‘Coz Geeks Will Rule the World. ;)

Showing you my inner geek. 😉

This post/outfit was a special request by Marlowe Apeles. hahaha although at first we both thought it was more Korean inspired than geeky. Background: we went to Greenhills once with matching glasses (yes, I just copied his). I got the exact same style but in a different color. So we really looked like matchy-matchy, Korean wannabes  walking along the lanes of GH. Well guess what Marlowe, I don’t look so Korean here. So it really is just you. 😀 Bwahahaha

Btw, I love my new glasses. I wear them everywhere. Hihi 😀

Stole pictures from 2 of my photographers from Thursday’s shoot: Joana Velasquez and Jarryd Ching. Will wait for the uploads of the other photogs :)

First set: Photos from Joana Velasquez

Check out Joana’s other photos at her blog. :)

Second set: Photos from Jarryd Ching:


Check out Jarryd’s profile here :)

Clothes: Sweater, friend’s; Floral Dress, Topshop; Brown Bag, Mango; Brown flats, Parisian.


So whatchasay? Geek or Korean? Geek FTW. 😉

9 thoughts on “‘Coz Geeks Will Rule the World. ;)

  1. Hmm… don’t think it’s Korean. Geeky? Quite.. Geeky-cool? Definitely. Haha

    Looks good on you, better watch out for geeky guys walking up to you saying:

    “Pardon me, miss. I don’t mean to be obtuse, but I think you’re acute girl” 😛

    Btw. Marlowe’s glasses are pretty cool! haha. With those glasses on, he could make the Carl Frederickson face. (from the movie Up)

    • not Korean, right? Marlowe kasi. Insecure about his Korean look, dinamay ako. haha

      “Pardon me, miss. I don’t mean to be obtuse, but I think you’re acute girl” – HAHA benta. sounds like something one of the Big Bang guys would say. =))

      I super love his glasses. haha oh yeah! but he hasn’t tried that with me yet. btw, saw your barkada’s halloween pics. Cute costumes! :)

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