Hang with the boys, Dress like the boys.

Yes, I literally dressed like a boy and threw on a men’s shirt. If you can’t beat em, join em, right?

For a chill night out at Bugsy’s and midnight Burger King with my friends, I opted for a rather comfortable outfit – a men’s shirt, boyfriend jeans and flip-flops.

I have this thing with menswear. I love it. Im actually thinking of doing a series of menswear posts. But ill just check if I have enough clothes. Teehee. I noticed that over the past few months I’ve been buying a lot of men’s stuff – men’s shirts, polos (some borrowed) and sweatshirts.

here are some pictures of the boys trying to be as fierce, in other words, pics of them mocking me. Hahaha

Top to bottom/L to R: Yambs and Kippy; Paul and Kev; Me and Yambs

Paparazzi shot!

lame shot of my outfit. haha

Clothes: Shirt, Cotton On; Jeans, People are People; belt, Calvin Klein; Flip-flops, Havaianas

Who said you had to have a boyfriend to rock the boyfriend look?

6 thoughts on “Hang with the boys, Dress like the boys.”

  1. you and paul are <3. Haha guy friends are always fun noh. hihi i love menswear too. too comfortable and free. weee. 🙂 teecee ms.ally.

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