Tea Party

Coz I really like this outfit I wore for the shoot in Pampanga, I shall share it with you. Here’s one of the “sneak peeks” I was telling you about. 😉 Bts photos to follow. 🙂

Clothes: Vest and Skirt from La Dame

This was the outfit I wore for the “Tea Party” set that was uber fun and fattening since there were marshmallows and cereal all around and I just kept eating. during. the. shoot. Im actually afraid that all the pictures would  show me stuffing my face with sugary goodness. haha Anyway, the clothes are from my friends Nico and Potch’s line, La Dame. Will show you more when I can. 🙂

ALSO. here is a sample from the shoot. The shoot was actually for Sunny Heights, an umbrella brand of 4 different clothing brands. Again, will talk more about it in my BTS post. 🙂 just got really excited that some shots were released. haha here it is. 🙂

so whatchathink? 😉

Designer Spotlight: Abby Jocson

Some people lust for shoes. Others, for bags, and some, for both. In the Venn Diagram of fashion, if you are one of the women who belong to the bag circle, then here’s a designer that can satisfy your inner hunger – Abby Jocson.

Abby started harnessing her love for fashion when she sold products to classmates while taking her double degree in Behavioral Sciences and Marketing Management at   De La Salle University.  She then ventured into retail and worked for Bayo, a well-known retailer in the Philippines. Abby gained knowledge from the industry from first-hand experience in working under Bayo’s marketing operations and in industry dealings.  Deciding  to shift from marketing others’ designs to her own is something her current customers are thankful for.  After Bayo, she took technical courses in bag design from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines and was able to reconcile her love for fashion, her management background, and her new technical knowledge in her creation AbbyJocson.com.

Her personal aesthetic is basic clothes paired with statement accessories which is why she opted to design accessories rather than clothes. “Let the accessories make the statement” and “the key is in the details” are what she likes to say. But why bags specifically? Spoken by a true marketer, she chose bags because she saw the need for it. In today’s corporate world, there is a new type of woman to cater to – the career woman. Abby, being one herself, realized there was a need for big and functional yet fashionable bags – in her own words, “the kind of bag that suits the modern busy woman – both ambitious and romantic/feminine.”

Hence, bags that could fit laptops and gym gear while still looking very stylish were born. Quoting from her site, they are “contemporary designs that cater to both the alpha female and modern Juliet – hybrid bags that suit strong women yet are flexible enough to attract their charming romantic alter egos.” Pictures of these designs are shown below.

Abby’s top pick, being an animal print fan herself, is the Samantha collection, which was also her first. After that, she would create a new design at least once a month, which isn’t really hard considering she gets inspiration from pretty much everything. “When I run, I get a lot of time for myself to think, I really allow my mind to wander.” Aside from running, inspiration comes from people-watching, reading magazines, surfing fashion sites and watching movies. These lead to her doodling and sketching in coffee shops right after. “The most important thing I try to practice is to keep myself in a happy mood. I believe that in doing so, inspiration and design will just follow.”  Positive outlooks definitely yield positive results.

These designs, that she comes up with at coffee shops, are actually very unique. They seem basic but have a hint of surprise like pockets for the Karla bag or the asymmetrical zippers in Carina, an application of her “key is in the details” motto. Us, women, don’t want to bump into others with the same bag, and if you are one of us, then you should really consider getting a bag from Abby. I have actually been eyeing that yellow Carina bag for quite some time now. I should get one already. And you should get a bag too. Happy shopping everyone! 😉

Check out her designs at http://www.abbyjocson.com/

You can also Like her on Facebook at facebook.com/abbyjocson

and follow her on Twitter twitter.com/abbyjocson

*thank you to Abby Jocson for the interview!

A Few Thank-Yous

I have been getting wonderful items and help lately so I think it’s only proper to show them my gratitude. 🙂

Thank you so much to Status Magazine for these amazing May and June issues! 🙂 (I got the May issue, well, last May and am only getting to say my thanks now. Sorry!)

Thank you to Penshoppe for these lovely items: the bag, the sunglasses, the hand sanitizer (that’s already in my purse), and these GCs that I CANNOT wait to use! 🙂

Thank you so much to Status Magazine and Penshoppe for these goodies! I’m so happy <3 Thank you 🙂

and last but definitely not least, I would like to thank the awesome Patrick Valentin for my beauuuutiful header. He’s my savior. If I did my header by myself, it would’ve been a hundred times worse. haha Thanks, Patrick, for your photoshop expertise. 🙂 Oh, you can check out his blog here, it’s always nice to read his posts. 🙂

And to you, dear reader, thank you so much for the support. <3 I feel so blessed. thank you! 🙂 Hope you don’t get tired of reading my blog. 🙂

Meet My New Boy

When I was still a cute, adorable, little kid, I was deathly afraid of two things. One being the vacuum cleaner – no judgments please- and two, all the villains personified in my cute little poodle, Duchess.

