School Girl

Letter A top, KAMISETA | Floral skirt and maroon belt, FOREVER21 | Shoes, ALDO | Barrette, GOODY

Felt like being all girly yesterday. It’s been a while since I had a “sweet” hairstyle. A while meaning since grade school, believe it or not. I have never been a fan of the twisted tendrils but with Goody’s barrettes I just haaaad to try it. 🙂 I believe I achieved what people would call the “pa-tweetums” look. HAHA

I never realized my outfit was bordering on college kid/school girl til Flor pointed it out. That letter A top could be interpreted as a school uniform. Okay maybe not a uniform, but one of those school spirit pieces that schools usually sell. (hey, maybe I could wear this to a UAAP game! haha) Add to that my shoes, that look a lot like the ones girls are required to wear in school. Again, maybe not so much. But they are sorta similar. Right? (now I’m starting to doubt myself.) ANYWAY.

Thank you for the photos, miss Flor Trinidad, who was looking awesome, as always. Check out was she was wearing below.

…and because I drank too much coffee – 2 cups in less than 3 hours – here’s a taste of how hyper I was during the day. hahaha


*sigh* Sometimes I wish wordpress didn’t require titles per post. I’m honestly running out of ideas, especially for random short ones like this.

Though I’ve only posted twice, I got giddy when I saw that my pic + info were already up at P3’s site, That should get me to write some more.

But what to write about? When you’re given the freedom to write about anything you fancy, it gets hard coming up with a topic. But whatever. Racking my brain should amount to something. Anyway, til I come up with an awesome idea, you can check out the two I have so far here. (One’s on Kasey Albano, the other on Christian San Jose.)

Gypsy Ways

Skirt, NAVA | glitter flats and sunglasses, FOREVER21 | Leopard print wallet, MANGO | White teardrop earrings, CHARLOTTE RUSSE | Necklace, DONDI BELEN

…Coz I felt like Esmeralda that day with my neckpiece that clattered with every step. And my billowy NAVA skirt. All I needed was a peasant top to complete the look. But of course I wouldn’t wanna look too costume-y.

Wore this to return some pull-outs plus visit the SoFA students pre-Brasilipinas. Still wish I joined though. It would’ve been exhilarating seeing a design of mine come to life on the runway. Oh well, maybe next time – when I actually start designing.

Going back to Esmeralda, I think Quasimodo never had a chance. Do you?


 Polo, VINTAGE | Purple dyed maxi dress, FOREVER 21 | Heels, CHARLES & KEITH | Ouchless elastic, GOODY

Photos by Lissa Kahayon (Thank you!)

Felt like an eggplant that day. HAHA I kid. I thought we were gonna be styled for the video for Lemondrops. I was wrong. Good thing I didn’t show up in pambahay attire! Haha

Well kept my accessories…at home. Both pieces were already printed and I tried to stay away from overdoing it. Both pieces were purple too, surprisingly. I rarely find myself in purple and yet there I was decked out in shades of the color. (I feel like it’s way more elegant to call it Amethyst, hence the blog title.)

Here’s what I did bring though, my Goody Ouchless Elastic! It was so difficult to take pictures that day coz of the insane wind! Trust me when I tell you that we took so long taking outfit shots coz of it. haha Right, Lissa? So I gave myself a pat on the back that I brought my Goody ammo with me. 😉

Want proof of how windy it was? Here. haha

Epidemia by Lemondrops

Lemondrops, an online vintage shop, is having it’s first anniversary this Saturday and they’re throwing an awesome party for all of you!

So, last Sunday (yes, Sunday!), I, along with young and driven bloggers Lissa Kahayon, Jaja Chua and Vince Golangco, did a shoot for the 1st year anniversary. It was really fun. Our stylist, Marita Galvez, who also happens to be a friend from SoFA, conducted and directed the interviews. And it was so funny coz she had a guide that she showed us, but during the shoot itself she asked sooooo many questions. The interview took 8 minutes long. And that was just the first one. HAHA We had to redo it real quick coz apparently the sound quality wasn’t good coz it was extremely windy.

Yes, it was windy. It was so hard to take outfit shots. Lissa and I felt like we were being blown away, I kid you not. Or maybe, we’re both just really thin and frail. Nah. It was the gust. (outfit shots to follow)

For now, here’s the video!


make up by: Julie Profugo

So guys, as mentioned, there is going to be a party on Saturday, and you guys are all invited! 


where: The Mansion (22 Bautista Compound, Pilar Jimenez St, Talon Uno Las Piñas City 

when: 7pm – 10 pm 

dress code: glam rock

Fashion bloggers and TV personalities will be there. Brought to you by Mellow 94.7, Inkpression, Dovera and Artistry and San Miguel Corporation.

For ticket inquiries, please contact 09158878931.

