&M | Four finger rose ring, NAVA | Bun Spiral, GOODY

That’s everybody. sort of. the bloggers plus the Zalora girls -also known as the Zembots

If you wanna try that 3-hour delivery for yourself – which I really suggest you do – just visit http://www.zalora.com.ph/ Let me know how it goes. Happy shopping, folks!

Animal Print

Decided to take the animal print literally coz regular animal prints are way too mainstream. chos! (this is all the explanation I’m giving for the title. kthanksbye.)

Top, PENSHOPPE | Horse printed skirt, APPLERUST | Sunglasses, FOREVER21 |  Heels, ALDO | Bobbie pins, GOODY

Photos by Dan Concepcion 🙂

This was taken during my midterm week (last week). I’m glad that’s over! Actually, a lot of things are over/on hold. Exams are done for the meantime, Postura’s done (although that was really never mine but it did eat up some of my time), and Platform’s done (I MISS IT),  so now I have time to do other things. SoFA’s almost done now too. I only have a month left of school. And geez, I’m scared! It feels like grad all over again (although this time there’s no ‘grad’- just that lingering sense of doom from having to enter the ‘real world.’)

What I’ll be doing come May I still have no clue. Discover it with me?

p.s. How do you like that horse printed skirt? I got it for Php200 😉

Chic In Pink [PLATFORM 1]

Get ready for tons of posts re: Platform. (It’s dooone! and it was FUN. Thank you so much to everyone who dropped by!) But before I go into the whole event and the experiences I had, lemme first share a small segment that happened with a brand that was a big part of the success of Platform, Smart. 🙂

Okay, the story is: the Smart Rocket Chic bloggers were supposed to do a fashion show yesterday, but stuff happened and we ended up (I mean I ended up) doing a short q&a portion for Smart instead. It doesn’t sound so scary, I know. BUT  it was! Especially because I was gonna be interviewed by THE Sarah Meier, one of the most amazing people in the world (who also happens to be my boss. So… pressure!!!) HAHA

Another story- I was having a panic attack the night before because I got so scared of having to do a fashion show. And for some reason, the universe heard that fear and threw this at me instead. But truth be told, it was a dream come true to be interviewed by Sarah. Fan girl mode yet again. *sigh* 🙂

Basically we just talked about the Rocket Chic, why it’s awesome – the answer being that it’s functional, very fast and it’s aesthetically pleasing too (perfect for girls who are into fashion)! We also talked a bit about Smart and Platform teaming up. Platform was an event that brought together the different passions of people – fashion, street, creating, art – and Smart is a brand that recognizes those passions hence, coming up with a product with those passionate people in mind. So the merging of Platform and Smart was just perfect. The q&a was short, sweet and absolutely nerve-racking.

Oh, and because Smart Rocket Chic is glossy, acrylic pink, I decided to wear pink for the segment. 🙂 here’s le outfit.

Pink horse top, shorts and tights, FOREVER21 | Combat boots, SOLE SERVICE | Canvas tote, SOFA

Thank you Smart! I absolutely love being a Rocket Chic blogger! 🙂 Special thanks to the awesome Jeff Cape. 🙂

Also, thank you, Sarah, for being so amazing and supportive. I love you! 🙂

til the next Platform post. 😉

Lace Embrace

Orange lace dress, H&M | Inner spag strap top, TOPSHOP | Boots, FOREVER21 | Green stone ring, PARFOIS | Flower bracelet, PRISM | Shopping bag turned school bag, NAVA | Hairpins, GOODY

Photographed by Paul Mendoza

Since my thoughts tonight aren’t coherent enough to come up with a well written blog post/story (not that the previous ones are), I shall just tell you three random things about this outfit.

1.) I’m totally abusing this neon pink NAVA shopping bag and putting all my school stuff in it. (I spy my hard drive, my clipboard, a highlighter, and many more!) It’s too cute to not use!

2.) So happy I was able to snag this orange lace dress (at a discounted price, of course). Lace and myself – we go together. Lace is sultry, definitely. But it’s concealed so well by those innocent little flowers. Can’t decide if it’s a paradox or just a tease.

3) Tried “fixing” my hair by keeping one side secure with Goody bobby pins. While half of my hair is running wild, the other half is neat.

There ya go!

p.s. 2 more days til PLATFORM SHOW MANILA! you guys are going, yes?


“With you right here I’m a rocketeer, let’s fly” – that’s exactly how I felt yesterday. Okay, maybe less “fly” and more “surf”?

For soooooome reason, my internet at home has been so erratic. Yesterday my router just stopped working (in the middle of me trying to send emails!) So imagine how frustrated I felt when that happened.

LUCKILY, I had my Smart Bro Rocket Plug It Chic with me. Yes, I always carry it around. So I immediately got my awesome device and was able to send the million emails I had to, and blog and do other things on the side (and very quickly too!). 😉

So today, as a thanks, I decided to honor the Rocket Chic through my outfit. 🙂

Polo, EXPRESS | Jeggings, H&M | Lace corset, AMERICAN EAGLE | Pearl necklace, sunglasses and metallic heels, FOREVER 21| White fringe necklace, ARTISTICA ROSA | Bun Spiral, GOODY

 Photos by Dan Concepcion, one of my favorite people in the world! Who visited school just to see me! (or at least, that’s what I’d like to think.) So boys and girls, meet Dan. 🙂

Oh and leave it to Dan to go to school in a Gian Romano jacket.

He looked sooooo manly too! :)) But I’m losing track here. Let’s go back to the Rocket Chic shall we?

I think I forgot to mention that the Rocket Chic is not only functional, it’s also the most fashionable gadget I have ever set my eyes on. It looks like an accessory!

showing my Rocket Chic some love with my nude lipstick! haha!

Okay, here’s what I love about it. The Rocket Plug-It Chic is definitely the choice for fashionistas! Aside from it being aesthetically awesome, it’s fast, powerful and reliable too!  It has speeds of up to 12 mbps and runs under 46 HSPA +. Smart Bro currently has 1500+ and counting HSPA + sites which you can find here, so you can easily find out where you can get the best Internet experience.

Another reason? Smart Bro is the only internet broadband service provider that is actually transparent – they have a list of its HSPA + sites. So you can check where the sites are to know where and if you can actually get signal. No false claims,  just great service.

Purchase Smart Bro’s Rocket Plug-it Chic online here. 🙂 I definitely get a #rockethigh from it. I’m sure you would too. 😉