I don’t remember if I ‘loved’ my dog. She barked like crazy and I’d be hysterical all the time. She was barely a foot tall, but to my teeny tiny toddler body, she was gargantuan in size. Thanks to her, I have since been terrified of dogs that bark. To add to that, I watched as she was killed by another much bigger dog as the big bad dog bit her neck. So yeah, I think I have a pretty good reason to be afraid of the furry beasts.

A few days ago, I woke up to a new pup. yep, after 16 years I finally got a new puppy. He doesn’t bark so I don’t have to freeze everytime I see him. He’s a boy, too! another first in the house. haha so, now, I’d like you to meet my new boy. 🙂

Meet Asher. He was named Raindrops at first. I was so pissed I couldnt stand his name. haha so I made my mom change it. I wanted something manly like Bruce or Chuck or Nate haha buuuut my mom wanted something with a nice meaning. Soo she ended up naming him Asher. It’s like Usher, but mispronounced. So I’m dubbing him, Ash.

This is what I wore for our playdate – 5 inch heels. hahaha kidding. I wore this to run some errands. 🙂

Clothes: dress, Forever21;wedges, Charles&Keith

Also, I apologize for the lack of posts. My CPU’s effed up. My pics are there and my photoshop is too. 🙁 Good thing I have the portable one in my usb. teehee. 🙂

Also, don’t forget to tweet me about the Shoe In Love tickets! I still have some left. So start tweeting! the instructions in joining the giveaway are here. 🙂

Fashion Fridays – Animal Print

I’ve been posting about animal prints a lot recently, but I’ll take a break from it after this. Or at least I’ll try to. 🙂 We had our Fashion Fridays at SoFA last week – yep, it’s back. haha Anyhoo. The theme was animal print a la Dolce and Gabbana. Here’s what I wore. 🙂

Clothes: Top, H&M; Pants, Aeropostale; Scarf, Cotton On

Opted to wear just a hint of animal print in the form of a pink leopard print scarf. Hope you like it! 🙂


I love Coke.

I love Prints.

I love loose garments that I can move freely in.

Yeah, I think that pretty much explains this outfit.

Clothes: Shirt, Old Navy; Pants, Applerust; Belt, Calvin Klein; Heels, Aldo; Bag, H&M

oh oh oh! remember all my vintage items that I got from PH? A lot of you were asking where she sells her stuff (Ukay by PH, member?) soooo she got pressured HAHA and decided to sell her stuff online! Check out her items in her online store, Applerust. 🙂

Okay, goodnight everyone! I should really be doing my homework now. teehee 🙂

Born to be Wild

I realized that I’ve worn three outfits this week that have at least one item in animal print. One being the one I wore yesterday (as seen in the previous entry), another is the one I wore this morning to school for our Fashion Fridays and last is this one featured in StyleBible’s Blogger Challenge for the week. 🙂

and here’s the feature in StyleBible.ph 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

Alyssa Lapid
Blog: My Beautiful World

What made you want to try this trend?
I adore animal prints! It can make you fierce and feisty or fun and quirky depending on how you wear the print. It takes your look to a whole new level.

How do you build your outfit around it? 
If you’re wearing a loud animal print piece, then build your outfit around that and just add to that. You can glam it up with accessories or tone it down with casual pieces. If you have an outfit that you want to make more glamorous, then you can easily add small but noticeable doses of animal print as accessories.

How do you make the look your own?
Since I’m really girly, I like animal prints on dresses, skirts and heels. I also can’t resist buying animal print accessories in pink. I usually pair my animal print pieces with more neutral items–a leopard print dress with a denim polo, a snakeskin skirt with a grey top, or zebra print heels with a basic dress. I personally don’t accessorize much so this trend works well for me because it stands out on its own.

How do you balance your outfit to avoid making it look over-the-top? 
If you’re wearing a loud animal print piece, then try to make that piece pop by complementing it with neutral and more basic pieces. Conversely, if you’re wearing a simple outfit, you can easily add spice to it by wearing an animal print accessory like a pink leopard print scarf or sunglasses. If you’re already wearing animal print from head-to-toe, try not to wear other prints or over-accessorize. You can also tone your look down by wearing neutral makeup.

How do you accessorize animal prints?
It depends on what you’re wearing. If the garment is loud enough, you can opt for simpler accessories or those in basic or complementing shades. On the other hand, if you are only wearing a small animal print piece, you can accessorize it with another animal print item.