 Here’s the official event video. 🙂
ALSO. I’m giving away two  loot bags to be given at the event! All you have to do is tweet me “I want that gift from Epidemia!” Don’t forget to tag @alyssalapid 🙂
The first 2 to tweet win! 😉
Thank you to Bea and Pappu for this. Congratulations to you both 😉 

Cold Wave

Photography by: Charisma Lico of
Makeup by: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics
Mua: Felner Neric
Accessories by: Prism Shop

Just wanted to share a few pics from a shoot I did last year for Belle York. The collection was entitled Cold Wave. It was interesting coz I had to go up a branch! haha hope you like ’em! 😉

Afghan Girl

From class, headed to Charlie’s with Dan Concepcion to have the most awesome burger ever, then went home to change for the MEGA YDC Finale. 🙂 Was really hesitant about going at first because I didn’t have anything to wear. Good thing my fairy godmother, in the form of PEFTA 2011 finalist Dan Duran, came to the rescue.

Ever since I saw this dress I knew I had to wear it at least once in my life (it’s kinda hard to wear something more than once since I blog my outfits, especially when it’s a gorgeous, unique piece like this one.) Anyway, I am so glad that I was able to get a hold of this dress just in the nick of time. Thank you thank you thank you, Dan Duran for this! 🙂

Draped dress, DAN DURAN | Zipper Platforms, DAS

Coz, I was too shy to take pics at the event itself. I ended up taking outfit shots in the parking lot. Again, thank you, Dan Duran, for this awesome awesome dress! Got so kilig when Chris Diaz said he liked my dress and that he recognized it! Yipeeeeee! (Just so you know, Chris Diaz is one of my favorite designers ever. So imagine how kilig I was!)

Oh, the title is from Dan’s inspiration for this- the Afghan girl.

And I firmly believe it does look like a really fashionable Afghan girl, even if some called me a Spartan wife. haha

The Look of Love

Here it is. What I wore on Valentine’s. dun dun dun dun

I felt so pressured to dress up that day coz people expect a lot from a Valentine’s outfit. Think about it, a person in black? Must be a hater. Or newly broken up. A girl in a dress? Going out on a date. And in red? Too cliche.

But of course, I just had to wear red!! HAHA

In my defense, objectively speaking, I love red. And I’d wear it even when it’s not Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t exactly my intention to serve as a walking love sign. But, I ended up as one. haha

I did try to balance everything out and make the look less girly by wearing boyfriend jeans and oxfords. (how un-girly could you get with boyfriend jeans and shoooeees???) Then again, I used my Goody Pony Pouf for a more romantic hairstyle. 😉

Top, H&M | Pants, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE | Belt, CALVIN KLEIN | Oxfords, FOREVER21 | Ponyhair Bag, NAVA | Pony Pouf, GOODY 

See! Not so cliche! haha

oh can I just say, this is the most awesome bag ever! NAVA rocks! 🙂

 So, amuse me. I wanna know, what did you wear last Valentine’s and more importantly…what did you do? 🙂

Sole Service S/S 2012

Here are some of the pictures from the shoot I did with Sole Service for their S/S 2012 campaign. One of my favorite shoots to date. Styling was great, the people were awesome, and UP is always so photogenic. 😉 

Credits: Photos by Joseph Pascual | Videos by Judd Figuerres | Styling by Anna Canlas | Location Manager Thysz Estrada | Make up artist Kim Alcoreza | Models: Lexi Gancayco, myself, Jason Santos and Charlie Sutcliffe 

Check out more awesome photos from their lookbook!!  

Really happy I was able to be a part of this campaign. and really proud of Sole Service because I just found out that…they’re going to London Fashion Week!!! This is in collaboration with designer Jerome Lorico. The team will be composed of Jerome Lorico, Photographer Doc Marlon Pecjo, Stylist Patrick Galang, model Terence Lloyd and of course, the owners of Sole Service, Aren Pe and Eleanor Ong. 

Such a star-studded team! But I expect nothing less as Jerome is actually the first ever Filipino to be invited by the British Fashion Council to show during London Fashion Week. 

Moments like these make me even prouder to be Pinoy. 😉 Lego Filipinos!!!


Twitter: @soleserviceMNLA


Also, check out these videos 😉 




Also, here’s a short feature on Phil. Star. If you wanna read it, click here!


On A Break

Marvel hoodie, FOREVER21 | Knitted skirt, NAVA | Flats, SCHU | Ponytail, GOODY

Photos by Paul Mendoza

I don’t know about the other people in the fashion industry, but I personally need short breaks from all the high heels and the heavy bling. A break from the tiis ganda trap. haha 

So I ended up with a really comfortable outfit. I can’t stress how comfy I was the entire gig (wore this to the gig I talked about in the previous post. ) The hoodie is so chill and geeky (and cropped!) This is my current go to cover up.

The Nava skirt, I have loved since day 1. And that night, it saved me from the simplicity of the top and the shoes.

The shoes from Schu? They are comfy. They’re made of garter so imagine how my feet felt that night. No pain at all. I love those flats.

But…my break is almost over. I am missing the familiarity of added height and shiny, jiggly things. Time to dust them off. 😉

                                      Check out these branches and sites for SCHU.

1. G/F, SM Mall of Asia
2. G/F, Glorietta 3, Ayala Center
3. R2, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell
4. M3, Ayala TriNoma
And visit a NAVA store near you! They have new pieces perfect for summer.   I already got some for myself this morning. I suggest you do the same. 😉
And oh, Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