Can you give tips on how to wear this trend?
For the adventurous, this trend is perfect for going all-out. Try wearing a cheetah print jumpsuit or a zebra print dress. For the more risk-averse people, you can try injecting animal prints in small doses like a scarf, or a pair of sunglasses. It also really depends on your personal style. For girly-girls like me, you can rock this look in dresses, skirts, tops and heels. Not-so-girly girls can try them in oxfords, shorts or bags. This is such a great trend to play around with. Just have fun with it and be fearless.

How would you wear it during the day, night, to the beach, to a party, to work?
During the day, you can try toning the piece down by wearing it with denim. For a more casual look, you can try wearing a basic outfit with leopard print oxfords. For formals event you can opt to wear more interesting prints, like snakeskin or zebra, and make that piece the focal point of the outfit. At night, you can opt to wear an animal print dress that you can wear with or without a blazer.

Alyssa wore a dress from Stylebreak, a polo from H&M paired with heels from Aldo and a Mango bag.

Click here to see the whole article. The other bloggers were Aisa Ipac, Camille Co, Joanna Ladrido, Kookie Buhain, Kryz Uy,Mandi Garcia, Reg Rodriguez and Shai Lagarde. 🙂

Back in the Day

I missed hanging out with Ateneo friends so much that a few ex-block mates and I went to Eastwood last night to catch up. Spent the night with G, Mikey and Tin. 🙂 I say ex-blockmates cause, for those who don’t know, before shifting to M.E., I was a ComTech student for a year. I shifted right before second year along with a few other block mates but we all shifted to different courses. So I absolutely missed these people. haha

Last night was really fun coz we were reminiscing and looking back and laughing about how young and innocent we used to be. It’s amazing how much we’ve grown since first year college. haha That was 5 years ago! I feel absolutely old. haha

anyhoo, here are a couple pics of what I wore. Wore something kinda heavy cause it was really cold last night.

Clothes: Sweater, Topshop; Leopard print Oxfords, Forever21; Bag, Longchamp

Looking back, I can say that I absolutely enjoyed college. No regrets. at all. Best 4 years of my life (so far). 😉 So to all you current Ateneo students, ENJOY. Stop being uber grade-conscious (though I admit I did have my own excel file that computed my grades for my entire stay in college). haha Just have fun and relax. To all the Ateneo graduates, how about we meet up in school sometime and just sit in our benches, our spots, our MVP rooms and try to reminisce – while enjoying a Buddha Bean milk tea or Coffee Boomba from JuziJuiz, of course. 🙂

Hang with the boys, Dress like the boys.

Yes, I literally dressed like a boy and threw on a men’s shirt. If you can’t beat em, join em, right?

For a chill night out at Bugsy’s and midnight Burger King with my friends, I opted for a rather comfortable outfit – a men’s shirt, boyfriend jeans and flip-flops.

I have this thing with menswear. I love it. Im actually thinking of doing a series of menswear posts. But ill just check if I have enough clothes. Teehee. I noticed that over the past few months I’ve been buying a lot of men’s stuff – men’s shirts, polos (some borrowed) and sweatshirts.

here are some pictures of the boys trying to be as fierce, in other words, pics of them mocking me. Hahaha

Top to bottom/L to R: Yambs and Kippy; Paul and Kev; Me and Yambs

Paparazzi shot!

lame shot of my outfit. haha

Clothes: Shirt, Cotton On; Jeans, People are People; belt, Calvin Klein; Flip-flops, Havaianas

Who said you had to have a boyfriend to rock the boyfriend look?

Cancelled Competition, Uploaded Photos

A friend of mine, Danika Navarro, was supposed to join this beachwear design competition, RISQ, last Feb. 4 and represent our school. Unfortunately, the competition was cancelled at the last minute, or the day before to be exact, which broke the hearts of the 10 student designers who already came up with 11 pieces for the fashion show/competition. Yes, they had to design and produce 11 garments for this. 🙁  Super sayang. I dont know what the other students did, but Dan got to showcase her collection in a SoFA event, thanks to our understanding admin.

Anyway, I’m posting about Risq after 4 months because I modelled for Dan and another designer for the pre-competition shoot. No, I wasn’t asked to walk the runway if that’s what you’re thinking. haha

getting made up by the head stylist of Risq

here are the 10 very fashionable designers. 🙂

With designer Rowhe Rodriguez. I’m wearing a dress from her collection. 🙂 I love it, it’s so…me.
the BTS shot of the set with Danika.

with designer and uber-talented friend, Danika Navarro. I was wearing clothes from her Boheme collection. If you wanna check out her other items, just click here. I already bought a dress from her. tee hee. 🙂

Everyone didn’t get to use the pictures from the shoot and I just got them now. So I thought Ill just share them with you guys. 🙂  That’s all for now. 🙂 Goodnight everyone! haha

btw, all photos were taken from Annie Choi. Thanks, Annie! 🙂